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L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes

L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Reviews
19 reviews
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Samira Haider

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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Dry, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown


Mascara is my favourite part of makeup as it can instantly make you look fresh and awake. I love using a lot of mascara and this one is my personal favourite. Yes it is a expensive but it surely is worth the money you are paying. This mascara helps to curl the lashes really well and gives tons of volume to it. The best part is that it doesnt clump or dry out the lashes. I also love the packaging as it looks luxurious and classy. It is travel friendly. It can easily be removed using a makeup remover. It doesn't make you lashes thin and keeps it voluminious and curled up all day long. I own a lot of mascara but loreal products have alway impressed me with the product quality. For a hot sweaty and summery day its best to use less makeup and a mascara can surely make a huge difference to your makeup game.

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Prachi aggarwal

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  • Age - 28
  • Skin - Normal, Olive
  • Hair - Normal, Black
  • Eyes - Brown

Love It!

I have tons of mascara in my collection, I love to try on new mascaras but recently i have realized i keep going back to my old favorite Loreal Million Lashes mascara. Its a gel based mascara, super easy to apply and instantly gives me glamorous and more put together look. It lengthens and volumizes so well. I absolutely love the bushy wand which give volume to my sparse eye lashes. Its perfect mascara for evening glam looks.
The wand is soft and coats lashes evenly without clumping or messing up the look. I absolutely feel that it gives my lashes false lash effect which is just cherry on the cake.This mascara is on the pricier side but the job done is well too. I ahev purchased this 3 times and I guess i'm still not ready to give up.

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Mehak kumar

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  • Age -


Gives a fuller effect to your lashes. and makes you look prettier! Mascara is life!

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  • Age - 21
  • Skin - Normal, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

The mascara comes in stubby, fubsy but attractive packaging. The glossy gold and black combination makes it look classy too. The wand is a thick one and works really well at separating and curling the lashes. Now, the product claims to have this wiper technology brush/wand. All I could understand after a lot of brainstorming is that the inside packaging of the mascara tube has been made in way that the mascara wand does not pick up a lot of product and all the extra product is taken off it The mascara works! It does give my lashes a lot of volume and curl. I use a lash curler too after using this to get a superb/intense effect. The mascara opens up my eyes well and gives that dramatic, falsies effect. With my experience, I would suggest to apply just about 2/3 coats of this mascara, as more than that makes the lashes look a little clumped and messy. The formula is some what creamy and does not make my lashes stiff; but it has a very strong chemicalish smell, which bothers me a bit when I am applying the mascara.

While the mascara does give you a lot of volume, curl, it doesn’t do much on the lengthening part ???? ????

Overall, I am happy/satisfied with the product and this has become my party wear mascara ???? ????

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  • Age - 19
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Normal, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

it does what it says. seriously after applying it u will feel you have million lashes. it is very lengthening, volumizing and waterproof . it stays on all day and doesn't clump. love it i have already finished one and now using the second one. do try it :)

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Reca Goswami

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  • Age - 20
  • Skin - Sensitive, Fair
  • Hair - Normal, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

I have been using this for several years. It's my go to mascara. Really curls and lengthens my lashes. And dried quickly and then doesn't smudge unless I really rub my eyes very hard. Lasts me the whole day. Since it dries quickly need to apply 2-3 strokes very fast otherwise the lashes stick together.

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  • Age - 30
  • Skin - Combination, Medium
  • Hair - Oily, Coloured/Treated
  • Eyes - Brown

One of my favourite mascara

Hello people!!

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara comes in a black and gold tube which has the name of the product emboldened along its length. I like the packaging – both in appearance as well functionality. The brush is amazing and the wiper inside the tube ensures that the brush does not pick up excess product. My main issue with many mascaras including high end ones has been excess product on the brush but this one is cleverly designed to overcome that. The brush has lots of tiny plastic bristles that give volume+length without coating the lashes with too much product. The only downside is that the brush is rather thick so the very tiny inner lashes can be difficult to coat without getting some product on the skin. The tube design is slightly thicker than how I like, its easier to hold slimmer handles during application but this is a really minor issue!

The mascara dries down quickly though not so quickly that you can’t work with it for a few seconds. It volumizes as well as lengthens but what I love most about it is that it gives the lashes a very clean, defined look, almost as if one is wearing a false lashes. The ends of the lashes are perfectly aligned which just looks so symmetric and neat! It does the fanned out effect that it claims. Out of all the mascaras I’ve tried so far, this is the only one which gives this effect! It also holds up curl really well, I generally curl my lashes in the morning when I do my makeup and even 10 hours later, my lashes look perfectly curled! I also love the jet-black color of this mascara!

Even though it is not waterproof, I’ve rarely had issues with it running down but then I do not have a very moist eye area and water-resistant works fine for me. However, women with very oily/sweaty eye area should steer clear of this one because it will run down if you sweat a lot around the eyes. The upside is that it comes off easily with any makeup remover (not plain water though)

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ritika caroli

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  • Age - 35
  • Skin - Combination, Fair
  • Hair - Oily, Brown
  • Eyes - Brown

good volumising mascara

This is very good volumising ang curling mascara but is not suitable for everyday use as it makes lashes very curled,voluminous and dramatic.Good for special occasions and parties.

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Mona Bedi

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  • Age -


Average. Although considered an iconic product from Loreal, I think they are lots of better mascaras out there.

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Divya Sawant

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  • Age - 26
  • Skin - Combination, Wheatish
  • Hair - Oily, Black
  • Eyes - Black

Holy Grail Mascara

I love this mascara. It is one of the best mascaras out there.
Although it is a bit pricey (around700-800 INR) I think its worth it.
Packaging and wand: The packaging is very sturdy and sleek and very travel safe. The wand is the hero here. It has tiny bristles ans tapers towards the top. This helps in applying towards the inner corners of the lashes. The wand helps in separating and giving lashes a thicker look thus providing volume. If you curl your lashes before this , this will hold the curl.
This mascara is non-waterproof and easy to remove.
I used this for a year and after that it started drying up. So it is a good product if you want to use it daily.

Though this mascara is one of its kind, The Maybelline Hypercurl comes to a close second and is a bit affordable. But it is still worth the money.
1. Volume
2. Holds the curl
3. Separates lashes
4. Makes lashes appear thicker
5. Product doesn't dry out easily

1. Expensive but worth it.

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Purpose: Volume, Length, Curl, etc

Waterproof or not?

Average shelf life? Does it dry out too fast?

What kind of wand does it have?

Tell us if it is worth the price!

Any dupes?


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