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  • Age - 25
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black


Subject : Good illuminating primer
Comment : This primer comes in a 30 ml tube, with a screw on lid that is reasonably sturdy. The product is white with liquid consistency that sspreads evenly, but it quickly sits into the skin so you have to apply it quickly else it won't blend. Its a silicone based primer, with glow properties. Thus, when you apply it to your skin it adds a glow and any makeup you apply over it makes your skin look healthy and highlighted. Though it says its pore filling, but I did not notice any difference in my pores. But to be clear I do not have large pores and my skin is reasonably smooth. One advice will be to NOT apply this on any dry patch on your skin, because if you do, it will sit on the dry patch and won't blend away. Which is ugly, If you are having dry or flaky skin for whatsoever reason, I will suggest not to use this primer, as it will sit on your dry patches. I noticed that even with heavy moisturising it still mde my dry patches very prominent. Don't use this in winter. It works great for rest of the year and my makeup lasts an entire work day.
Subject : Favourite lip product
Comment : These are some of my favourite affordable lip products in the market. I see a lot of people complaining about their staying power, but I must clarify that these are lip butters and not liquid lipsticks. Their mousse like consistency is extremely light on the lips while giving great colour payoff at the same time. Only one swipe is required for amazng pigmentation. These lip butters stay for a reasonably long time if you do not eat or drink oily stuff. But if you don't, they refuse to budge. I prefer these lip butters over conventional liquid lipsticks, since these aren't drying at all, and I do not get that horrible flaky line on the inside of my lips when the lipstick starts wearing off. I love these lipsticks for their buttery consistency, and the great smell like cookies. A lot of people might not like it, but its really mild and isn't very offensive. The consistency feels extremely light on the lips and it doesn't crease on your lips. I do not mind reapplying so these lip butters suit me. They can stay up to 5-6 hours, depending on how much you eat, drink, etc. Even if you have to reapply, its not hard to do so since the lipstick does not flake, rather tends to stain off. I own multiple lip creams and I'm a great fan. Its a must have product for me.
Subject : A decent concealer
Comment : I do happen to like this product, but I'm extremely unhappy with the limited number of shades available, while the foundations from the same range have more shades. It does not make sense to me why they do not have matching concealers with their foundations. Anyway, I use the darkest of the three shades available, the medium variant. It is slightly light for concealing, but works great for highlighting the undereyes. The consistency and thickness is good, and it has great coverage. It dries quickly so you have to work with it fast. Its a good product to own, especially if you do a full face of makeup everyday or if the shades match your skin tone. For me, its not an absolute essential since I do not highlight my undereyes on a regular basis. But I still keep it around coz its a good product.
Subject : Great colour selection and pigmentation
Comment : Makeup Revolution palettes are one of my favourites. This palette is not an everyday one, but if you're adventurous you can very well sport these colours on a daily basis. I love the variety of colours and a lot of looks can be created with this palette. The pigmentation is amazing and the shimmery eyeshadows aren't powdery at all. Though I found the neon green and pink shades a little hard to work with, but overall the palette is a great one to own. For around 1350 rupees, this might seem pricey to some people, but considering the amount of each shadow you get and the colour payoff, its a great purchase. I've pwned this for a while now and created numerous looks out of it. Absolutely love this palette.
Subject : Life saver
Comment : L.A. girl concealers have been a lifesaver, because Indian beauty brands hardly have concealers for darker skin tones. Withe extremely varied range of their concealers, L.A. Girl surely deserves brownie points. Priced at about Rs. 600, these concealers are extremely affordable considering how little you need to use. The consistency is thick and creamy which gives high coverage. The brush tip is great for application, although sometimes i do tend to squeeze out more than I require accidentally and I cannot put it back. The vast shade range ensures you find something suiting your needs, whether it is colour correction, concealing, highlighting or contouring. There is seriously nothing bad to say about this product as it is amazing overall. 10/10 woul repurchase and advise others to, too.
Subject : Great product at an affordable price
Comment : I was pleasantly suprised by this product, since it was priced at just 205 rupees and I did not have very high expectations from it. But guys, this eyeliner is the bomb. The eyeliner comes only in black. The felt tip is thin for precision application and the whole sketch pen design makes it extremely user friendly, especially for beginners. So, if you're a newbie with liners, and end up with panda eyes while using liquid liners, this eyeliner might just solve your problem. Coming to the quality of the product, no corners have been cut it seems. The eyeliner is highly pigmented, dries quickly and leaves a semi-matte finish which I personally think looks great. Although its not waterproof, its quite water resistant. SO if you rub it off with water, it will come off, but if accidentally some water gets splashed, it wont melt away. Despite not being waterproof, it stays on all day. At this price point, its a great buy and gives a finish equal to higher end products. I love this eyeliner and i believe its a great addition to anyone's makeup stash.
Subject : Finally an affordable eyebrow product in India
Comment : This product is a little similar to Anastasia brow wiz. But what I ove about this is it has a pencil as well as a powder side. It comes in two shades, brown and grey, which should suit most indian skin tones. THough I'd have liked a larger shade selection, but oh well. Since I am dusky and have really dark eyebrow hair, the greay suits me. Coming to the product itself, the pencil side is hard and isn't very creamy which is quite good since its a brow product. The tin pencil allows to draw precision lines and if you work in short strokes, the chances of ending up with caterpillar eyebrows will be very less. Anyway, pencil products need some amount of care and precison, and practice. So if you aren't getting desired brow shape with this, practice a little and see if it works. For me, it works perfectly fine. I use the pencil tip to fill in the places where i have sparse hair, and to outline the shape of my eyebrows. It is important that you keep brushing your eyebrows with a spooly to spread the product evenly. Talking of the powder side, I absolutely love it. The other side of the pencil has a sponge and there is powder in the lid, so everytime you close the lip, the sponge gets loaded with powder. I love the powder side as it helps to fill in the parts where I couldn't fill in with the pencil. Also, I sometimes use just the powder to fill my eyebrows if I'm in a hurry. At the price of less than 300 rupees, this is a great affordable brow product. Though, if you have really oily skin, I'd suggest to use a brow pomade, as this might not stay for too long.
Subject : Go to foundation
Comment : I'm already on the third bottle of this product, and I am loving it. Its one of the best affordable foundations for oily skin. Priced at 525, this is a great drugstore option, and it even has a wide range of shades and I use the shade warm honey 322 which should suit most wheatish to medium dusky skins. But what I'm not happy is Maybelline hasn't launched all the shades available in this range in India even though they are available abroad. It is a glass bottle, with no pump dispenser, which makes pouring out foundation a little messy. But since its so cheap, i'd have been surprised if it did come with a pump. The consistency of the foundation is thick but not clumpy and coverage is medium. But it is buildable and doesn't look cakey if you apply more than one layer, so you can build up to full coverage. For everyday use, one layer of it is enough. Its great for oily skin as it leaves a matte finish. I've found this foundation to last an entire work day on my skin. People with normal or dry skin might need to moisturise heavily before using this foundation.
Subject : One of the best mascaras
Comment : I've used a lot of mascaras over the years and I've decided that volumising mascaras are best for me since I already have really long lashes. So, if you want long spidery lashes, this isn't the mascara you should buy, because this is a volumising mascara. I love this mascara (the washable variant since I hate waterproof mascara) because it WORKS. Different mascaras have different types of wants depending on what they want to do to your lashes, but a lot of mascaras CLAIM to do something but end up doing nothing coz their wands are just plain normal straight wands. This mascara has a wand that is nice and fat in the middle and tapers towards the bottom. This is the best type of wand to separate your lashes and give them the effect of volume. Althouhg the washable variant isn't waterproof, it stays all day long and doesn't budge unless you remove it. At the price of around 400 rupees, this is a great affordable mascara to have in your kitty.
Subject : Best in drugstore
Comment : The Maybelline colossal volume express mascara is one of my favourites, but this one takes the cake. True to its name, this mascara actually lengthens and volumises your lashes, giving it an almost false lash effect. If you just want volume, go to Colossal Volume Express mascara, but if you want a more in-your-face, long lash with volume effect, this is your mascara. The mascara doesn't clump and the curved wand not only helps apply the product on the upper lashes, but also is great for lower lashes. Just flip the wand and apply on lower lashes. I feel so many mascaras are great, but just are so hard to apply on the lower lashes. But not this one. Go for this product with your eyes closed and you will not regret it.
Subject : Great eyepencil
Comment : Each Very Me Double Trouble eyepencil costs 330 rupees, but in that price, you are actuslly getting two shades since the pencils are double ended, so I think that's an affordable price. I have used all the shades in the range, but the purple and green ones are my favourite. The pencils are wooden and will need sharpening, but a sharpener is not included so you'll have to buy it separately. The pencils are soft and apply easily with very little pressure. They are quite pigmented, and most of their shades are slightly shimmery. Athough, if used as an eyeliner, they don't last very long, 3-4 hours max. I use these in my waterline sometimes to add a pop of colour. I love to use these pencils as eyeshadow base to intensify my powder eyeshadows, and that works great. I have added an image to show how well the eyshadows come out if i use this pencil as a base (I have used the green pencil). The eyeshadow stays for quite long that way. You can even use these pencils are eyeshadow on its own and it looks great too, since they are easy to blend with a brush/finger. thus, I like using these pencils since they are multipurpose.


Subject : Go to Sunscreen
Comment : This sunscreen has been my go to sunscreen for years and years. Priced at 245 rupees for 50 gm, its quite an affordable product and lasts a decent amount of time. Its great for summer =s and since I have oily skin, the mattyfying effect really helps. Although it is tinted and the tint is much lighter than my skin tone (the tint would suit someone fair), its not difficult to blend it into the skin, provided you work quickly as it gets absorbed and dries down very fast. It lasts for a decent amount of time. I cannot say for sure for how long, since I always use this under my foundation. Even then, one should reapply sunscreen every few hours if you're spending time outside in the sun. I have used this product for years and I love it. The only sunscreen I like better is Lotus's gel sunscreen, which suits all skin types.
Subject : Best moisturiser for combination skin
Comment : I have been using this moisturiser since its launch and it is one of the best moisturisers I have found for combination skin, to this day. The moisturiser costs 350 rupees, and comes in a very hygienic and travel friendly packaging. It has a pump dispenser which can be locked by rotating, which helps avoid those annoying spills in our bags. The consistency of the moisturiser is very light and it gets quickly absorbed into the skin. You only need a small amount, and one bottle willl last you like forever. It does not leave the skin oily at all, and since its for combination skin, it does what it clains- it hydrates the dry parts and controls oils in the oily parts of the face. though, it can cause one to sweat a little especially in very hot weather, but the product till more or less stays put. I will not suggest this for winter, since its only hydrating, and controls oil. Our skin, especially combination skin, needs more moisture in winter than this moisturiser can provide. During summers, just go for this. Oh, I also sometimes use this as a makeup remover for eyeliners, etc, and it works perfectly fine.
Subject : Good pack for combination/oily skin
Comment : I use this pack once a week to clean away the accumulated dirt/makeup on my skin. It is very thick in consistency, and I sometimes need to mix a few drops of water to get it to spread properly on my face. I believe it contains activated charcoal, hence, that is why it stings a bit for the first few minutes. It dries in about 15 minutes, and I usually instead of wiping it off, wet my face and scrub with the pack on my face, and then rinse it off. The skin looks visibly clean, fresh and tightened. Traces of the product stay back in the pores sometimes, but using a toner to wipe my face after cleaning the pack removes all that. It is important that you moisturise your face well after this pack, since it dries your skin. Thus, I'd suggest people with normal to oily skin to use this pack, and not dry skin.
Subject : Good for oily skin
Comment : This serum is extremely affordable, but that doesn't mean its average. It takes a while to start wokring, since its herbal, but after using it religiously morning and evening for about two weeks, the difference begins to show. My face became smooth and looked hydrated after continued use. Its a very good serum for the price and while it might not work wonders immediately, it is a great serum for regular use for oily skin. It absorbs into the skin well and does not leave any residue. All in all, it is a good serum and I would definitely recommend it