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Oriflame Very Me Mirror Gloss

Oriflame Very Me Mirror Gloss Reviews
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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

beginners friend

All items of Oriflame are good.
This product comes in a tiny plastic transparent squeeze tube.
price 349 inr
It is a clear and sticky gloss with a slight pink tint.
perfect for no makeup look .
keeps lips well hydrated , in summers one can find it sticky and uncomfortable

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Sneha Nandy

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Normal, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Not working

Colour is not good. It's shown pink in the picture but when applied to the lips, it comes creamy nude light pink. Not the pink colour shown in the picture. It makes the lips so sticky and uncomfortable that I had to remove it within half an hour. Totally a waste of money.

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Latika Deo

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  • Age - 29
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Very Balmy Gloss

This gloss I bought as a lipstick topper rather than an use alone product, as I have dark lips and this product barely has an opacity. It is a clear and sticky gloss which has a slight tint to it. It is a very balmy one which prevent your lips or the lip product on your lips from drying. It has a mirror shine look to it and it does not settle in fine lines of the lips.

Colour: I bought the colour Soft Coral which has a Pink Coral tint to it. You can use this product alone on your no-makeup days if you wish for your lips to look healthy with a slight flush to it. I would not recommend this product alone for a formal evening as it is a very clear gloss.

Transferable: It is a balmy gloss which makes it transferable. Despite that this product last a while on the lips and you feel it hydrating your lips and making them feel plump. This product does move around especially if you have been overtly generous in the application of the product.

Packaging: It comes in a small squeeze tube which is quite adorable.

Price: It comes for Rs. 349/-.

Dupe: You can dupe this product with any tinted lip balm of your choice.

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Nisha Singh

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Oily, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Not a good product

I love the idea of having glossy lips, and my thin lips always make me attracted to buy Glosses. The packaging of this lip gloss is cute; comes in a pink tube. These tubes somehow remind me of juicy tubes. This lip gloss claims to contain berries extracts and essential oil to moisturize lips and add gloss to the lips. Well, use it alone if you want a full glossy appearance on your lips, or use it on top of your lipstick. Both create a different look. Try it! I myself prefer to use it with lipstick. Though this is not so long-lasting (it could fade after several hours, two hours or so, I think), but still I like these. I apply it again once it fades out, and that’s why I often carry it in my bag. The Con of this product is that it is sticky and have strawberry-like flavor in it. The lips become glossy but not for a long time.

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Revati Palshetkar

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Normal, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Black


It has Good quality. All items of Oriflame are good. It is Very cheap product. You will surely fall in love with the tubes (atleast I have; I keep opening my lipgloss box and take them out and stare at them every now and then and even keep applying all the time.It Glides on smoothly on my lips. They are absolutely non sticky. They have Good quantity, even if used everyday they will last at least 3-4 months. It is really Convenient to carry around in bag. I like The taste as well ... hahhahha it is kinda yummy. It Provides good shine and Contains very fine shimmer which is barely visible after application , it even Moisturizes my lips really well. This cheerful lip gloss has a delicious fragrance and a delightful taste sensation that you will love. I like it! Let your lips shine girls.. go get it soon :)

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  • Age - 32
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

The product is housed in a tiny plastic transparent squeeze tube. You can see through the shade and the quantity left. The packaging is very cute and super fun. It has a slanted applicator to glide through easily.The packaging is convinient and travel friendly.You can just pop it into your handbag.
Aren’t they so cute? They smell deliciously fruity like berries and tastes even better making you want to lick your lips often. The lipgloss application requires precision coz they are a bit sticky and doesn’t glide on very smooth. Once it settles on the lips, the stickiness reduces as it melts. I have to agree it is a bit waxy but that makes it sit on the lips intact. You get accustomed to it as soon as you start using it.
You get only 10 ml of the product but you wont believe that it really dont get over quickly.It has a rich nourishing composition of natural waxes and vitamin E. It gives glossiness and keeps the lips hydrated. It gives a cozy soothing feel.
The shade Clover Haze is like ” My own lips in a better Version”. It is close to the colour of my lips and makes it appear more plump. It gives a natural effect. You get a smooth glossy finish.
It is non greasy and soft. It is perfect for a calm and striking girl like me. It gives good colour on lips. The pigmentation is good and buildable. You can even layer it on top of your favourite lipstick for a power shine pout.
It stays for a couple of hours and requires reapplication as you drink or eat but that wont be a problem as these glosses are handy.

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Which colour or shade did you buy?

How many hours does it last?

Is it transferable or non-transferable?

Tell us if it is worth the price!

Any dupes?



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