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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Only a few lucky people in the world are without an embarrassing hair story! Connect here with others to share advice, question, hair stories etc.  

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Hello Gorgeous ! I am a wavy haired girl and suffered from frizzy hair . My stylist recommended me to do a hair spa . So I thought of doing hair spa at home . The process was so simple and hassle free that I wanted to share the result with my lovely beauties . For the Hair spa you will need- -Hair Spa Cream – http://www.nykaa.com/schwarzkopf-spa-… -Hair Vitaliser -Bowl -Spoon How to Apply – 1) Start by breaking the hair vitaliser vial I am using the deep conditioning variant from the brand streax . Put the liquid in the glass bowl carefully. 2) Now mix two to three teaspoons of the Hair Spa Cream in the same glass bowl. 3)Stir the mixture until you feel both the liquid and the cream have been mixed thoroughly. 4) Then divide your damp hair into two equal halves. Apply the mixture carefully from the mid lengths to the ends carefully strand by strand. 5) After all the hair has been cover with cream leave it on for 30 minutes. 6) Wash off every strand carefully with lukewarm water followed by cold water. You will get shiny lustrous damage free hair after the hair spa. You can repeat the procedure after one month again. Subscribe to my channel for more surprises and giveaways coming soon. Follow me on my social media – Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/FianaFashion… Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/fiana_speaks Roposo – @fianafashionforward Explore the latest trends across the globe with one click Perk up your style statement Unlimited envy Guaranteed


Kini Ohri

2 months ago

H.. Could you please suggest me some products for curly hair? My hair is so dry and nothing that I use really helps. If I do a spa, my hair feel good for about 2 days and then they g back to feeling the same way. What can I do to retain moisture?

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