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Lakme Nail Color Remover

Lakme Nail Color Remover Reviews
23 reviews
47.8 % will buy again

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Himanshi Singh

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  • Age - 18
  • Skin - Oily, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

This is one of the best nailpaint removers available in the market. Lakme is a trustworthy brand and this is a great product from them.
This product comes in a glass bottle and has a bluish colour. It has kind of a strong smell.
The remover removes the entire nailpaint in 1-2 swipes, dosen't leave any tint of the nail colour.
It's affordable and I think it's totally worth the price. As the packaging says it's also enriched with Vitamin E. Depending on usage , the product lasts for a long period of time.
Though a great products , the only drawback is that it leaves the nails too dry .
I totally recommend this product, it's a great buy!

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Ashlesha Rai

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  • Age - 19
  • Skin - Oily, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

there are better removers out there

i am a nail polish enthusiast so i need to clean up on a regular basis. lakme nail enamel remover has a strong smell and leaves a purpleish residue sometimes. it's good in it's price range but the packaging is a glass bottle which may break if care is not taken. needs at least 2-3 swipes to properly clean up the nail. dehydrates the nail which is a good thing. all in all easily affordable and available.

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  • Age - 18
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

It is available in a transparent glass bottle and the nail polish remover is blue in colour. This is one of the best nail polish remover as its from lakme
Affordable, works well. Doesn't dry out nails
Removes the nail polish in one swipe and does not have a harsh smell, it is the most commonly used nail polish remover
Pros- works well , doesn't leave any residue of nail polish , easily available , travel friendly , can fit in small makeup pouches which can be carried around easily
Cons- available in a glass bottle which may fall and break so care needs to be taken.

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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Lakme nailpaint remover

My favourite nailpaint remover till date is lakme nailpaint remover.
It's amazing for so many reasons. I really like it because it doesn't have a harsh smell to it. It removes the nailpaint in just one swipe. It doesn't make the nails look pale or colorless.
Sometimes it happens that if you remove your nailpaint some left over color remains on nails and then your nails start looking yellow. With this remover it doesn't happen that way.
It's travel friendly. It's packaging is good and its totally handy. 70rs for a 25 ml bottle is totally worthed in this case.
This bottles lasts upto 15 days in my vanity as i change my nailpaint frequently. It helps in saving the wastage of time and efforts as it removes the nailpaint hassle free.

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Chochocookies World

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  • Age -
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Good Product

Lakme Nail Colour Remover

Coming from the house of Unilever, Lakme is a brand that Indians easily associate with and us the first choice for all.

It comes in a small cute glass bottle and is bluish mauve in colour.

It is easily available anywhere in the country.

Priced affodability is it's biggest USP as most can afford it specially students who are always game to try out new nail paints.

It is definitely travel friendly as it neither leaks nor occupies too much of space. Despite the fact it comes in a glass bottle it can easily be carried like any other Nail paint. The bottle is reusable. If you buy a larger jar can put into it in Little amoyand use.

One of the drawbacks is - It does not work well on the pigmented or glittered fancy nail paints as in case of most nail polish removers.

Second drawback - After using it, a white formation is seen around the nails. Drying up the skin all around the nails.
It smells strong but no complaints on that part as it did not affect me much.

I do use it along with Revelon nail polish remover.

Recommend it - Yes I will recommend it despite the backdraws as it is most affordable for majority. I have seen girls, young women scratching off the nail paints which is actually harmful for the nails. Better invest in Lakme Nail Polish Remover.
Can check the one from Gala and Blue Heaven as well if price is really a big issue. Though all fall almost in the same price segment.

I will give it 4 stars.

Hope the RnD team comes up with a solution for the white formation around the nails and drying up of the skin.

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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Combination, Olive
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown


I used Lakme Nail Color Remover a year or so back. It cost me Rs. 68 for 27ml. It was pretty decent and did the job perfectly. What I loved the most about it was that it quickly removed the nail polish and only a little quantity was needed to remove the nail polish. Although then I moved on to things like nail polish remover pads and colorbar ultimate nail polish remover...which is bae.
My verdict:
Enamel Suitability: Suits everyone
Lasts: for over a year (depends on the use though)
Smells: Acetone-ish, but not too strongly acetone-ish
Worth the money: Totally
Should you buy or not: As a beginner, give it a go.

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sohela guha

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  • Age - 19
  • Skin - Combination, Light
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

best remover

This product is one of the most important things in my make-up bag. I have been using this for a long time. It can remove nail polish of almost all brands. I say "almost" because I could not remove Maybelline Color show nail polish with this. It's compact size makes it very easy to carry this around.
This costs Rs.60 for27ml and expires in 36 months from date of manufacture.
This product is enriched with vitamin E. it does not leave your nails dry and brittle after removal.
I recommend this product to all of you.
If you are looking for something similar you can try :
Maybelline Color Show nail remover at rs. 85 or Stay Quirky Nail Polish Remover at Rs.66 (haven't tried this one myself)

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  • Age - 28
  • Skin - Oily, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black


This is one of the best nail polish removers that I have ever used. I usually buy this because its always easily available in most of the shops that don't sell makeup as well. Not mush to say about the packaging. Travel friendly because of the size. This product easily takes off your nail polish without much effort on you pat. Minimum rubbing and tugging. But giving it a 4 star because of its quantity.. Could have been a bit more...

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Richa Mary Fell

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  • Age - 28
  • Skin - Dry, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Perfect and affordable

The best part about this remover is that it doesnt leave your nails feeling dry and brittle. Most nail removers do that . Also what i have noticed is that when i use other nail removers the tint of the nail color is left back on my nails and skin. however that doesnt happen with the lakme remover. Also it is enriched with vitamin E which makes it good for our nails. Definately something i buy over and over again. it has been in the market for as long as i can remember using a nail polish remover. Do let me know what was your experience on this :)

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