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Elle 18 Kajal

Elle 18 Kajal Reviews
11 reviews
27.2 % will buy again

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  • Age - 22
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Not bad

This is one of the deeply pigmented basic kajal. The Elle 18 products are pretty decent and affordable. It comes in a lipstick like retractable package. It can be used only for water line, I don't suggest to use on eyelids. Initially the tip will be sharp and after few usages the tip of the Kajal will become blunt. It is not smudge proof. It is not transfer proof. When the kajal becomes blunt it is very difficult to apply precisely. You can't sharp it too. The texture is so smooth and soft. It glides easily without much difficulty. It is very affordable and easily available.

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  • Age - 19
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Good product

This is a nice super pigmented black kajal which has a decent staying power
It can be used to do a Smokey eye look since it is easy to smudge and its got good pigmentation which makes the Smokey eye look better when smudged well for the look
It is available in a small cute black packaging which is very travel friendly and woukd fit in small makeup pouches as well.
It's good for beginners who have just started with makeup or would like to experiment with makeup so this is not something I would recommend for daily use but yes it is pretty good and what I like about it is that I can do a good smokey eye look with it

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Bharti C

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  • Age - 35
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Go to kajal

This is my go to kajal. Good color, long lasting and opens up my eyes. Good to create a smoky eye too. Is skin friendly and easily accessible too.

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Sukanya Khan

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Good as eyeshadow base

I think this kajal is good for those who have extremely dry eye skin area orelse it will smudge for sure. This product though can be used as an smoky eye eyeshadow base and when it smudges its not streaky.. this product has only one shade, it doesnt last for more than 2-3 hrs.

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Risha Ahmed

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Combination, Light
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Best Smudgeproof Kajal

I am absolutely in love with this kajal. I've tried Lakme Eyeconic, Maybelline Colossal and many others, and none of them are anywhere near as good as the Elle 18 Eye Drama. I use it to tightline and on my eyelid as eyeliner, and it stays put all day. I'm not even kidding, it stays perfectly on my oily lids. Plus, at a price of just Rs.135/-, it's seriously a steal. Give it a moment to settle and it becomes smudgeproof. Loving this product so much. Glides like butter.

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Combination, Olive
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Really Low Budget

This product is not at all a good thing to buy even if you are a beginner.I bought a lot of Elle 18 products as a beginner but I have only found it's nail paint to be a good thing from Kajal, lipsticks, nail paints, etc. It has really crappy hold and even though it's texture to apply is good, overall, it's really bad. It won't stay long for much and will make you look like a raccoon.
Skin Suitability: It suits all skin types.
Not for: According to me, anyone.
Lasts: 2 hours max
Worth the money: It's Rs. 60, so I guess by that logic, yes, but I wouldn't recommend to buy it
Should you buy or not: Not really

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  • Age - 30
  • Skin - Sensitive, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

elle 18 kohl enriched with almonds

This kajal claims to have Almonds in it , and hen you’ll apply it you will feel the sheen finish. I purchased this kajal @ 60INR from local shop. It claims to have 30 months shelf life but it didn’t much lasted for long. The kajal comes for 3 ml in quantity. There is only one black shade. The Elle 18 Kajal comes in twist up plastic bullet black colored ready to apply packaging having girly graphic printed on it. This kajal seems to be highly pigmented but am not impressed by the quality of this product. After just one hour I barely could see anything applied on my waterline.

The texture is creamy and hence glides smoothly . But SMUDGES ON WATERLINE very easily.NOT RECOMMENDE FOR OILY SKIN if you are looking for a longer stay. Removes easily without makeup remover , no rubbing required while removing this kajal. It could be also considered for smoky eye look. This ELLE 18 KAJAL is travel friendly.

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Oishee Mukherjee

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Oily, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

Not A Good Kajal

Elle 18 Kajal is a good choice if it is considered for the price, but it is a bad choice in terms of quality. It comes in one shade, Black, but fails to satisfy the customers. The pigmentation is very light and the texture is oily. It tends to smudge a lot in the waterline. The lasting power is also very bad as it fades away after an hour maximum. It is good in terms of a budget buy, but in terms of performance, it disappoints like anything. Hence, I would suggest to go for a little higher budget and spend on something that will stay.

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Soniya Bhatt

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  • Age - 24
  • Skin - Oily, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Don't buy it

Elle 18 is known for its ability to provide affordable yet high quality products like their lipsticks and nail paints !
The Elle 18 kajal is super affordable and jet black in color.
That's it ! There is no other positive point !
The kajal smudges a lot and can make you look like a panda if you have extremely watery waterline.
It's very cheap but yet I feel if a kajal can't enhance a woman's beauty it's not at all worthy !
I don't like giving negative reviews but I can't recommend it to anyone as there is nothing good about it !

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Which colour or shade did you buy?

How many hours does it last?

Does it smudge?

Tell us if it is worth the price!

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