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Mitte Se Rose Water (Undiluted)

Mitte Se Rose Water (Undiluted) Reviews
14 reviews
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Mahi Kundra

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

i love rose water , im using rose water from 6mnths i have tried different rose waters ,i use this rose water daily as i can feel difference my pores have been shirnked it is also help for me in removing blackheads

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Gunjan Mittal

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  • Age -
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Best Natural Toner!

The Rose water is something that I use as a toner every morning. I have stored the bottle in the fridge and use it in the morning as a toner after I have cleansed. Since its in the fridge, it helps to instantly wake me up and the aroma calms the senses.
Rose water comes in a plastic flip open bottle. I like rose water in a spray bottle for the ease of use, however, if the product is good packaging can take a second preference.

You can also use it for making face packs and it can be used in food as well (honestly I have not tried that). I also use it during the day to bring moisture back to the skin. I have transferred the contents to a spray bottle and I also use this to set my makeup.

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Latika Deo

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  • Age - 29
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Non-Tacky and Non Perfumed Rose Water

This product is one of my favourite rosewater toners. The description of this product states that it can be used on the skin and can also be used for cooking purpose. I am no culinary expert, but I really like this product for the face. It does not leave a tacky feeling on the skin once it dries down and the skin feels nourished and hydrated. I have oily skin and no matter what products I apply, after few hours it does get greasy. With this product, I have noticed a more matte t-zone which is a big deal for me. It does not carry a rose scent which is a good thing since some people are sensitive to perfume. My only hiccup with the product is that it does not come in a spray or spritz form.

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Prachi aggarwal

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  • Age - 29
  • Skin - Normal, Olive
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Amazing rose water

I love the properties of rose water. It cleanses, tones and nourishes the skin. A convenient and widely available product. But a lot of brands while provide you really affordable range of rose water but they might also contain diluted, adulterated substances.
Mitti se products are pure and from earth. This rose water is edible. Smells purely of Indian roses.
I use it pretty often and absolutely love the results of the same.
Rose water helps in maintain Ph Balance of the skin, tightens the pores, refreshes and brightens the skin.

I use this rose water not only in my Mask or as a toner or face mist .. but i also use it in cold indian deserts. Its edible and pure.

Must Have for evry one

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  • Age - 31
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

One of the best rose water

Sincr my teenage my mumma used to bring rose water for me. To add it im fuller earth and make a face pack. To use as a toner. To apply on freshly done brows anf calm down skin. This tose water from mittise world is undiluted and and gives instant freshness to the skin. It is very much in budget. Costs around INR 170 for 50 ml. Tried it on my husband's dry skin and it was good for him and for my oily skin both. Its edible so can be used for adding aroma to dishes. Though I have not yet tried. It really removes dirt and excess sebum from my face giving a subtle glow!! Using it as a toner in my CTM routine.

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Krisha Avlani

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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Combination, Olive
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Product :-
Mittise Rose water Undiluted
Price :- 170 INR for 150ml (1.8oz)
Availability :-
On all leading ekarts like Amazon.in and through their Instagram page and website.
Ingredients :-
Water distilled from Damscena Roses
What it claims :-
1. Freshens
2. Cleanses
3. Tones
4. Maintains pH balance
5. Soothes skin and eyes
6. Suitable for edible purposes
7. Free from artificial fragrances and preservatives
My review :-
Harmless cloudy sediments may form which can be strained using cotton.
To know about my views, please watch my youtube video for the same. Will link it at the end.
How I use it :-
Please check out my youtube video to know more about it.


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Ameesha Gupta

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Dry, Olive
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Best rose water

This rose water is the best one I've tried so far. It is not only edible but is undiluted which is a great thing. I have been using it daily to clean my skin in morning as well as during night using a cotton ball. Whenever I use it , it gives a fresh and cool feeling to my skin and really removes all the dirt.
1. It smells just divine. :)
2. It is edible so you can add it to some sweets like kheer or drinks etc.
3. It comes in a bottle with a transparent packaging and a lid with a cap, making it easy to carry wherever you want.
4. It retails for Rs.170 for 50 ml of product, which is not really expensive.
5. My skin being dry, it really softens my skin after its use.
6. It is suitable for all skin types.
7. It provides a cooling sensation and removes the dirt from your skin.
I don't find any cons in this amazing product.

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Pubali Babi Chatterjee

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  • Age - 37
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Hazel

Because Mother knows best...

My mom has been expounding on the virtues of Rose Water...for, oh I don't know, forever! But, daughters being daughters, I never really paid attention. Sure, I have used it a time or two in my teenage years, but never consistently enough to make a difference. Living away from home in the US for the past 16 years didn't help matters. Fast forward to the present and cue mom's dramatic eye roll...
I have been using this particular product as a toner for the past couple of weeks and I LOVE IT! Enticingly scented like freshly cut roses, this rose water tones and firms my skin, without leaving it dry. That last point is important because I guiltily admit that I often skip moisturizing in this heat. Just using this after my usual cleansing routine is enough to leave my skin soft, hydrated, plump as a baby's tushy, and all but radiantly glowing.
Now I did my research before I started using this product and found that rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight acne and clear blemishes. More good news for those of you, like me, who are perpetually fighting breakouts.
Finally...did you know that this stuff is so pure that you can DRINK it?! Yup, it's THAT pure! Go get some of this, you can thank me later! Enough said.

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Renji Anooj

View Profile
  • Age - 30
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

One of the best Rose Water toners available in India

I received this as part of Glamrada Trial Squad team. I really loved the packaging of this. With its beautiful label and unique coverup cap- I immediately caught my attention. The next best part I loved about this is that - I never came across a rose water that is edible as well. This one is edible which means it's 100 % pure , organic and natural. what more do you need. I soak a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face including under eyes. I also keep the cotton pad on my eye lid and rest for sometime if i feel tired.
??Distilled from Damascena Roses - Awesome smell that is not of perfumes! natural roses; feels fresh on skin, gives a cooling effect, best toner for your skin
??cleanses your pores. This is edible as well. Love it! I think this is undoubtedly India's best Rose Water

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