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You dont need to spend hours infront of the mirror to get your makeup game on! You just need get your hands on the right products and the right techniques. Share tips, tricks and connect with other maekup junkies here!

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Sanya Kapoor

2 months ago

They are actually good. I have used this one from Boscia which I got from Sephora. It definitely cleans the skin very well. It retails at about Rs. 3500 from what I remember so you can also buy a slightly lesser expensive one. Please keep one thing in mind, these masks hurt a lotttt while removing. I am usually in tears while taking them off (not trying to scare you, but its just a warning!). I sometimes just put it on my nose instead of the whole face. I think you can also make one at home. activated charcoal is easily available online. If there is a wedding in the family or if you travelling for a vacation, you must try this to give the skin a deep cleanse and exfoliation.

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Sanandita Chakraverty

1 month ago

Nykaa has come up with their coloured pencils. You may want to try them.

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heli farasram

5 months ago

this lipstick smells delicious. It smells like cake batter. The shade Famous is a dark vampy red shade which will look flattering on all skintones. The liquid lipstick is very pigmented but this particular shade is slightly patchy and takes a little effort to work. Two coats give a perfect, even coverage.

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