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Neha Kataria

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Dry, Medium
  • Hair - Dry, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Black


Subject : Not volume, little length
Comment : I cant even see a noticeable difference in the length or volume of lashes when I use this product. It doesn't have any fibres in it to add length to the lashes, so I don't really know how it's supposed to define your eyes! Even after applying multiple coats to get some volume or length, it doesnt look like i have anything on! The only thing i like about it is that the wand is quite thin which makes it easier to coat the lashes on the inner and outer eye area as well as the lower lashes. I will never buy this again
Subject : In loveee
Comment : Before buying this palette, I literally used to think that applying eye-shadow was an art, but the great quality eyeshadows in this palette seriously make it a childs play. The colours are are so pretty and highly blendable which makes the application very with minimum fallout. It lasts really really long especially when used with an eyeshadow primer. They also do not look too powdery and are so so smooth. The best part is that metallic shades have golden shimmer and not silver (i hate silver shimmer). My favourite shades is in this palette are 'Glided Ganache' which is the one on the top left and haute chocolate - 3rd one in the last row, but i do not love the rest any less! It also smells exactly like chocolate which makes me love it more!
Subject : Average
Comment : Definitely not one of my favourite mascaras but, i like to use this one when i want to make my eye makeup looks more natural. Also, i do not agree with name 'they're real' - they make your eyelashes look very very real. i usually prefer mascara that are very volumizing and this one isnt so much. What i like about it is that it is water resistant (not waterproof), so it does not smudge or run very easily and also comes off without much hassle. another reason to like it is that it does not dry out too quickly and will last quite long.
Subject : Very smooth and pigmented
Comment : I bought this eyeshadow in the shade Truth. It is a very beautiful light bronze-gold colour with very subtle shimmer. The texture is so smooth and creamy - makes me want to keep applying more and more. It is very very pigmented and allows application without any fallout at all (just not chalky). I prefer to use with an eye primer as it creases easily because of its creamy texture. I will definitely buy this in more colours
Subject : Very pretty metallic shades
Comment : I bought this eyshadow in the shades - eternal black, purple obsession and All night blue. It comes in a pot and i love the packaging. It has a very soft powdery texture and glides onto the eyelid so easily even with my fingers that i sometimes dont even use a brush to pack it on. Infact i prefert applying it with my fingers than a brush. I suggest using a primer for both oily and dry lids to make sure it doesnt crease or look chalky and also to have a base to stick it on to. The eternal black shade looks like the sky full of stars - i love it for a party smokey eye look and as the names suggest purple obsession and all night blue are very beautiful purple and blue shades to create some dramatic looks.


Snacks, Cookies & Chips
Subject : Digestive Biscuits
Comment : I Love love love Mc Vities digestive biscuits. I first got introduced to them almost 10 years ago while I was studying in London. At the time, they used to serve the purpose of my meal, at times :). Now, I still like to eat them every once in while, since I find them a great alterntaive to the usual calorie filled cookies! They are very filling and tasty.


Subject : Balance Trainer
Comment : I bought this bosu ball from Amazon for around Rs. 5000. It is a good piece of equipment especially for the days when you are not in the mood for a full-fledged gym session. You can keep it anywhere in the house and do multiple exercises on it. It also has 2 resistance bands attached on the sides which can be used for basic bicep, shoulder and back exercises. The bosu itself can be used for doing abs, squats and other functional exercises. Great for when you are in a hurry and worth the price.
Medicines & Treatments
Subject : Pain Relieving Patch
Comment : I bought a pack of these while I was travelling to Thailand. The main purpose of buying this was my mom in law’s perpetual back pain. I also used to sometimes for myself when my back would hurt after an intense workout. It can actually be used anywhere but we have only used it for the back so far. I believe there were 4 patches in one pack and they are so convenient to use- you just place it on the affected area and the sheet just sticks there. It does the same job as a balm but only more effective because it stays where you place it unlike the balm that eventually wears off because of your clothes or constant movement. I will surely be buying more of these whenever I travel next.
Personal Care
Subject : Refreshing wipes
Comment : These are very soft wipes best for that quick feeling of freshness. I make sure to keep them with them when I am out or travelling. Since it is alcohol free, it does not excessively dry out my face.