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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Oily, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown


Subject : Base Makeup Essentials
Comment : This compact palette is a complete package since it has 6 shades which are particularly designed to hide all imperfections from the face and create a flawless base. Yellow cancels out blue/purple undertones under eyes and brightens the area. Green counters any red spots or acne marks. Lilac neutralizes dull skin to give a radiant look. Peach can be used by very fair skin tones to counter dull and sallow patches. Brown can be used as a cream contour/concealer depending on your skin tone, White is a highlighter with silver sparkles in it, can be used under the brow bone or on cheek bones. All 6 colours are extremely pigmented and blends well due to its creamy texture. Use this after your primer and before foundation. You only need a little product to camouflage the flaws. You can buy it from Nykaa.
Subject : Hassle-free
Comment : After trying quite a few nail paint removers, I have switched to this. It is affordable (Rs. 70) and easily available in the market. Only 3-4 drops of it on a cotton pad are enough to remove 2 coats of nail paint. You can take a little more if you have applied any glitter nail paints. But at the end, this remover would effectively clean all the colour from your nails. It does dry out the nails a bit, maybe it has acetone. But since it is working well for me, I would repurchase it. I don't use nail paints that frequently so this is perfect for me. You can opt for an acetone free remover if you change your nail paints frequently.
Subject : Affordable Liquid Liner
Comment : This was my go-to liquid liner during college as it was super affordable and easily available. It is jet black in colour and comes in a similar packaging as that of a lakme nail paint. The brush that it comes with does not have a very fine tip, so making winged liners with it would need practice, I've only used this to create a normal eyeliner look. It's not smudge proof, but it would stay for like 6-7 hours, I have mixed feelings for this product, sometimes it used to last for the entire day and sometimes wear off in 3-4 hours. It's suitable for those who like wearing eyeliner on a daily basis and are not running out in the sun for the entire day.
Subject : Must have drugstore primer for Oily skin
Comment : This is a pink coloured creamy primer that is within the range of Rs. 1000. People with oily skin should use gel based primers but this creamy one works well too since the texture is extremely soft. You need to warm up the product with your fingers before application, otherwise it might get difficult to blend it completely. It blurs out the pores to an extent of 70% and creates an even canvas. It would hold your makeup in place for like 6-7 hours. Won't suggest it for dry skin as it has a matte finish.It also does not have any strong fragrance. It is lightweight and can be used for daily purposes. I've been using this for the past 7-8 months, and have not experienced any allergy or breakouts on my acne-prone sensitive skin. I've tried out some high-end primers too but this works the same as them. I definitely recommend it for oily skin.
Subject : Decent Kajal
Comment : I have been using Lakme Eyeconic Kajal for the past 4 years. Have tried the blue and black shade. It comes in a retractable form and is easy to use. It is not smudge proof, at least not for me. I have oily eyelids and watery eyes, so this stays on my eyes for 2-3 hours, after that it smudging and disappears after 4 hours. It performs better when I set it with a black eyeshadow. The colour pay-off is good and the price (Rs. 180) is very affordable. It's an everyday kajal that most of college-girls use. It's a good choice for people who don't have hooded eyes or oily eyelids. You can use it as an eyeliner too.
Subject : Eyebrows on Fleek
Comment : This is a dual ended eyebrow product. .It has two ends, one with a felt tip and the other with a soft kohl. You can create the desired shape by using the felt tip brown liner and then fill in the sparse areas with the kohl. The shade that I bought was medium which is a brown colour. The product is pigmented and perfect for defining the brow and also enhancing the shape. This costs Rs. 650. You can easily carry this in your bag and keep your eyebrows on fleek all day. It has a good staying power. It would stay put until you get back home from office. I would definitely recommend this product.
Subject : Affordable bright lips
Comment : I purchased the Oriflame pure colour intense lipstick in the shade Radiant Red which is a maroon. The lipstick is well pigmented and creamy to apply. It does not have any shimmers or glitter particles also. The packaging is small and sturdy making it travel friendly. It is worth Rs. 199 which makes it very affordable. Also, the staying power is good, even after consuming food and drinks, the lipstick stays put (a slight fading might happen). The colour pay-off is great , totally worth the price. It does not dry out the lips. If you have dry lips, this won't accentuate it. You must have a look at this range.
Subject : Bright & Pop
Comment : The MUA intense eye liner is creamy and pigmented and stays put almost upto 6-7 hours, the royal blue shade gives a bright pop to the eyes. This is my favourite blue eyeliner as it is vibrant yet sheek. It costs only Rs. 240 which is super-affordable. There are many other shades too so you should definitely check them out. I use it as an eyeliner, have never tried it on my waterline. It comes with an in-built sharpener which is a plus. It is in the form of a pencil and it would last for months even if you use it daily. I would purchase more shades from this range. Would recommend it to you all.
Subject : Good for Highlighting
Comment : If you have prominent dark circles, this might not help much. I bought this in the shade 'Ivory' which is the lightest shade. I use it to highlight the highest points of my face, but to hide my dark circles, I need to use a corrector underneath. This concealer comes in a pen style with a twist button at the bottom to dispense product. You cannot actually control the amount of product that comes out. Also, I feel that the quantity is less for the price tag of Rs. 600. Blending it is not a problem, I personally like blending it with a damp sponge. You need to set it with a translucent powder to avoid creasing. It does sometimes settle into my fine lines and accentuates them. It's a decent drugstore concealer. The shade range is limited which is a con for this.
Subject : Good for beginners
Comment : Since this is a felt-tip liner, it is perfect for people who have just begun with makeup. Getting that perfect winged liner can be difficult, but this gives you full charge. I won't recommend this to people who have oily eyelids as it would stain your crease line. This is not the darkest black liner but decent black one. It does smudge when you are out in the sun or have oily skin. Staying power is good. You can set it with a black eyeshadow to increase its wear and prevent it from getting transferred onto the lids. I won't buy it again though.
Subject : Velvet on your Lips!
Comment : I have the shade Secretly Pink-62 which is a deep tone pink colour which looks fresh as well as classic. The Velvet Matte range from Colorbar is super-affordable. You get 4.2 gm of product for only Rs. 299, isn't that great?? The texture is very creamy unlike other matte lipsticks which sometimes dry out the lips. I don't know about other shades but Secretly Pink has a little shine in it and is not exactly matte in appearance. It won't dehydrate your lips or settle into the lines. It does get transferred so you need to blot it with some powder. The staying power is decent, upto 4-5 hours. Also, it has an icecream like fragrance to it. It's a great deal for everyday wear.
Subject : Worth a try!
Comment : I have oily eyelids and none of the kajals/kohls/liners used to stay put on my eyes for more than 2 hours. But then I found this which claims to be smudge proof for 24 hours. Well, it stays on my eyes for 7-8 hours when I set it with a black eyeshadow. I usually make a winged eyeliner and that is the part which smudges, the rest of the eyeliner stays in place for the whole day. It comes with a decent brush and can be used both as an eye & lip brush. The liner is jet black and well pigmented, you get enough of color pay-off in a single stroke.It is waterproof, and safe for sensitive eyes too. Creamy texture & matte appearance.
Subject : Sheer Coverage
Comment : The packaging is attractive, with a mirror like lid. The quantity is 15 gm for Rs. 800 which is on the expensive side. The foundation gives a sheer coverage, lighter than that of Lakme CC Cream, so if you have acne and spots, it won't cover them, you would need a concealer. It's lightweight and feels like a feather on the skin even during warm weather. It stays for 7-8 hours. The foundation is fragrance-free & gives a matte finish. Mouse foundations are oil free and great for people with oily/combination skin type. It blends well with fingers and looks like a second skin. The shade availability is limited though.
Subject : Love at First Sight
Comment : MUA has some amazing eyeshadow palettes in its kitty and all our pretty affordable. This palette was launched as part of the Spring Collection and has some neutrals, rosy and dark shades to play with. The palette looks much more attractive in person. It does have some fallouts, but for the price, the palette is completely worth it. The packaging is the usual plastic one and there's a double ended sponge applicator as well. The colors show up well on warm Indian skintone, except 2-3 shades that might appear pale on very fair people. This palette is perfect for creating soft romantic makeup looks.
Subject : Not good for Oily Eyelids
Comment : This is nowhere in the list of favourites for me since it flakes off on oily eyelids. The applicator is well defined and tapered, the handle is long enough to give a good amount of control. It's neither matte not very glossy. I've tried using it on my Mother and it stayed on her eyes for like 7 hours with little flaking but it doesn't work for me. When I washed it with water, it peeled off. I won't recommend it to anyone, there are other better alternatives available for the same price which are much better in pigmentation as well as lasting power.
Subject : Too much shimmer
Comment : This comes in a lipstick like twist packaging. The texture is creamy, buttery and blends well. Pigmentation is good but I feel the shimmers are a bit too much if you are using it as a contour. Also, the colour might not show up on deeper skintones. It does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin though. There is a highlight and blusher stick also in this range. The staying power is decent. If you apply the product heavily, then it might look a bit caked up. Had the shape of the bronzer been rounder, it would have given better control while application.
Subject : Not the usual eyebrow product
Comment : I bought the shade 'Chestnut' which is a dark brown colour. It would suit people with black and dark brown eyebrows. Unlike other eyebrow pencils which are dry and matte in texture, this one is creamy and buttery. It gave the maximum color pay-off in just one swatch, which tells about its pigmentation. Now the problem with this is that you can easily go overboard with us and end up looking weird. You have to be very gentle while using it. The other end of the pencil has a spoolie attached to it which is a plus. Both the ends of the pencil have a separate cap which ensures hygiene. The product lasts for around 6 hours, although it won't come down on your face when it fades away. This pencil requires practice and patience before using it for some event or going out. Price: Rs. 650
Subject : Insanely pigmented lip gloss
Comment : I love Pink lippies and this shade 'Pink Peony' instantly catched my attention. It is a bright pink, very bubbly colour, without any shimmers or glitters. The Lip Gloss has the pigmentation of a Liquid Lipstick which is amazing, just one swipe and you get full coverage on your lips. The texture is thick but definitely not sticky (I hate those glosses which constantly keep attracting your hair to stick to it). Although, the product does not bleed but it does gets transferred onto your glasses and cups due to its creamy texture. It stays for 2-3 hours with meals. Even after the gloss vanishes, the stain remains which might be a plus or negative depending on personal preference.
Subject : Mixed Feelings
Comment : I purchased the black shade. Since I'm a winged eyeliner person, I like felt tip eyeliners for better precision and control. Felt tip liners also save time due to its shape. I find this eyeliner to be quite expensive since the quantity is only 1 ml for Rs. 550. The tip is not a very fine one, it's quite thick and sturdy. There is a rubber grip provided on the packaging so it feels good to hold it. The colour is jet black and one swipe is enough for an opaque line. The staying power is the highlight, it stays put all day. The liner is water resistant but not water-proof, so it is easy to remove. The price is the only downside to this product.
Subject : Dramatic Lashes
Comment : This mascara has 2 sides, one is for length and the other is for volume. The wand on both the sides look pretty much the same to me. The texture is quite dry and not at all runny. So the mascara dries out pretty quickly while application and might not give very even application in all the areas but it is not that noticeable. I prefer only 2 coats of this, if you go overboard, it looks flaky. Both the sides have the same effect on the lashes and the end result is curled and voluminized lashes. The mascara does not clump since the wand has small bristles. It is also safe for sensitive eyes and is easy to remove with a bi-phased makeup remover.
Subject : Only suitable for a smokey eye look
Comment : Now this is a pretty expensive kajal (Rs. 650) and can be used only for creating a smoked out look or a kind of grungy smudged look. It has an in built sharpener which is good. The pencil is well pigmented and the color pay-off is excellent but it starts smudging the moment you apply it. It is creamy and would glide on smoothly. So if you prefer to smoke out your kajal everytime, go for this one. Even after setting it with a black eyeshadow, it smudges. I don't like this product since it isn't versatile and it spreads everywhere under the eyes enhancing the dark circles.
Subject : Affordable lip crayons
Comment : I bought the shade "Nude Blush" which is a pink and not a nude completely. You can call it MLBB shade. It's not crazily pigmented but 2-3 swipes would give you the required colour. The quantity is 3.7 gm which makes this crayon to be cheaper than others in the market. It does not crease but you might notice that it settles into the fine lines in the center after some time. Its smooth to apply and stays for around 3-4 hours. It settles into a semi-matte texture after application. The cap of it is quite flimsy so one needs to be careful. It does dry out the lips after some hours and also gets transferred. But, for the price-point, it is a decent product.
Subject : Not worth buying
Comment : I got the shade Divine which looks a pretty baby pink when swatched on hand. The pigmentation is not impressive, you need to swipe it 4-5 times to get a visible colour. It won't stay on your lips for more than an hour, if you plan to drink water in between, it would be gone completely. The packaging is black and classy with extra lipstick in a tub attached at the top just like MUA lipsticks. (MUA ones are better) Do not apply it on bare lips, otherwise it would settle into the fine lines and might make your lips appear flaky. The fragrance is pleasant though. I would suggest you to invest your money elsewhere.


Subject : NA
Comment : It is an extremely gentle facewash most suitable for people with sensitive skin. The facewash is transparent in colour with a slightly runny consistency. It foams up good and has a mild fragrance which is actually pleasant. It cleanses the skin well leaving it soft and supple. I find it to be fulfilling all the claims that it makes (PS: it only claims to be a soothing facewash). Now if you have some breakouts or acne on your face, this is not designed to treat them. Also, the product is free from parabens and harsh chemicals which is a plus.
Subject : Summery & Refreshing
Comment : The packaging is quite attractive, it has different summer scenes printed on the front side. The spray also works fine and is fun to use and easy to carry. Light in consistency, just like water and free of any harmful chemicals and parabens. It is not sweat resistant, like you would have to re-apply it if you are out in the sun for long. Also, it works well at preventing tan but not that well at preventing sunburns. This is a cruelty free product. It works well on all skin types as well. You also don't need a separate moisturizer with it.
Subject : Not effective
Comment : The packaging is bright with a pump dispenser which is good. Apart from the packaging, I did not like a single thing of the product. The smell is horrible, I'm not a big fan of strong fragrances. The product is quite expensive for the quantity and is not even effective. It's a tinted liquid with a water like texture. It does get absorbed into the skin in no time but it actually does nothing for your skin, at least I haven't noticed any difference in my skin. Won't recommend this product to you guys at all, there are better options available.
Subject : Cools & Soothes the Skin
Comment : This is a gel based mask, transparent with no colour. The packaging is a standard squeeze tube with a screw cap. It does not feel sticky while application and goes on smoothly. The fragrance is mild and not overpowering. This works well on all skin types, I have tried this mask on my family members as well who have different skin types. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin which is much needed in summers. This mask is free of cruety and chemicals. It is affordable and easily available. The skin feels nourished after application. Recommended for the summer season.
Subject : Clear skin
Comment : This is a great product if you are looking out for something to attack uneven skin and pigmentation. This can be applied around the eyes, it won't cause any irritation. The results are visible from the first use itself. This is a bit expensive, but it's okay since its effective, a kind of an investment product for your skin. Regular usage definitely results in a clear complexion and even skin tone. I have used it throughout the year and it worked well. Also, the fragrance is not bothersome. But you need to use this regularly to see the effects, if you stop using this, the skin would go back to original in some time. So, won't call it a long-lasting product.
Subject : Did not work for me
Comment : I read a lot of good reviews about it and went on purchasing the product. But I was disappointed since it did not work for me. I have an extremely oily skin with acne problem too. This product has tiny blue granules to gently exfoliate and impart a glow in 5 minutes. Now, the product fared well in cleaning the face but I couldn't notice any glow. Also, it does nothing for the acne marks. The fragrance is a pleasant minty one which most of us would like. The product is also not pricey and easily available in the local market.
Subject : Not for very sensitive skin
Comment : This comes in a standard tube packaging but the flip cap is kind of difficult to open and close, it's not the smoothest one I would say. This scrub has salicylic acid which exfoliates the blackheads and whiteheads chemically. If you are sensitive to salicylic products, don't use this. You need to put this scrub on your face for like 10 minutes so that the acid unclogs the pores and works on acne. It has small granules which can worsen the zits and big pimples. It is effective in cleaning out the dirt though. You can feel a bit dried out after using this.
Subject : Good for dry skin
Comment : I bought this for my mother since she has an extremely dry skin. I wasn't impressed with the packaging much, but the product is effective. It is a thick creme which gets absorbed into the skin completely. You only require a small coin sized amount or even less. It does not feels greasy on dry skin. The fragrance is overpowering initially, but later subsides down. You can totally make out the primary ingredients from the fragrance which are almonds and sandalwood. It keeps the skin moisturized for 3-4 hours, after that you need to re-apply it during the day. Can't comment about the anti-wrinkle claim, but as a winter cream, it's effective.
Subject : Overpowering Dairy Smell
Comment : The product is packed in small separate pouches inside the main container making it quite travel friendly. But the quantity of pouches is less, you only get around 8 of them. Then preparing a paste by mixing it with milk is a tedious task since it forms lumps and takes a lot of time and hard work to form dissolve completely. The smell is very strong, like that of a dairy and it stays on for long, even after washing the face with a mild cleanser. It is not even effective in removing tan. It makes the skin soft but greasy too. Not recommended.
Subject : Not for Oily Skin
Comment : Firstly, it comes in a tub packaging which ensures full utilization of the product. Other than this, I couldn't find another positive point in this product. I'm not into strong fragrances which this product has. All the ingredients are not mentioned on the package. Then, it makes skin super greasy, maybe it would be suitable for dry skin more. The slight effectiveness that it shows over a period of time vanishes even if you just miss using this for a single day. I've found this in many other products from Aroma Magic that the results are short-lived. Also, the availability might be an issue.
Subject : NA
Comment : The packaging is bright pink with a pump dispenser which is good and looks cute. Apart from that, I did not like a single thing about the product. The fragrance bothered me, I'm not a big fan of strong fragrances. The product is quite expensive for the quantity and is not even effective. It's a tinted liquid with a water like texture. It does get absorbed into the skin in no time but it actually does nothing for your skin, at least I haven't noticed any difference in my skin. Won't recommend this product to you guys at all, there are better options available.
Subject : Effective -Everyday Facewash
Comment : Affordable everyday face wash. The packaging is travel friendly and spill proof. The tea tree fragrance is quite strong. This product is free from parabens, chemicals and cruelty. It's gel based, light green in colour, has a runny consistency and feels light on the skin. People with dry skin, do not try this out as it would highlight the dry patches. It removes all dirt and grime from the face and controls oil for some decent hours. You need to moisturize after using this as the face gets dry. It definitely reduces acne but I haven't noticed any difference on my acne scars.
Lip Care
Subject : Chapped my Lips within an hour
Comment : I got the orange variant in one of the MSM boxes last year. Biobloom has some good products, but this particular variant did not work for me or my family members. It comes in a tub like packaging. The lip balm is not tinted, it's a regular one. After application my lips became chapped within an hour. I gave it to my family members to try and they too experienced the same thing. I would definitely like to try other variants from their lip balm range, but won't recommend this one. Meanwhile, I use the remaining product on my elbows and knees as a concentrated moisturizer.
Face Mists
Subject : Ideal for Oily Skin
Comment : The packaging is see through, it helps ascertain when to re-purchase. The spray applicator comes with a cap which makes it travel friendly as well as hygienic. The fragrance is a subtle jasmine one. Though this can be used by normal skin type also, but I find it more appropriate for oily and combination skin. It really gives a boost of freshness to the skin and makes it appear hydrated. You should wait for a minute after spraying and then wipe off the excess. Also, it is free of parabens and harmful chemicals which minimizes the risk of any side-effects.
Subject : A decent clay mask
Comment : This comes in a jar packaging. The mask is in a powdery form and has a green tint. The fragrance is a very herbal one which is not so mild. I mix it with rose water since my skin is oily. The first impression of this mask was good since it gives immediate brightening effects but it is only short lived. Also, don't forget to moisturize your skin after using this as the skin gets dry after rinsing off with water. It also clears a bit of tan and has exfoliating particles, so the skin is cleansed every time you use this.
Face Mists
Subject : Freshness on the go
Comment : I love facial mists and sprays. This one is perfect for summers. The fragrance itself is so refreshing that it immediately relaxes the senses. There is no need to wash the face again and again, one spray of this product is enough to instantly brighten the mood and face. Be careful not to spray it in your eyes otherwise it would sting. The product cannot be used as a toner, it's just for freshness. I carry it in my handbag as it is small and travel friendly and helps me freshen up on the go. Don't know how it would perform on dry skin.
Subject : Daily Scrub
Comment : The scrub is powdery in nature. You need to mix it with water to form a smooth paste. Diluting it with extra water makes the consistency to be runny & fails the purpose of a scrub. The powder is fine, no big or harsh granules, perfect for acne-prone skin. Since it's not harsh, you can use it daily if you like mild exfoliation each day. The fragrance speaks of all the natural ingredients that have gone in the making of it. It has tea-tree essentials, lemon & orange peel which effectively work on acne. Peppermint create a sensation of freshness and calmness. The ingredient list is not mentioned on the packaging but you can read it on the FB page of Organique or ask for them. You can also use it as a part of a facial routine alongwith other products from the range. I use it once on weekend pampering sessions. It has been performing good until now.