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What is a trial squad?

A trial squad is a team of beauty enthusiasts (aka glamrada members) who are chosen to try products and brands from time to time.

How do I participate in the trial squad?
Easy, reach out to us on reachus@glamrada.com The eligibility criteria is given below

  • You have to be registered on the website.
  • You have to be an active member of the Glamrada Community. We want you to stay in touch with us
  • Your beauty profile has to be complete (It is important to us that we match your profile with the products being sent out, so this step is a must)
  • You need to have reviewed a minimum of 5 products on the website in order to participate.

If you are already a member of Glamrada, you can also participate as a Glamrada VIP for the trial squads.

That’s all really!

What do we need from you in return?
Two very simple things,

  • We need you to review and add an image of the products that we sent out to you on our website.
  • As for your social media
    • Instagram – Please share a picture either wearing the product or a short video review and direct your followers to the Glamrada website for reading the full review.
    • Facebook – Once you post the review on the website, you can share it directly to your facebook account.

Once you have been selected to be a part of the trial squad, you will get an email from our end with the details. You will also get to know (via our social media handles) when we ship the products to you. Kindly revert with your complete mailing address and mobile number.

Don’t like the products you were sent?
Don’t be worried and please don’t write a fake good review. We want GENUINE reviews. Writing a review that is not favourable has no impact on your selection/eligibility for the trial squad.

However, the review has to be extremely detailed along with an image of the products that we send to you. Again, we would love to see your pretty faces in the picture!

How much do I need to write?
As long as the review is well expressed and gives a clear insight on your experience with the product, word count does not really matter.

We do read all the reviews posted on the website and a one line review will not be accepted. Please note that you will NOT make the cut for future trial squads.

Any timelines for writing the reviews?
You have a period of 15 days from the time you receive the products. We want to give you enough time to see what you actually think of the product!

However, a social media shout must be given within a week receiving.

If you don’t review the products within the specified timeline- you will not be eligible to participate from next time on. We work according to strict timelines and it’s also unfair to our other members who might have been able to participate.

What if I don’t get selected for the Trial Squad?
We would love to make everyone happy but we only have a limited number of products and an ever expanding member base. So if you are not invited to be a part of trial squad- then please don’t get disheartened. We would love to see you next time. And don’t worry, we have loads of these coming up soon!