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Seduction Las Vegas Lip Gloss

Seduction Las Vegas Lip Gloss  Reviews
22 reviews
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  • Age - 17
  • Skin - Sensitive, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown


These lipsticks are a total no! Not kiss-proof at all. Absolutely dring on the lips, makes the lips dry, fades away in a few hours! Just all the cons, no pros! The colours in which these lipsticks come are amaze.

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Dimplle Parmani

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Black

Honest review.

These lipsticks were sent to me...but that in no sense changes my opinion about it...these lipsticks are not at all worth... they'll fade within a few hours..it isn't kissproof,these are not at all pigmented and also they form a wierd white ring in the inside of my mouth which is not at all cool..when the lips are flipped on to each other twice or thrice the lipstick would come off in the most horrible way...it feels like coloured powder made wet on the lips.very bad, very disappointed.

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Carolyn Jawahar

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  • Age - 33
  • Skin - Combination, Deep Tan
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Seduction Las Vegas - long stay lip gloss - shade #04

Results of my trial!! @glamradaofficial & @seduction_las_vegas
1. Kiss test ????????- 10/10 - success
2. Weather test ???????????- 8/10 - success
3. Food test???????? - 4/10 - fail
4. Duration test ????-7/10 - success ( lasts for 3-4 hours, without eating)
Overall -7/10 thoughts :- more like a matte long stay lip shade, dries a little bit, cannot withstand food ( so make sure you touch up post food)!! Was so much fun!! Must do this again!!

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Ivy Beauty

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  • Age - 27
  • Skin - Normal, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

I love Lip Contouring and Over Drawing my lips, and for that I am constantly looking for Lip products that can help me perfect my lip looks!

I love Matte, Non Shiny lip products to make my lips look bigger and more plump. For that I usually resort to using just lip liners to Over Line and to avoid the shine! This ends up limiting the options of Lip Products that I can use!
But recently I got my Seduction Las Vegas Long Stay Lip Gloss through Glamrada and I am so AMAAAYZED!

This Lip Gloss is So pigmented, So Matte and So Long Lasting! ( So many so’s already.. )
Before I dive deeper into this let’s talk about the Brand

Seduction Las Vegas (SLV)

SLV is associated with the passion to play with colors and explore ones inner beauty.

As a brand SVL believes that fashion is incomplete unless it is used as a form of seduction

Now that’s what I call a Classy theme!

Moving on to the SLV Lip Gloss that I tried

Seduction Las Vegas Long Stay Lip Gloss in the Shade Sexy Pink

This Gloss is claimed to be one of SLV’s most innovative product with unique No-Transfer Lip stain formula glides on flawlessly and delivers impressively long-lasting, velvety color that will not transfer and stay all day long and give the desired matte finish with a 12hr+ staying power.

Honestly, When I first tried this Lip Gloss, I had not expected these results, I hadn’t even read the product description! I applied the Gloss and watched it dry Matte Instantly!
For me the most impressive thing about this Gloss is that even though it’s Matte , the color is so vibrant! It does NOT make you look dull like some matte lip products do!

It feels like a coat of Velvet over the Lips! Like Literally you feel like you are wearing Velvet on your lips!
I wore the Lip Gloss all day and even ate my lunch and had Coffee multiple times , and It lasted from morning to evening and did not transfer onto my water glass or coffee cups AT ALL!

And did I mention that the gloss costs just Rs 144!

I did not dislike anything about this Gloss, considering the cost and the quality of the product. If I must say something then that would be that it could feel a bit dry for some people, for that you can apply a coat of any transparent gloss over it and you’re good to go!

I feel that this product is just perfect for everyone! It’s vibrant and yet looks sophisticated! Its a Gloss but It’s Super Matte! The effect of a Matte Lipstick and the convenience of a Lipgloss! Yeah! Best of both worlds, that’s what it’s called ?

I'm in love with this Gloss and I recommend this to all makeup lovers ?

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  • Age - 33
  • Skin - Oily, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Black

The best super affordable matte liquid lipstick ever!!

I got the shade number 04 which is a bright fuschia shade and dries into a complete matte lipstick once applied. The lipsticks stands true to its claim of being transfer proof and long lasting. The consistency is quite creamy and it really glides on the lips during application, drying down to an absolute matte texture.
Its fairly transfer proof and does stay on my lips close to almost 10 hours feathering only on the inner side of my lips. It does turn little flaky after say 3-4 hours and settle into the creases of the lips so if you have dry lips like mine, you definitely need to moisturise well and use a nourishing lipbalm underneath. Once applied it won't budge at all for good 7-8 hours and even survive meal time. The only dis-advantage is, it is too drying and will dry out your lips and turn flaky after some time.
The packaging is quite sturdy, comes in a thin-plastic transparent casing with a doe-foot applicator. Its thin, so doesn't require much of a space in the vanity and is really travel friendly too.
Its super affordable, and retails for only RS 144/- which is hands down the best price available for a liquid matte lipstick in the market.
And Yes!! i would love to get me more shades of this amazing liquid lipstick :)

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Sensitive, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Thank you glamrada for making me the part of trial squad.
I received Seduction Las Vegas liquid lipstick in the shade 90. Infact I am confused if it was 90 or 06 :/
It is Dark Pink shade with Brown undertones. The body of the lipstick was transparent with silver cap. The applicator was quite decent for easy application. The first impression of the lipstick was quite good. I liked the formula, texture and consistency. However it was quite drying on my lips. It was quite non-transferable even when rubbed. I wore it from 10am to 5pm where it faded just a little bit from the centre of my lips that makes it quite a good stay cosidering I ate my lunch and drank tea twice too. Over all I will rate it 3.5 out of 5.

-good stay
-nice formula
-easy to carry packaging

-made my lips dry
-turns a little flaky after 3 hours

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Eshnaa Jaiswal Patil

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  • Age - 30
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Seduction Las Vegas Stay Lipgloss

I was stoked to receive this in shade 60 as the part of the trial squad! Thank you so much glamrada,means a lot!

The packaging is quite is sturdy and the size makes it very easy to carry around. The applicator is soft and the color is bold. It's little darker than "mac" diva.

The application is smooth but starts getting powdery and dry after a while. However does not give you that completely chapped lips feeling. Applying lip balm generously befit application helps.

It is highly pigmented and gave a bold look to my face. It is pretty long lasting and although it states as lipgloss, it. Am be easily passed as a matte lipstick.

With the gloss retailing for ?144, it is worth every single penny! As the quality is quite good for the price and it stays for long hours!

All in all it is
-super matte
-transfer proof
-quite reasonable at ?144
-travel friendly
-decent applicator
-long staying
-only con is drying lips but applying lip balm before application will go a long way!

Good product! Definitely want to purchase again in a different shade.

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Sonal Pahuja

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

Seduction Las Vegas Long Stay Lipgloss

Thankyou so much Glamrada for making me a part of the trial squad. I received the seduction las vegas long stay lipgloss on 27th July 2017, in the shade 10 (reddish pink) and i have been using it for good 15 days now.

One Of The Best Liquid Lipstick!!!
PACKAGING- It is very small, handy and easy to carry. I love the petal like applicator, it works well and get to the corner of the lips and you get a sharp line hence, you don't really need a lip liner. You can see the color through the packaging. A big thums up from my side for the packaging.

SCENT- It has a light vanilla scent which we find is other lipsticks also.

TEXTURE- It is creamy and set to matt finish in no time. If you have dry lips then use a lip balm and remove it before you use the product. It is transfer proof. Yayy for that. Although the name says that its a gloss but it is 100% matt.

WEAR- I personally find it comfortable on my lips. The product is not too dry as the other liquid lipsticks. After good 4 hours of application the product tend to wear off from the middle of your lips. When you layer the product it crumbles- that's the only downside.

I have proper Indian skin tone and the shade which has been sent to me matches me so much and looks completely flawless. I would definitely buy more shades from this range since it is also budget friendly. It retails for ? 144, which is too affordable for such an amazing matt lipstick. I wish I could add pictures here to show you guys how awesome it looked on my lips.
Do give it a try. Trust me it's worth every single penny that you would spend.

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Aishwarya D

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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Dry, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Highly pigmented & stays longer!

Seduction Las Vegas lip gloss does exactly what its name implies — it stays for a super long time.

The packaging is very sleek & one can carry it easily anywhere. The doe-foot applicator has the perfect amount of flex to it for easy application, and the lip gloss has a divine vanilla cum chocolate scent is what I felt.

I couldn't believe how great it is pigmented!! It gave a bold look on my face. Just one time application and you are good to go.

The shade was just complimenting my skin too. The shade I have is shade 10.

I used it the entire day and still it was not coming off easily at the end of my day. That was something really amazing.

Though it says lip gloss it is kind of a matte finish to it which I loved! It is budget friendly as well.

It's a definitely yes from my side!
Loved the product so much!

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Anjana Kameswari

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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black

This is my very first time in the trial squad and writing a review,so spare me a little.

I received the product and was quite happy with the first look of the seduction las vegas lip gloss,shade:perfect red. The shade is pretty good and contradicting to the name,its not a gloss,its a matte lip colour. The size of the bottle is very compatible and its easy to carry around. The applicator is pretty soft and the colour is great. However, it gets quite powdery after applying for a while. While wearing off,it gets real flaky that gets your lips chapped. Applying lip balm before applying the lip colour or on top of it, it makes it a little better. It is pretty long lasting. Goes a minimum of 4 hours without any little fading. Drinking beverages or eating only fades it very very little.

It depends on the person,but its equally good to make a bold statement and a classy look. Though,I personally do not recommend it for a classy look because it is too bright. It blends well.

I do not personally believe that some things go for some skin tones and some dont where the matter of the fact is it really is your wish. Any lip colour can be carried well if you feel comfortable yourself.

All in all,it was not so bad using this lip shade. Given that a lot of people have already listed pros and cons, I would'nt do it again. Use it yourself to know better.
Recommended: 6.5/10

For any other queries,feel free to post it in the comments section.

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