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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Brown


Subject : This product is actually very good and easy to apply????
Comment : NA
Subject : ??Awsm??
Comment : As i personslly use thus product ....it is very easy to use and apply on eyes .....and d best thing is it didn't sumdged .
Subject : Feels Good after using it
Comment : Hi friends…. I am a fan of BB creams. I have tried GARNIER, PONDS and now this Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream. Full form of bb is Bright Benefit. Maybelline ClearGlow Bright Benefit Cream is infused with a blend of talc, fairness complex, moisturizer and skin brightening minerals to deliver 8 skin transforming benefits. This is the nude 01 shade. This is really a nice and decent product, it gives light to medium coverage and blends nicely too. As it claims it give a glow to the face as well. But yes, do not expect toomuch as it is just a bb cream and not a foundation to hide every flaw from the face! : ) i don’t apply anything else after this, it is a good product.. i am totally satisfied. The product is great. It brightens and makes my skin lookfresh. Use a small amount and its perfect for everyday use. It has SPF and it lasts for a fairly long time.And yeah make sure to choose the right shade: Radiance is for very fair skin tone,Natural is for fair skin tone, andNude is the shade for wheatish to dusky skin tone. *.claims are true *.Contains SPF 21. *.Does not make skin greasy or too oily even after hours of application (on my combination skin) *.Easy to use *.Won’t clog pores *.Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin *.Attractive and cute packaging*.Easy to carry *.Brightens the face without leaving any whitish cast. *.Gives light coverage which is apt for routine/daily makeup. *.Imparts a healthy glow to the face*.shades available for different skin tone Bad about Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream *.Costly product compare to other bb cream *.Not suitable for night cream *.Contains parabens. *.The quantity you get in one tube is a little less. It won’t last you more than 20-25 days when used daily. Availability : EasyFashion And Beauty Rating : 4/5 ????
Subject : Amazing Coverage
Comment : One of my favourite foundations in the worldto this day. I am very pale but mac has a wonderful colour selection and i am still ableto wear the right shade for my skin. I vary between oily and dry, depending on various factors, aka weather, health, diet and so forth, but i always love a matte finish - and i can always get it with this foundation. It covers my darkspots,evens out my skintone and lasts all day. Its coverage is amazing. The only annoying thing is that the bottle doesn't come with a pump and the matching pump is more than most would cost. But either way, this foundation is well worth it. I have been using it for well over 2 years now, and even though my skin is very sensitive, it doesn't break me out or anything like that.
Subject : Awesome product or my lifeline
Comment : Experience : This kajal is actually my lifeline... i never step o ut from home without wearing this and even when i am at home , i put this also. I am totalky sati sfued wuth this product abdevery product of lakme... I used this lakme kajal from last 6yrs... its almost 6years nd i dont need to switch to another brand. It gives a perfect black colour in single coat but i like more kajari eyes so i put 3 coats (one on waterline , one on outer line and lastly gives a whoe touchup. Alternate if linear : sometimes i m in hurry so therewas no time to put a perfect winged linear... for its alternative i used kajal as it is not smudged easily . Price: The price o f this was hoing very shuffle in past 8 years ....Firstly jts available in 120 rupees then p ri ce goes inc... But the customers who has trust in brand/prodyct purchase it jn every cost. It i s easily available in markets and on online sites. In below pic i apply this kajal instead of linear.
Subject : In love with sugar cosmetics
Comment : My Experience: I purchase this from.amazon. I have dry lips and nothing makes me happy than a lipstick that stays put as well as simultaneously hydrates my lips. Thisbold and sexy shade from Sugar Cosmetics is a complete heart-steal-er.Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon feels light on my lips and glides smoothly without any tugging. The soft and silky matte finish gives full coverage in hiding my fine lip lines. I apply only one swipe and didn’t use the lip liner.The velvet texture keeps my lips smooth and even. My lips remains hydrated and moisturized more than 7 hours. I had used this shade with shimmery eye shadow for a night out as well as with neutral makeup for day date. How I Use: The very first I exfoliate my lips before application. Apply the product first on the middle of your lips and then go sideways towards the edge of your lips. You can also line it before filling for convenience.
Subject : Loved to buy again nd again
Comment : I was excited about trying this product and I'm glad to say that my high expectations were met. These are great - and this is coming from someone who doesn't generally like wearing lip products. I simply don't like how lip gloss and most lipsticks just sit on your lips. These are a whole other beast. Texture: They apply wet and glossy so there's some wiggle room to move it around but they dry down to a very pigmented, beautiful,matte finish. Transfertable: They don't budge (even when I forget to use lip liner)) but they do transfer a little bit (not nearly as much as lipglosses and lipsticks). As mentioned, these can be drying (but not nearly as much as other matte lipsticks) so pre-applying a good lip balm is nearly essential. Shade: I like to use EOS Spring Fruit because it isn't too slippery and goes well with the matte finish of this lipstick. Beware though - applying a very slippery lipbalm on top may cause the color to creep into lip lines making this look kind of bad (especially when you are using some of the lighter colors, like Milan). I have four colors but my absolute favorite is San Paolo - heck it's my favorite lip color ever. Buying all the colors in a collection is something I very rarely do but I am definitely going back and getting the rest of the colors because I never like a lip product this much.
Subject : Yes, I would recommend and repurchase this primer. I really like this primer, and it is so good for normal to oily skin.
Comment : My Experience with Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer: The primer comes in a nice black cardboard box withall the details. The actual primer comes packaged in a nice black tube with a silver screw on cap. I really like this small, lightweight tube packaging. Also, the dispenser provides the right amount of product. This primer is of good quality and is affordable too. The primer looks like a light pink moisturizer and it has a very nice fragrance. The texture is like a soft cream that blends super effortlessly. This primer glides like a dream and feels very light on skin. I usually need a small amount of the product. It gets nicely absorbed into the skin and settles down to a velvety-matte texture. It provides that perfect,shine-freeand smooth finish, and makes the skin feelbaby soft. I really like this velvety-matte texture and itworks well on even myoily skin. But this primer is not hydrating enough for dry skin; moisturize your skin well if you have dry skin else your skin will end up feeling dry and stretchy. It also softens the look of lightblemishes and spots. It is a universal shade and will go well with all skin tones. My foundation and other makeup products glide smoothly after applying this primer. Thus, my makeup looks flawless and perfect with this primer. Even myBB creamglides on effortlessly and evenly on skin. All the products blendsmoothly and stay true to their color on my skin. Hence, the primer helps in achieving a professional finish. This new primer suits mysensitive skinwell and has never broken me out. As it has a matte finish, it can control oil and shine for a good number of hours. It can nicely control oil for around 5-6 hours. After that, my T-zone starts to look a little shiny, but not oily. No matter how many products I apply, they do not appear cakey. Now, let’s talk about the longevity of this primer. It really helps my makeup stay in place for long. It keeps my makeup in place for more than 7-8 hours. My skin looks fresh even after this time period. It never makes my skin or makeup look dull. It preventsmy makeup from creasing too. It even keeps my highlighters andcontouring productsin place for around 7 hours. Overall, I really like this primer as it keeps my skin oil-free for a good time period and increases the staying power of my makeup too. It does impart a velvety-matte finish but it is not for dry skin. Also, it isnot the most ideal primer for winters.
Subject : A nice tinted moisturizing lip balm
Comment : My Experience with Color: Cherry Me. I purchased the Cherry Me lip balm through Amazon and then the next day found the Oh Orange (only the Oh Orange) at a local discount grocery store. The Cherry Me has a sweet cherry scent and taste and goes on a bit redder than I was used to from most tinted lip balms. The Oh Orange has you guessed it a sweet orange scent and taste and went on with a sheer shimmery tint that I have found to be perfect for summer and is subtle but without being completely sheer and invisible. The scents (and tastes) are nice and aren't at all like those awful cheap ones that you find at dollar stores that are typically marketed at tweens and young girls. I do feel like I have to apply them more often than my regular untinted moisturizing only lip balms but they do seem to have more staying power and moisturizing power than most tinted lip treatments like colored lip gloss. The twist up tube with a plastic sheath is nice, I prefer it to the those squeeze tubes that some brands use or the tubes with the wand applicators. Overall I would say that if you are only wanting a moisturizing lip balm with no tint and maybe a nice taste as a bonus there are better options out there but if you are wanting a bit of color and shimmer (with the scent and taste as a bonus) but without your lips drying out or becoming a sticky mess these are a great option. I plan on picking up some of the other colors or collection of colors in the future.
Subject : NA
Comment : A vivid range range of colors that makes your eyes so elegant ... i suggeat it ine of the best palette combination within minimal range anf with a brand tag like wet nd wild.... I love the shade sin palette. The shimmer shade are bit chunky i feel but thats ok. Colors are pigmented as well, i would definitely recommend. If u are searching for a palete in affordable range rhen go for it without second thought.
Subject : Nice one not wow.
Comment : Well, this was one of my first purchases in the make up section, so I have a soft corner for this gloss. Though I don’t use it much, but always keep one spare in my vanity bag . It comes in a translucent plastic tube. Though it seems to be a coral pinkish strawberry shade, but on the lips, it comes out to be quite sheen,just a tinge of the strawberry shade. One thing which I don’t like about this gloss is its stickiness. I find it quite sticky though it does stay on the lips for quite some time sans eating. This gloss provides sheen to the lips and does make them look more appealing, but the sheen tends to fade after a few hours and you can only feel the sticky gloss. It does not make the lips dry. I have used it over my coral lipsticks alsoand it gives just the perfect shine. The consistency ofthe gloss is on the thicker side. Coming to the fragrance, it actually smells of fresh strawberries and quite true to its name. Those of you who have the habit of licking the lips will eat away the entire gloss because of the sweet taste and the yummy fragrance. It does not have any shimmer in it,so can be worn during any point of time.
Subject : NA
Comment : I refrained feom.buying this for a while coz of the price - but my sister insisted me to pur thisproduct as she made a point that we use a good quality stuff to remove that we put! It s an amazing product and even if it costs alot you dont use much in one use so.it lasts for a very long time. I.use it regular for removing my kajal.
Subject : Recommended
Comment : These nail paints provide an exquisite matte finish when completely dry that lasts for 2 days post which you will see a little sheen on the surface. I have been only wearingshades from this range since I got my hands on these and trust me theydon’t chip for good 4-5 days. The texture is a bit thick but it dries super quick. The colors might look similar in the pictures but when you wear them, you will see all of them have different hues. You needminimum two coatsto get opaque coverage wherein the first layer might go a little streaky but the second coat smoothens it all. Also, removing these is completely hassle-free and easy. I have been a fan of matte nail lacquers which is why I always used to keep a matte top coat with me but with Nykaa matte nail paints, I feel I don’t have to go elsewhere as they have so many shadesand so many textures and finishes available in their entire range. This collection however is loveee and if you are a nude lover , you must try these out.???????????? Also,the price range of these nail paints is very affordable when compared to the otherbrands.
Subject : Compact, cute and travel friendly kit
Comment : The French manicure kit comes in a very cute packaging in pink and white. The packaging does have that subtle French hints with a littleEiffel towerover it. The packaging is pretty compact and hence very travel-friendly. The bottles are really tiny in size and pretty sturdy as they do not break when they fall. But I feel the quantity is a little less in regards to the price because the big bottles of Colorbar cost the same. The brush of the nail paint has nice soft bristles which glide smoothly on the nails, so no major flaws with the packaging.. It has 3 shades in the kit and personally if you ask me, I would always skip the pink one because I don’t feel there is any need. But for review purpose, I did use it! The pink one is actually a flesh-toned nail paint and it matches the shade of my nails when I apply it. It basically evens out the colour but the application is a bit stark which is why I wouldn’t like using this. The consistency of the nail paint is pretty thick, not smooth enough to layer up 2 coats. It looks very unprofessional, like youcan see in the picture. The white is a nice opaque shade which is visible in one coat itself, but I wish there were tip guides in the kit for a perfect application because a French manicure looks very shabby if the lines are not perfect. And I couldn’t create perfect lines, so yeah a bit disappointed. The base coat is a clear one which is, again, pretty thick and feel heavy. But it gives a nice glossy shine to my nails and makes them lookhealthy. I am happy that these nail paints dry up pretty quickly since I do not have enough patience. Staying power:The French manicure stays on my nails for 4-5 days if sealed with the top coat of the kit. I ensure that I apply 2 coats since it might chip a little with just one coat. It chips a little from the tips but that isn’t very noticeable. Overall, a nice kit but I wish the application and the texture were better.
Subject : Affordable.
Comment : Lakme’s Eyeconic range caught my eye, and I picked up both the mascara and the kajal. The packaging looks quite attractive, and the quirky shape of the mascara bottle was also exciting. The mascara is pitch-black in color, which is perfect for everyday wear. It is a curling mascara and is especially useful for those who don’t want to use an eyelash curler. Both application and removal are super easy. The mascara wand is quite long, which helps in easy application, even for the relatively inexperienced. It helps to separate the lashes and create volume. The lashes are curled to a noticeable amount. The biggest problem with the mascara for me is the fact that it’s not waterproof. Also, the quantity providedin the pack is quite less, as compared to mascaras from other brands. The product tends to clot if not applied carefully .
Subject : Affordabe and easily available
Comment : I came across Faces Magneteyes Kajal almost 6 months back and since then it’s my favorite. The kohl comes in a twist-up red plastic body which has small details encrypted on the body like batch number and expiry date. Its cap puts on perfectly and closes with a click. There is nothing much to say about the packaging as it is like any other twist-open kohl available in India market. The pigmentation is super and better than original Maybelline Colossal Kajal. It is jet black and one swipe is enough to give the complete color. But I like applying two layers to fill any fine lines left. The texture is creamy and smooth. It glides on very easily and doesn’t break if little pressure is applied. Although I will suggest twist-opening only required amount and not applying too much pressure. I have not faced any issues during its application. It doesn’t dry out quickly after application and any rubbing can smudge it. I use this property, to create smoky eyes look which stays on longer compared to creating it just with eye shadows. Normally dries within 4-5 minutes for single layer, but for multiple layering it might take some time. I won’t say that after drying it is completely smudge proof, as it does smudge a little if rubber but otherwise it stays intact.
Subject : Light weigjt and odor free
Comment : Well this is a good combo pack with 2 shades of pink one Peachish pink and other little darker shade of pink. There is a fine line of difference in the shades of pink but if blended well and properly toned up will of course give a great finish and sexy looks. The price is on the little higher side but I got a good or one can say a descent discount of 10%-20% on GOSF on most of the stuff of LAKME I bought from nykaa.com. The finish is silky velvet’s finish and doesn’t give a crass look as the shades are sober and classy. Only thing one should take care is to learn some useful tips to highlight your best portion of face to make it look slim through cantoning and use this beautiful product tactfully to look your best. There are articles and posts on our blog which you can refer to apply blush rightfully and canyoning posts too. They will guide you to help apply the product in more efficient way. Well now coming to its aesthetics part, the product comes in a box packaging with a plastic stand where the Blush is placed along with the brush. The application brush is separately given in the box packaging so the box should be always retained to keep the brush intact and avoid losing it. This is one of not so good idea I felt as a little bigger blush packing should be made to keep the brush inside the round blush box itself. The packing is overall very tight. Also the brush quality is of supreme one so that the blush gets evenly spread and applied well on the face. The color combination is very nice and universal one as we can apply for maximum skin tones.
Subject : Funky shades
Comment : The ele 18 nail pops are funky nailpoishes. These comes in vibrant and bold colors. The range gives u a choice of 48 shades to pick from. The colour ranges from yellow to blues , nudes to reds and pinks. The pacakging is quite unique and the brush that comes with the nail paint is very good for application as well. I have slate grey shade. It comes with light shimmer which can look fantastic on a rainy day. It can also wear this with your office outfits too. So , go out and grab this shade today.
Subject : Review of Heartbreaker shade
Comment : I got the shade Heartbreaker. It reminds me of Sephora Always Red No 1. It applies easy with a diluted like formula consistency and then sets matte in a few seconds .. So nice that it doesnt budge... until you start eating!!! I attended an event at a fancy hotel and after the nice Turkish buffet meal, this migrated to the sides of my lips!! Gross for a high profile event. I had to excuse myself and reapply. Def not repurchasing this shade but may try other colors in this range. I like the swatches i tried at Sephora like Medusa, Trendsetter, Icon, Bombshell and Trophy Wife. I love the shades but the price tho'. Hmmm... I wished they came in deluxe size so it could be cheaper. It smells like coconut candy.. very tropics. The doe -foot applicator goes on easily. The transparent icy packaging is nice. The long tube is a bummer tho cos it doesnt fit into tiny evening purses ! Kinda pricey and I agree some shades are dupable. Buy while they`re still in the permanent line.
Subject : Everyday Essential
Comment : New Lakme 9to5 Crease-less lipstick has 20 work ready shades which are not only long lasting but also totally crease-less! Its ultra-creamy texture glides smoothly, and hides lines in one stroke. I have been using peach path and coral craft and am fan of it…. not only me but many people like it a lot on me…crease less helps me as i always have chapped lips… Packaging wise there is nothing new that differentiates these lipsticks from the existing 9 to 5 lipsticks. It is just the regular metallic bullet that has all the details imprinted with white on it. The only new thing that I found was the word Creaseless imprinted on the bullets. I so wanted that these lipsticks had a something new in their packaging. While swatching I found the Texture of these lipsticks to be soft, of course in any way they were supposed to be soft since they are meant to be creaseless. The price of this is 450 which is reasonable. Now was planning to buy a stubble pink shade from 9 to 5 range
Subject : Mouisturize and feel light on lips
Comment : My take on Blue Heaven’s Lip Bomb Bubble Gum: Blue Heaven’s lip bombs are very similar to EOS lip balms as far as their packaging is concerned, and this was actually the main reason for me ordering them. The product comes in an egg-shaped packaging which is pink colored in the case of Bubble Gum. The lid can be twist opened from the center exposing the actual lip balm which is made in the shape of a dome. Due to the shape of the product, it is really easy to use the product, as all you have to do is open up the lid and apply. The size of the dome is so big that both the lips can be covered in just one swipe. The product is decently moisturizing and suitable for use before lipstick application, but it does not really help in healing chapped lips. It is non-sticky and feels light on the lips. As it’s a normal lip balm it is completely colorless but gives a nice sheen to the lips. The lip balm is fragranced and smells just like[a bublegum]. Overall, it’s not a perfect product without which I cannot live, but I like the ease of application of the product and the cute packaging, so I will definitely try my hands on the other 2 flavors available. Pros of Blue Heaven’s Lip Bomb Bubble Gum: Cute Packaging Dome-shaped product makes it easy to apply Non-sticky Has a nice fragrance (which might not be liked by some, but I personally loved the bubble gum fragrance) Moisturize the lips well Feels light on the lips Cons of Blue Heaven’s Lip Bomb Bubble Gum: Does not do anything for chapped lips.


Subject : I personally love this product as i have combination skin and easily allergic to beauty oroducts....this aloevera grl.helps me alot ???
Comment : NA
Lip Care
Subject : Love the product
Comment : As its name wild earth...the product is also the same ....means that lip bam is very good and its fragrance is lik u almost wants to eat instead of applying on ur lips.
Subject : Genuine price nd awsm product
Comment : As i have combination skin and aleergic too by beauty products....this gel.is very helpful to me to satisfy nd soothing my skin
Sheet Masks
Subject : Worthbuying
Comment : My experience with Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask: I received a single pack mask from glamrada trial squad in a light lavender colored packaging. It highlighted that it was part of their Collagen Silk Mask Series and the focus was on anti-wrinkling and moisturizing. They claim to be specially beneficial on dry, mature or prematurely-aging skin. They can promote the skins metabolism, balance skin nutrients and water, fully replenish and nourish the skin, increase the skins vigor, arouse loose and ageing skin, activate its natural anti-aging ability and keep the skin smooth, elastic and moist, thus pointing out the importance of hydrating your skin to keep a youthful look.As other masks, they also recommend a skin patch test for any allergic reaction.The Mask came in a triple layer form. It had a white plastic layer on one side and a blue fiber layer on the other, protecting the thin, essence soaked, fabric mask in the middle. Though it was thoroughly soaked in essence, there really wasn’t too much excess essence left behind in the packaging, so limited wastage andfor me that is a big thumbs up. As instructed, I removed the films, and placed the mask on my face. It was a little big for my face but since the mask was thin, it was quite easy to adjust. The essence, though it spreads quite easily, wasrelatively sticky and takes a long time to be absorbed. I would suggest putting this mask on just before sleeping so the essence can be left on the skin overnight, after removing the mask. The pack suggested to leave the mask on for 15-20 mins and that’swhat I did, but the mask was still quite wet with essence when I removed it. I patted down the remaining essence and went to bed. When I woke in the morning, my skin felt amazing. I really can’t comment too much on the anti-wrinkle effect as I just tried one mask, but it definitely super-hydrated my skin. I woke up to plumped, radiant, glowing skin but it still had some stickiness, which easily washed off with water. I am quite sure I am going to invest in this. The effect was visible and lasted a couple of days, which is good for a simple sheet mask. Pro’s: *.A natural solution power packed with natural plant extracts. *.Has a pleasant subtle fragrance, which is quite relaxing. *.The effect was quite visible and lasted a few days. Cons: *.The essence is excessively sticky and needs to be washedoff.
Subject : 100%Natural face toner.
Comment : My Experience :I am heads over heels in love with this rose water.First, let’s talk about the spray nozzle. It’s so perfect. It sprays the rose water as a light refreshing mist on your face. You feel instantly refreshed.I would say that this rose water is as good as theForest Essentials Rose Water. But I feel the pump makes a huge difference in adding to the feel good factor. I use this as a toner I mix rose water in masks It works great as a light moisturiser right after using face packs. It cools and soothes the skin. The ingredients are pure. Does not have any artificial smell. It has a mild fragrance of the rose petals. Works great as a finishing makeup mist. It adds a hint of dewiness to the face. Hasn’t broken me out. Can be used for all skin types. Overall, an excellent rose water. Definitely a must try.
Sheet Masks
Subject : Reviewng aloe fce pack :Amazing.
Comment : In Detail The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review and My Experience: The Face Shop Aloe face mask comes in a aloe green coloured packaging. We need to peel the top in order to use the product. Inside the packet, the cotton fibre sheet is actually kept soaking in the aloe serum. I love the fact that the packaging is pretty simple, light weight, informative and most importantly travel friendly. I can easily carry this along on vacations or mini outings. To behonest, I find the concept of sheet mask very innovative and useful. Also, these are quite inexpensive. Often you can find them on discounted rates specially during the sale season. I in fact have stocked up on so many of these. The aloe mask has a slightly floral scent to it. If you look at the ingredients list above, you’ll notice the last ingredient is “fragrance” so this is indeed an added scent.Also, I am not sure if I feel very comfortable about the fact that this contains Silicones as well as denatalcohol. Hence, it is not exactly a 100% natural product. Besides all the natural extracts, it does contain some amount of chemicals as well. How I Use it: After taking it out of the packet, I unfold the mask and adjust it on my cleansed facial skin. I feel it is extremely important that we wash our face before using any face mask. This mask is made to fit the facial contours. It has holes for eyes, nose and lips. However, it is quite big for my face. Hence the sheet just wrinkles up around the periphery of my face, specially my chin area. On the positive side, the serum that it is soaked in is of moderate consistency. It does not drip from my face. Hence after I put this mask on, I can easily do some light household chores. It dries in about 15 minutes. Then I remove the sheet and gently pat my skin. There is no need to wash the face after using the mask. Effects: While the mask is on, it feels like I am having a luxurious relaxing experience in a spa. I mean it has a slight coolingsensation as well as provides a soothing feel to the skin. After removing the sheet, my skin looked hydrated and fresh. There is absolutely no tacky or oily feeling. My skin feels soft and nourished. What I really like is the fact that it takes away all the dullness and calms down my irritated skin. I am pretty positive that this would be great for beauties with sensitive skin. However because this contains some chemical elements, I strongly advise doing a patch test before using this on your face. Overall Verdict: First of all, hands down sheet masks are the most amazing concept I was introduced to. When it comes of this particular variant i.e. Aloe Sheet mask by The face shop, I have to say I am quite happy with it. It claims to soothe and hydrate the skin and well that is exactly what it does. Love how this relieved my tired skin. I would specially suggest using this after a tiresome day becausethe soothing feel it gives to the skin is quite amazing. I am someone who barely can take out time to go to spa etc on a regular basis. Hence if you are someone like me, you got to try out these sheet masks. They work amazingly and you can have a lovely at home pampering session with friends or family. So if you haven’t tried these yet, you need to stop everything and go get yourself a bunch of sheet masks! Advises: 1. Always cleanse your facial skin properly before using any face mask. 2. Make sure your you let the sheet sit on your face till it becomes fairly dry. This will make sure that your skin absorbs all the goodness that it has to offer. 3. If you wish to provide your skin an extra boost of freshness or hydration before makeup, these sheet masks are amazing way to do it. 4. For an extra cooling effect, store this in a refrigerator for like 20 minutes before using it.
Subject : Good shampoo for fine hair
Comment : Tried this product after reading amazing reviews... one of the body shop classic and must say it did what it claimed. Added to my thin limp hair although one needs to use conditioner along with this as it makes the hair dry if used on it's own. Lathers well and removes all dirt and grime. Overall a nice product from bodyshop. Will buy again.
Body Wash
Subject : Smells like real strawberries
Comment : My Experience This shower gel smells like real strawberries and not like artificial strawberry scents. It has a runny consistency, which makes it bit difficult to use with only hands. It is easier to use when used on loofah, and this way a very small amount of product lathers very well. It gets washed easily and leaves no film on skin. My skin feels soft and refreshed after using this shower gel.For winters I used to feel the need of a body lotion after using this but for summers I am able to avoid body lotions on some days and my skin still feels fine. So this shower gel may not add moisture to the skin, but it doesn’t dehydrate the skin of moisture either. It’s great for those quick summer showers where you want to a quick freshen up and head out the door.Coming back to the yummy strawberry small, it lasts only till shower, once I am out of the shower I get no small of this on my skin. It comes in the usual sturdy transparent plastic bottle which is travel friendly and leak proof.
Subject : Imparts a healthy glow on your face
Comment : My Experience I purchase this from market firstly. I first thought its foundation then i googled this what is this bb cream then i came to know what it is actually. And I was curious to find out how this formula would work on my skin type – I havecombination skinwith my T-zone getting slightly oily towards midday. I decided to try this out as I had read some great stuff about this BB cream. As you all know that this Ponds BB cream comes in only one shade and it’s called ‘Natural Cover’, which seems to suit the average Indian skin tone. Here’s my experience Texture: The Pond’s BB cream has a thick and creamy texture, and you only need a little bit of the formula to cover your entire face. It’s incredibly easy to blend, and once it is blended well, it won’t really feel like you have anything on. It looks that natural and leaves you with a beautiful, weightless finish. Coverage And Efficacy: Coming to the coverage, it gives you a light to medium coverage and covers minor blemishes, redness, and light acne scars effectively. However, if you’re looking for heavy coverage, this is not the product for you. I liketo pat some compact or translucent powder over my T-zone to increase its staying power, and I must say, it works wonders. This holds up well with some minor fading for about seven to eight hours, more than what I’ve experienced with other drugstore BB creams. I was so impressed with how my face still looked radiant by the end of the day. This BB cream is very good product for oily and combination skin. However, if you have dry skin, it will still work for you with ahydrating moisturizerunderneath it.
Hand & Foot Cream
Subject : Cute, travel-friendly packaging.
Comment : This hand cream comes in a small yet super cute packaging. It has a pale blue-coloured body with cotton crop design on the side of it. The back has all the details in English and Korean. It has a screw cap that works very well. This tube is small hence can be easily thrown into your handbag. I loved the minimalistic packaging. The hand cream is whitish in color and has a very light texture. It is very smooth and soft and glides on the skin smoothly. The consistency isn’t too thick nortoo runny, doesn’t feel heavy. It gets absorbed into the skin very easily and almost immediately. The hand cream has an amazing fragrance! I love the fragrance so much. It’s mild and sophisticated and somehow reminds me of baby products! I’m obsessed with how nice this smells! It smells just fabulous. The fragrance stays on the hand for a long time. I washed my hands with plain water and the fragrance was still there. This hand cream keeps my hands moisturised for a very long time and doesn’t make them dry for the whole day. It isn’t sticky or heavy on the skin. In fact, you don’t feel like you’ve applied some cream on your hand. It isn’t oily so it won’t stop you from doing work. Also,you just require the smallest amount of the product for both hands. I’m totally in love with this little baby
Subject : This cleanser can do Miracle
Comment : My Experience With This : I have used this cleanser thrice. On the very first day, when I washed my hair, I noticed that it cleanses beautifully. But, it did not dry out my hair. My hair felt so smooth that I could skip conditioner. In fact my hair felt soft and shiney till the second wash. It is a budget friendly cleanser. Very small amount is required. But if you oil your hair, more quantity is required. And here comes the most interesting part. The day before my first wash, I was experiencing hairfall near about 80 strands. But believe me dearies, post my first hair wash, the numbers reduced to 30. I was like super happy. For the next two days, I noticed only 10 to 15 hair strands fell out each day. Same thing happened post second wash. On my third wash, I paired up the cleanser with the Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil. And the result was just awesome, amazing etc etc. This time I lost only 15 strands post wash. And on the consequtive two days, my hairfall became almost zero. I am seriously super happy now, in fact happiest.
Hand & Foot Cream
Subject : Food product for feet
Comment : The tcream is ashy Brown in colour or I can say it looks like fuller's eart . It smells like good and something very Indian and traditional . The consistency is pretty thick andspreads evenly . The cream has tumeric as its key ingrident, whic is known for healing properities. For mildy cracks like mine, it took one week for healing it ..If you want to continue.using it... you would not get the cracks back. I recommended to wear socks after appling this as it protects rhe feet from.getting dirty and increases the edfect of the cream a lot. I certainly recommended this to everyone.
Subject : Helps treat Acne
Comment : I have used Aloe Vera gels even during for acne problems and have had good benefits. When you combine two best ingredients that can help soothe the skin as well as keep acne at bay, then the product must do wonders, am I right?The product comes in a plastic tub packaging which reveals the product and it looks pretty in a dark pink shade. The tub is quite big and sturdy but you need to dip your fingers into it to take out the product. I have invested in a small wooden spatula to remove the product which helps me with most of my skincare stuff. The rose aloe vera gel smells amazing of fresh rose water and has such a cooling effect on the skin. I use it once I am back home after a day out in the sun and my face instantly feels fresh. I wash my face, use a toner and then take about a pea size of the product and gently massage it all over my face. I then wet my cotton pad and remove the gel, follow it up with a good splash of water. The gel feels really cold on the face and instantly freshens it up and the face looks bright after washing it off. There is also a subtle glow for a few hours when I use the gel on my face. It can help your skin heal after a harsh exposure to the sun and also prevent breakouts because of the presence of aloe vera.
Hair Mask / Hair Spa
Subject : Luxury Ayurveda Products
Comment : ABOUT THE PRODUCT Price: INR Rs. 399 for 250ml approx. Expiry: 2 years from date of manufacture Claim: Vedic therapy hair spa made from all natural Ingredients Where to buy : amazon , flipkart. My experience : I have Combination Hair (neither fully straight nor full curly) prone to breakage and they tend to get extremely dry especially the ends. I have an oily scalp. I had been on the hunt for a decent hair mask treatment which wasn’t packed with silicones or parabens and lots of chemicals. I am trying to avoid chemicals in skincare and haircare without having to spend a fortune on Ayurvedic products.This was recommended by the parlour wher i went for the treatment of this. I was a bit skeptical to try this cause I didn’t know about the brand . Then after trying this product, I would say that I am very impressed, It is perfect as a deep condition and I noticed a difference right after I used it. My hair was a lot more manageable and soft, even the ends. In this price range, I think it is really one of the best. I was using the loreal Hair spa before. Later i buy this online and now i used it twice in month . As Aaranyaa Spa At Home Argan Oil Hair Pack claims that it can be used on the scalp, But I never use it on my scalp. It says you should use this mask 3 times a week but I use it whenever I indulge in heat play with my hair for repairing my hair and giving it some strength back.


Snacks, Cookies & Chips
Subject : Taste and Health togethee?????
Comment : Digestive whole wheat biscuits are great in a sense that the manufacturer have been utilized the latest health research along with its great taste.According to thelatest medical research wheat and other grains have maximum of their vitamins right under the wheat grain cover which is thrown away after sieving as a useless thing but in actual it got the real power inside.moreover wheat grain shells are fullof fibers those do not digest and literally have no starch so when you eat this thing along with wheat you feel your stomach isfull but in actual you are getting not that much amount of energy. this strategy leads you to burn extra fat.without suffering from hunger.All these things sound normal but every food and health specialist will suggest you to utilize wheathusk flour instead normal flour as it is good for you health.In short these cookiesare whole wheat cookies, delicious sweet and slight salty in taste these are good forlight hunger during long drive or in parks or at midnight.these taste even good with a cup of tea.
Coffee and Teas
Subject : Great things come in smallpackages.
Comment : Great things come in smallpackages, was my first thought, when I tasted this tea. I too got the samples of the seer secrets as the part of GLAMRADA trail box. This is for the first time i am trying seer secrets. It is good enough to boost your metabolism, in a month’s time. Inall honesty, the new Lemongrass Tea is so good, that I had to share a review. Besides, this effectual tea arrivesin an attractive packaging. Coming to the taste, this subtle tea, comes with a beautiful lemongrass flavour. When I took the first sip, Ifelt the mild flavours gently unfolding and soothing my throat. Drink this tea, twice a day, to increase metabolism and lose weight. (I lost nearly 4 Kgs, in about a month) The tea comes in small pearl-like extracts or buds. When you brew the tea, you will notice a light yellow tone stretching out in the cup. Once the golden colour envelops your cup, know your tea is ready to be consumed. Although the tea features a mild lemongrass fragrance, it’s effect on health is inevitable.This incredible tea flushes out toxins, enhances internalhydration, and helps you keep healthy. Even though I am an a coffee drinker, this one tea has replaced much of my caffeine dose. Regardless, there are a lot of reasons why to buy this tea. This Lemongrass tea promotes longevity and wellness. what better way to kickstart your day right? You can instantly brew this detox blend with diuretic Properties. Infused with Camellia Sinensis, Seer Secrets Lemongrass Tea brewsin 2 minutes. Just add 4-5 pearls of the tea in a cup along with, steaming hot water. Savour a cup every day and cherish the refreshing blend while you relax.
Sweets, Candy & Gum
Subject : The Mood Changer
Comment : This yummy chocolate is a great source of pleasure its chocolate flavor makes us more hungry specially when we get it in very reasonable price it is available at every store it is packed in a very beautiful packet which attracts us this chocolate is made from real cocoas this chocolate is amood changer which makes us happy in every situation and I have tried it too whenI was very angry it make me very happy that I never became angry again it provides us joy when we are bored and wenever get bored after eating it dark chocolate taste makes us feel like we are in paradise I prefer you you to go in nearest store and grab one
Coffee and Teas
Subject : Good for health.
Comment : I Drink Two Cups Every DayI have been drinking Organic India's Tulsi Green Tea for a few years now. I drink two cups a day, one in the morning and the other at night, just before I go to sleep. After being a regular drinker of this brandof tea for so many years, I have found that it has benefited me in more ways than one. A brief summary of the benefits that have I have experienced are: 1 More alertness and less fatigue. 2 Improvement in stamina. 3 Improvement in digestive function. 4 No incidence of respiratory problems like cough, colds, etc., even in extreme winter. 5 No health issues. Preparation of this tea: Use 1 tea bag in a cup of hot water. Infuse for 3 to 4 minutes.Add sweetener if desired.Serve without milk.
Sweets, Candy & Gum
Subject : Best memory of college
Comment : I love chocolates I hace tasted many choclates since my childhood I have eaten many choclates but when i was enjoying my college life my frnds brought Amul Dark chocolates, its tastes is too good and fresh it also smells good it is not very costly... you can get it from.nearby stores ut is available in many small and large bars . Its packing is very classic,a dark brown wrapper rigid body . It is one of th e best dairy choclate. I like it very much. This is made up of pure cocoas. I am very satisfied with this choclate. I belive that brand is the kne thing a customer attracts more rapidly.. as amul. Is one if the famous dairy product brand. I
Breakfast & Cereals
Subject : Anytime snack
Comment : Saffola masala oats is one of my favourite. Oats being healthy, rich in fibre, provides you to have a healthy yet light meal. I have found this in super market when i went for monthly shopping... I dont take this in breakfast only. Sometomes i take this in enening when i fell hungry instead of taking fastfood ,samosa, burger or anything i prefer this as it contains masala of diff type based on which flavour it is. I found this very helpful. Saffla masala oats make oats very interesting than.boring. I prefer small packets instead of one large packet. I used to rake different flavours every time ..it xoats Rs 15 per packet and seved two persons easily by making one packet only Consuming oats does not mean you started reducing the weight which was one of the today's. problem. It’s so delicious, healthy and an easy way to satisfy you hunger with in some minutes. Its also available in a number of flavours. I love the green one ,tangy tomato and chinese among them. So to be fit in a healthy way try masala oats.


Natural Oils
Subject : All in one beauty oil
Comment : This is the best product i ever had for my hairs....as we all used it from many years . Parachute coconut oil is the first option in coconut oils in our minds whenever we went for shopping. This helps to protect hairs from uv rays nd dust and after applying it one feels relax and also it gives shine too. As it is free from any harmful chemicals, you can use for your kids too. This is the thing a family wants "one product for all". It not only protect your hairs and give you smooth shine but it protect our skin too . As i personally use this parachutee oil in my skin in winters . And the orice i s also reasonable that anyone could afford it... it also helps to remove anytype of marks from the skin . I used this as makeup remover from my eyes specially and i too used this in night at my face. So you all try this atleast one time and you will use it evertime
Personal Care
Subject : Genuine product to buy and use
Comment : This is something that i necver forget t o buy. Evertime when i go for monthly shopping, earbud is on my topmost list. As it is very soft everone likes it to use.. In my home ear bud is less use for ears but more for makeup.remedies.. i too use as a kajal eyelinear remover.. and for nailpaint remover too.
Personal Care
Subject : Nice product
Comment : I happen to buy DUFT wet wipes from shopclues.com. this product is Made in India. Product is amazing it has nice fragrance, packaging is good, its refresh and relax and clean all dust from face and neck. the tissue is soft and its Paraben Free and also alcohol free which means its suits for all age group. I strongly recommend this product for both men and women who care for their skin.
Personal Care
Subject : Good anti bacterial handwash
Comment : Honestly, I love Dettol for being such good anti bacterial brand. This handwash comes in other colors as well. I have this one for now. It will not take a lot of your time to wash your hands and removing all the germs. It also has that dettol smell to it. I really likes to wash my hands with this again and again I just don't know why. I am obsessed with this. I would recommend you to stop whatever you are doing and go get yourself a one.
Personal Care
Subject : Worth Buying
Comment : Very good product to use on skin . They are very gentle on the skin and especially great for the delicate under eye area. They don't leave the fluff behind. These are availabe in both rounds and squares. One side is soft and other side is textured. Thesofter side can be used especially for the under eye area and the textuted side for the facil skin and nail polish remover. They make graet eye pads too. I dip.tjem.in ice water and place them on eyes. I am very happy using these cotyon pads. You can easily find the difference by using this . I'd suggest to invest in good quality cosmetic cotton pads