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Inglot Amc Eyeliner Gel

Inglot Amc Eyeliner Gel Reviews
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Sonal Pahuja

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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

Highly Recommended

Packaging: Inglot’s AMC gel eyeliners come in a number of fun shades. The No. 77 which I am reviewing today is a matte black. They all come in plastic tubs as opposed to most other gel eyeliners which come in glass tubs. The packaging is good and sturdy. And since its all plastic, it is very light and easy to carry around.

Texture: Upon first buying, it has a very smooth and creamy texture. It literally glides on the eyes like butter. But as time passes, it starts drying up. There is a way around that though, which I will talk about next.

Shelf-Life: As with all other gel eyeliners, sadly, this one dries off too in a few months time. I’ve had mine for about 8-9 months and I wouldn’t say its completely useless but it is thick to the point that its not easy to get a well-defined eyeliner with. To remedy this, Ingot does give you an option- Inglot’s Duraline. Its a mixing medium originally manufactured to convert loose eyeshadow pigments to liquid consistency. For this eyeliner, just one tiny little drop of Duraline reverts it back to the state where you fall in love with it all over again! Just FYI, Duraline, though not very expensive, has to be bought separately and does not originally come  with this eyeliner.

Longevity: It dries very very quickly. Infact, if you are looking to smudge the eyeliner after you’ve applied it, you’ll have to do it fast. Because once it sets, it does not budge. Seriously! This a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that even on my super oily eyelids, it stays put throughout the day. The bad thing is that while you are applying the eyeliner on one eyelid, the residual eyeliner in the brush sets and the brush becomes unusable for the other eye. To combat this, I would suggest you to keep a tissue with you while applying it and as soon as you’re done, wipe off the excess eyeliner from the brush onto the tissue. This should get you through the other eye without having to run to the sink to wash your brush!
The eyeliner is completely waterproof and the only way it will come off is with a good oil-cleansing makeup remover. The only aspect where its not fully satisfactory is that on my very oily lids, it does tend to transfer slightly to my crease sometimes. Although its nothing a prior application of an eye primer can’t fix.

Pigmentation: And now for the best part! Its pigmentation. It is literally the BLACKEST OF BLACKS. Period. If you like your eyeliners to be as black as possible, you’ll be quite impressed with this one.


1. Very highly pigmented.
2. Completely waterproof. Stays put throughout the day.
3. Applies very smooth and creamy.
4. Even after drying up, it has the ability to revive itself completely with Duraline.


1. Might transfer slightly to the crease on super oily lids, if primer is not applied prior to it.
2. Limited availability of Inglot in India.


Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner 77’s pigmentation was the only thing I considered in the store while purchasing it. But even on other grounds, I’d say its been a good experience with this product. I never quite took a liking to gel eyeliners before. Thought they never looked as good as liquid eyeliners and weren’t as convenient as pencil eyeliners. But this product has changed my view. It gives the look of a liquid eyeliner minus the hassle. Highly recommended!

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