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Himalya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Wash

Himalya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Wash Reviews
6 reviews
16.6 % will buy again

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  • Age - 24
  • Skin - Combination, Light
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown


This product is a very generic facial cleanser and doesn't do much for the skin. I used it with high hopes as the company is proud of and boasts about its herbal and organic products.
However, this was a very average cleanser and didn't live up to the expectations
While it isn't a bad face wash, it isn't something I would buy again. There are better products in the market that one can opt for rather than this.
In the mean time, I highly doubt about the aayurvedic composition of the products as it has a strong fragrance and doesn't feel like it's very organic.

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Latika Deo

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  • Age - 30
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Good face wash for normal skin

I know the face wash is marketed as a Fairness product but I like using it when my skin is feeling a bit drier. I have combination skin so this product does a good job of removing excess oil and yet does not dry out the drier parts of my face. I bought this face wash at a departmental store. It comes in a squeezy tube with a flip cap. I usually like to buy a smaller quantity for travel as it is travel friendly. The consistency of the face wash is gel like and it does do a good job of making my skin look more even.

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Chochocookies World

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  • Age -
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Good Product Buying Again

I have been using Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Wash along with the Kesar Face Pack for almost 8 months now.

I got these together since both are Kesar based. I am not for fair skin nor do I expect magics to happen overnight with any skin care product making my skin tone fairer by few shades. It clearly reads 'Brightens and gives a Glowing Skin'. There is a huge difference between Fair and Bright.

The natural ingredients used specially the goodness of Kesar helps in getting a fresh looking skin. Before applying a face pack I always cleanse my face thoroughly. It is gentle on my skin and does not leave it dry. It gives a soft feel. Since Cucumber and Mint are also in the ingredients the overall fragrance is really good.

The presence of mint gives a fresh feel at the same time I sweat a bit. My face feels warm. I guess it would be rather correct to put it this way that the body heat comes out and makes my skin sweat.

It's a smooth paste and gives a good lather. I dab it on my wet face and go in a circular motion and wash off with plain water. I usually use it in the morning before going out for my work outs. It is non sticky and washes off easily. I do not put anything on my face after the wash as I have the tendency of pimple outbreaks.

The packaging is good and travel friendly. It comes in an inverted flap tube.

What I found veered was around an inch was empty. I had bought it from Purplle as they were giving huge discounts and I was restocking all my skin care products. Online purchase gives a good discount which is not in case of the local shops.

It is worth the price in this skin care segment. It is priced at Rs 110/- for a 100 ml tube and Rs 60/- for a 50 ml tube. Again prices differ from site to site.

It is easily available in most of the online ecomerce sites. If you happen to be a first time user I strongly suggest to go for the smaller tube and try. Since all have different skin type the same product gives different results to each one of us.

It can be easily used by men. It is available in most of the shops all over the city. Himalaya is a brand of trust for me and I will recommend it to others.

Tip / Precaution - Please check with the dealers service reviews while making an online purchase. Open the box in front of the delivery executive and if you find the tube to be empty do return the product. This is one thing I have learnt the hard way round. Now I do not go for the same seller while making any purchase. Also while giving online feedback please mention the product name completely as all the feedbacks of all the products sold by the seller is reflected together.

Giving the benefit of doubt, I give 5 stars to Himalaya Herbals Kesar Face Wash.

Keep glowing all :)

If you liked my review do press the helpful button and follow :)

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ritika caroli

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  • Age - 37
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown


This is face wash which promises the benefits of kesar , mint and cucumber in it. This face wash has a cream like feel to it and has a very mild fragrance . It is feels quite moisturising on the face and lathers quite well and also never leaves my skin feeling dry after use. It is quite affordable to use too. Since it is very mositurising face wash it makes my skin oily quite fast during the summer months and i do not use it during that time keeping it only for use during winters . It leaves my skin feeling sqeauky clean though and makes my skin smooth and supple and also a temporary glow on the skin.

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Divya Sawant

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  • Age - 28
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black


This comes in a plastic tube. It has a strong floral smell which gives me a headache. And the smell doesn't go even after application. The face pack also has a very thick solid consistency. The product needs to be diluted to make it into a paste for application. It does give a soft skin and bit clear skin. Also face doesn't dry out. But the strong smell and consistency of the product is a turn off. Will suit all skin types.

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Where did you buy it from and at what price?

Does it come with a flip cap or a pump?

Is it travel friendly?

Does it have a strong fragnance?

Do you feel it cleans your skin sufficiently ( makeup etc)

Does it dry out your skin?

Is it foam based, gel or oil based?

Does it serve any specific skin concerns? Like acne, dryness, pigmentation, etc?


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