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Shyamasree Saha

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  • Age - 33
  • Skin - Oily, Deep Tan
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Black


Subject : A good Product
Comment : I bought this product with high hopes and this eyeliner ticked almost all the boxes on my checklist. It is smooth, highly pigmented and glides like a dream. It does not smudge even on a hot humid day and stays long at least for 5-6 hours. I am so much in love with this one. The only issue I have with this product is it dries a hell lot faster and I wish they had given an angled brush instead of the brush they provided. Other than that it is a very nice product indeed. I am definitely going to repurchase it once I have finished mu existing one.
Subject : Not a fan
Comment : I have the shade 'Firecracker Red' of this range and let me be honest, I didn't like the product at all. For a long time I was looking for an orangish red shade and thought that this might be the one. though the color is exactly like as I had hoped I am not at all satisfied with the color pay off. It is not 100% opaque even after applying 3 coats which is a huge disappointment. I love And it transfers a lot. The only way I can wear it if I mix it with some other lipstick. Plus it is not matte textured. I would say it has a cream finish. So it is not at all drying on the lips. It is priced reasonably and I got it at 260 bucks on a sale at nykaa. But I am not going to buy this or any other shade from this range again.
Subject : A decent Eyeliner
Comment : I am always in for a good eyeliner and this one obviously makes it to the list of my favourite eyeliners. I am using it for almost a year now. The felt tip is perfect for making winged lines and it stays for almost 5 hrs. After that, it gradually starts to fade. It does not smudge which is a big plus point. The best thing about this liner is its application. one can use it like a pen and will end up with a perfect winged liner which is a struggle with many eyeliners. This one is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of winged eyeliner!!
Subject : My Favourite Lipstick
Comment : According to me, this is one of the best liquid lipstick range available in the market and my favorite too. Though it is a shame that they are not easily available nowadays. It has gone out of stock in nykaa and amazon. And the same is happening with the stores too..Those who want to buy can check Habanna.com as they keep on restocking them. I own 405 Trendy Mauve, 406 Nocturne and 434 Retro Rouge. 405 is mauvish purple pink which seems nude to my skin tone. In fact, this color is my perfect nude. 406 is a very deep burgandy oxblood colored lipstick and whenever I wear this it just brightens up my whole face. While 434 is brick reddish in color with almost negligible sparkles. It seems a little bit orangish when I apply it on my lips. All these 3 colors suit my dusky skin tone perfectly. And I can't wait to buy more from this collection especially the pink toned ones. Each and every color if this range is quite unique and unsual which makes it more alluring to me. So yes yes yes I will buy them more. So, if the Chambor peopele are seeing this, please restock them to the stores as early as you can.
Subject : good but not the best
Comment : I bought the Poison Ivy shade from this range with very high hopes. I have seen many beauty bloggers raving about this product. Though I am never a fan of buying lip crayons which need sharpening now and then, the color and the positive feedback made me purchase this one. LEt me be honest, the color pay off is very good, it is pure matte and unlike other matte lipsticks it is not drying at all. Poison vy is a nice Wine maroonish color which compliments my skin tone very nicely. It brightens up my face and I just love this color. But one thing that disappointed me to a great extent was that It doesn't stay long enough which a major bummer. When I am buying a lippie @ Rs.799, I expect it to stay put for at least 4-5 hours leave alone a whole day (which some lipsticks do at a lower price) With time it gradually disappeared from the centre of my lips though I had no meals (just water and coffee) which made my lips look awful. So, I am pretty sure I am not going to buy is one any soon though I have heard that they have launched a better version of this range which stays longer.
Subject : My Holy Grail
Comment : This compact is my all time favourite. I never used any other compact after I started using it. I own the shade Golden Amber which is the darkest shade of the range. This product can be used in multiple ways like you can dampen the sponge provided and use it as a foundation. it can also be used to set the foundation. What I love most about this compact is how it mattifies my oily skin. this thing works wonders for oily skin as it can soak up oil from the face like magic which is a major thumb up for me. whenever I don't want to apply foundation I use it as a base and I am all ready to go. It has medium coverage which is okay for me. I am not a big fan of the packaging though as I like it when mirror lies in the top of the compact. I would have much preferred if they had more darker shades available as the shade I am using is a little bit lighter than my skin tone. So, I need to be very careful whenever I am applying this on my face as I don't want to end up whitewashed. Oher than this I superloved this product and will buy it once it gets over.
Subject : NA
Comment : NA
Subject : NA
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Subject : A must have
Comment : I have 4 lipsticks from this range: Black Cherry, Plum Mannequin, Lincoln Rose and Flaming Kiss. The texture of these lipsticks are super smooth and the glide like butter on the lips. My two favourite of these are Plum Mannequin which is deep plum colored and Black Cherry which is a berry based red lipstick. They last long (at least 5-6 hours in my case). These lipsticks are true to their name. Very matte yet not drying on the lips. Lincoln rose is pink based red in color and is a very popular one as Aishwariya wore it in one of her Cannes look a few years ago. The Flaming Kiss one is orange toned red. though I liked this color yet I found it a bit patchy and very much transferable which is a big turn off.
Subject : Mediocre
Comment : It is a very okay kind kajal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Does not smudge much, last pretty long time, nicely pigmented but so does its counterpart kajals( like Colossal from Maybelline or the Faces Kajal or the Lakme Eyeconic one) which are readily available in the market that also at lesser price. So I am not sure if I would repurchase it. Not my favourite actually