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Lakme 9 To 5 Liner

Lakme 9 To 5 Liner Reviews
12 reviews
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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Sensitive, Fair
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Black


Hey lovelies!
the lakme 9 to 5 liner comes with silky and water resistant formula. It gives a dark and bold impact to the eyes. Plus it comes with fast drying formula. the grip is easy and gives a dramatic look to eyes. The color is not perfect black, it becomes a bit light. it takes time to dry and t lasts 4-5 hours easily without smudging. However, it is not at all tough to remove it. The only problem is that the brush is thick which makes it difficult sometimes to draw a thick line but overall it is worth the deal.

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Sindoori Banala

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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Best liquid liner

After my first black impact liner from lakme, this is the second liner I ever purchased. It is liquid liner. It is black in color. It does not smudge. It lasts for quite a long time on me. I love the packaging of all the lakme 9 to 5 ranges from liner to compact. I love each and every thing in rose gold packaging. It is really very easy to apply liquid eyeliner with lakme 9 to 5 liner. Actually after using this eyeliner I wanted to try pen or felt tip liner so I am using different liner now, but again purchased this lakme 9 to 5 liner because it's quite affordable and yes, it's worth and no dupes required as it is itself amazing but if it's out of stock then you can try lakme impact liner.

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  • Age - 21

I love this liner ? it is perfect to get a winged eyeliner.

A unique and versatile eyeliner that is so smooth that it glides on in just one stroke. Rich, bold black color that stays all day long without smudging or spreading, it will transform your eye makeup in a jiffy.

Doesn't feather and bleed.
A convenient and easy to use felt tip pen type eyeliner that is highly pigmented and has satiny finish.Simply wow . So easy to make a wing liner . One of the best eyeliner with felttip that I have ever used . Its black and matte and just so easy to apply.I always used pot liners so this one happens to be my first liner pen. It’s easy to use quite pigmented the only con is it is not long lasting!With the ultimate precision, it is one of the best liner pens I have used so far.

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Krishika Bhatia

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

So so

Lakme 9 to 5 black impact liner retails at RS 250 . But you can find it at lower prices on other websites. The packaging is adorable . It's gold and rose gold . It's quite small so very travel friendly . The liquid liner has a nice tip but thick .Liquid liner is quite tricky if you are a beginner. The pigmentation is really good . It has an effect on glitter or shimmery eyeshadows as well . It's really beautiful. The eyeliner has a matte effect . As for smudging, yes it does smudge if you sweat and stuff . I have bought it many times but I've switched to another brand now . So it's alright for the price but there are better products in the market

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  • Age - 18
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Pretty good

The Lakme 9 to 5 liner is so cutely packaged it's small, travel friendly and can easily fit in makeup bags , it is a pretty good product since Lakme products have always been amazing , it stays for a good amount of time , a little less pigmented but it still works well, not exactly 9-5 as per it's claims but yes it stays for a good amount of time and looks good when applied on the eyelids
It does not smudge easily
It mainly has a cute packaging and is travel friendly, very commonly used eyeliner and works pretty well for atleast me, the brush is also good, can be used to do a good winged eyeliner

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Isha Bhattacharya

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  • Age - 31
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Lakme 9 to 5 Eye liner rich, intense black liner, makes your look last longer with its silky, water-resistant & fast drying formula.The cost of the liner is Rs 225/- for 3.5 ml of product.The shelf life is 30 months from the date of manufacturing.The brush handle is comfortable to hold and helps in creating black intense looks.It has a thick consistency and it is a deep black kajal. The packaging is quite travel friendly too.It has a good staying power and is waterproof. The Lakme eye liner is quite affordable and availability is not a issue it is good black liner at the price ponit.

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  • Age - 32
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Old traditional liquid liner

This liner comes in a super cute teeny tiny bottle. You can easily plop it in your bag and easily lose it too ????
This liner is not the blackest black. The good aspect is ,you can layer it on without making it flakey. In this aspect, it is much better than the Inglot and Sephora eye liners that had been reviewed earlier. The applicator is fine enough but it does not give a hyper sharp line. I suggest you do not store this eye liner for long. Use it on a regular basis and get it over with. If you store it, I will continue to thicken and become useless.
The consistency of fresh bottle of liner is pretty thin. This liner sets into a matte finish. The staying power is pretty amazing too. For me it lasts easily between 5-6 hours if I don’t rub my eyes. It does not flake. This eyeliner is not water proof. It comes off with a simple face wash. Some may not like this feature, I personally like this.

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Prashasti Chauhan

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  • Age - 22
  • Skin - Sensitive, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

I buy it for one time black color not so good hard to wear... But its long lasting and doesn't smudge

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Shailaja Yadav

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Dry, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Brown
  • Eyes - Black

Suitable for dry skin type

it cost rs.225/- for 3.5ml in market. You can get at discounted price on various online shopping website with better rate.
Talking about packaging Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact Liners comes in a soft pale pink plastic bottle with golden inscriptions and the applicator is golden, long and tapering.
Type - its liquid eyeliner
its has brush handle which give comfortable grip so you can the look or winged eyeliner you want.
i own black colour which is the only colour available in it.
is does not smudge on my eyelids because i have dry skin type may be it will smudge on oily skin type, it best suited to dry & neutral skin type.
As it say 9 to 5 but it does not last that long, but it has staying power of 4 - 5 hours.
Does it worth the price yes surely it worth for price.

Think i have helped you.
Thank you.

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Gwyneth Serrao

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  • Age - 22
  • Skin - Oily, Tan
  • Hair - Dry, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Lakme 9 to 5 liner

I purchased the Lakme 9 to 5 liner in black for ?180.
Tip: The tip of the liner is thick brush that is not suitable for drawing thin lines or even getting that perfect winged liner look. Unless your a professional i will stay far away from it.
Colour: I purchased the black liner,when u open the product the pigmentation looks pretty decent but upon application the colour is slightly opaque and not quite pigmented. You need to apply atleast 2-3 coats.
Longetivity: As the claim suggests this eyeliner does not last from 9-5. It's good for the first 4-5 hours before it starts smudging. Especially for those with oily eyelinds I would not suggest it as it tends to transfer onto your whole eyelid.
From its price point it does pretty well but there are other products out there which are much better for a little higher price.
Would i buy this again?
Definitely no
Dupes: Maybellibe hyper gloss and hyper matte eyeliners (?250)

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Type: Gel, Liquid, Pencil, etc

Tip: Felt, Angled, Pointed, Pen, etc

Which colour or shade did you buy?

Does it smudge?

How long does it last?

Tell us if it is worth the price!

Any dupes?


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