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Colourpop Lippie Stix

Colourpop Lippie Stix Reviews
21 reviews
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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

My favorite lippies

I got this colourpop lippies stix in a offer that is buy one get one. It was amazing deal. The colourpop cosmetics is a well known and popular brand. I ordered from their website along with some other products.
These classy lippies stix come in elegant white packaging. I got the shades Ellaire and Julep. These two are my favorite shades in my lipstick collection. They have a smooth creamy texture. One swipe is enough to get a good pigmentation on your lips. They are not completely transfer proof but it really stays for long time. I am excited to try other shades also.

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Sourabhi Bangale

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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Sensitive, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Favourite ????

I basically got these at a BOGO offer.
Shade #1 : Trust me
Shade #2 : Poppin.
I got these for Rs 700 for 2.
Isnt that a great deal? 350 for 1?

The lippie stix are creamy mattes. It applies pretty smoothly which not all mattes do.
It is so light on the lips, that you barely feel you're wearing anything on your lips.

Color payoff :
One swipe is enough.
Do i have to say anything more??

Price :
Its actually for rs 600 each but colorpop always has offers like BOGO so you can wait for these offers to buy 2 in 600 + shipping.
Its definitely a great catch ????

How long it lasts?
The whole time. Literally.

Tranfer proof?
Not completely. It does leave a hint of color when you kiss your wrist. But thats really faint.

Packaging :
I just love the packaging., Sleek and stylish.
It has a roll up and down packaging, like a regular bullet lipstick and thats what i love about this range. Its really easy to use and can be carried in pockets too

It leaks.
You need a good liner to keep it from leaking around your lips. ????

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Shrutika Gavhane

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  • Age - 19
  • Skin - Normal, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

A single swipe is enough to colour your lips.
Love the shades. I have 5 of them . Love the dark colors more. Its get creamy . It slides like a butter on a hot pan. Really.
The last shade that is the purple one is so cute. And it works as a lip balm and also a lipstick which js really nice. Its a long lasting lip crayon. I like how Easy to use this is. The price is okay. I wish to lower it. And I prefer to buy online because they have great offers on it. Compared to when you buy from the market. Definitely recommend

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Oily, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

Better than ultra matte lip

COLOURPOP LIPPIE STIX.@colourpopcosmetics
???? - $5=?325/-
???????????- Colourpop is known for its ultra matte lip liquid lipsticks but it creates one of most velvety and creamy range of the traditional lipstick in the form a lippie Stix. Features:-
- One stroke application.
- Matte look.
-Velvety on the lips.
- Not drying.
- Not 100% transfer proof
???? The colour here is "Bichette", it is a bright and vibrant red shade and as we all know there is no right time to wear red. It's the forever go to shade ???? I love this range more than the liquid lipsticks. ???? - ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? /????

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Ruby gomes

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  • Age - 36
  • Skin - Combination, Olive
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

Best ever!!!!

I have the shade Grind which is one cool purple. The shade was perfect for me as it was my first purple lipstick try and I did not want to go loud shade in the color. The lipstick is smudge free and amazing matte and I go about 5-6 hours with a single swipe of it. (I smoke and have several cups of tea throughout the day,yet the lipstick does not fade easily nor does it crumble on the lips.)
Will definitely buy more shades from the lippie stix range. Just adore Colourpop

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Angelin Lawrence

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  • Age - 23
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Black

matte finish

Ok, i have the lippie stix in two shades - Frenchie and Heart On.
I've read many reviews before deciding to buy them. And one of 'issues' claimed was the scent. There were people claiming they can't use it anymore because of the scent. For the price point, I don't care that they didn't bother with infusing a rose scent.
Heart on is a blue-based hot pink or magenta. I do love the pop of colour it gives - fun and youthful.
Frenchie is a sexy orange-red that sears. Packaging - plain, white stick. Very basic and clean. Both are matte formulas. I must say that the formulas are not as drying as the ultra matte liquids. (I had a bunch of them that I sold away because I couldn't handle the dryness)
It felt comfortable on the lips and did not make them look shrivelled up like dried prunes as the ultra mattes did. But.... it clung to dry patches and accentuated them. So, you might want to think about that if u don't like the idea of exfoliating and moisturizing before applying this.It's super opaque and it lasts a decent amount of time before you have to reapply (3 hrs max in my experience before reapplying). I think this would look good on any skin tone! Save yourself some money and buy this lippie stick and pencil, you will not regret it! .just try it :)

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Krishika Bhatia

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  • Age - 22
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black

So so

I own the shades brink and bichette. They are in stick form. The packaging is white with the color of the lippie stix on the bottom. The smell is somewhat like chocolate. The formula is pretty creamy. It does not have a matte finish nor is it glossy . It's somewhere in between. It does not dry out your lips. The lippie stix is not transfer proof . It will transfer to everything from food to cups and even clothes. They have a variety of colors to choose from. It's costs 5$. Worth a try ,worth the money too . But personally I'm a fan of matte lips. I probably wouldn't buy more

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Sensitive, Wheatish
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Black

love them

Hello beauties,
Colourpop lippie stix are my favorites. It has plenty of shades to choose from and they are really very affordable. They can be bought from colourpop official website and they have free shipping to India over $50. If you live in delhi then you don't even have to pay any custom charges. I have a full video on how to shop from colourpop on my youtube channel "sneha sakya". I own about 10 lippie stix and I love them. They stay for pretty decent time and comes in a very attractive white packaging with holographic brand logo. The only con is that it tends to dry your lips a bit but even Mac lipsticks does the same so I can manage with that. Rest it retails for $5 which is great.
hope it helps :)

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Aarna Bhasin

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  • Age - 32
  • Skin - Sensitive, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown


Love these lippie stix from colourpop. Such gorgeous colors. the ones I have dry down to beautiful powdery matte finish. The packaging is ok. It lasts fairly long, if you dont eat or drink. They are dryong though, and are not available in india.

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  • Age - 32
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

average lippie

i have seen many bloggers boasting about the colorpop lippie stix. I found this much hyped. luckily I bought just one lippie stick in shade Lumiere. the color was very nice. But formula was very average. i found the packaging very cute. But now it looks very torn out. the staying power is very average ans it transfers a lot. it could not survive a meal as well I am definitely not going to but it again. As much as I love colorpop eyeshadows I did not like the lippie stick. there matte liquid llipsticks are my favourite.

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Which colour or shade did you buy?

How many hours does the lipstick last?

Finish: Super Matte, Matte, Glossy, Cremesheen, etc

It is transferrable?

Tell us if it is worth the price!

Any dupes?

Does it dry out your lips or get flaky after a while?

Do you like the packaging?


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