Use Highlighter on Your Body!


When it comes to your makeup, doesn’t highlighter seem like the best thing that has ever happened to you in a long time? That glow is something we all crave for; be it your face or your body and it’s amazing how it just amps up our makeup game to the next level.  So, for all you pretty glazed donuts, we have a compilation that will make life easier of using highlighter on your body in seven different ways, take a look-

1. On the inner corners:


A little highlight goes a long way when it comes to your eyes; it instantly adds brightness to your peepers, making them appear bigger and fresher.  You can use gold or silver in the inner corners and you will be good to go!

2. On your Brow Bone:


Make your brow bone pop, and your eyebrows will look perfect. One of the tricks that makeup artists swear by, once you are done filling in your brows, is to take your favorite highlighter and place it right beneath them, they will look amazing!

3. On the bridge of your nose:


You knew this, but we are still telling you. A highlighter needs to be used on the highest points of your face, and your nose definitely needs all the attention, dab some highlighter on the bridge of your nose and shine in all glory!

4. On your décolleté:


Use the tiniest amount of that pretty highlighter on your décolleté to draw attention to your natural and beautiful structure. Using a fluffy brush to sweep the highlight on in horizontal motions works the best on this part of the body. If you’re unsure about where your collarbone lies, simply shrug your shoulders forward and you will be able to see the structure of your bones. If you use too much product, it may end up looking sweaty and unappealing, so go slow and work your way in. A quick tip, use a gold highlighter if you are a medium to tan skin with warm undertones and use a pink highlighter if you are fair with cooler undertones. If you have neutral undertones, you could layer both to create a multi-dimensional effect, which looks amazing if done right!

5. On your Shoulders:


Shoulders are extremely alluring and making use of a little illuminator can double up their sexy quotient. This is a trick that is usually used on model’s and it makes their shoulders look very appealing especially when you apply it to areas where the light hits naturally.  To make your highlight a lot more impactful, you can apply the illuminator with a light hand first and then go over with more product on a wet brush and apply to the highest point of the shoulder bones.

6. On your shoulder blades:


Sounds bizarre, but looks jaw dropping when done right! Use your highlighter on your shoulder blades especially if you are planning to go backless for that date night or a girl’s night out! You can never go wrong with this one; apply the product in a C shape on both sides, following your natural bone structure.

7. On your legs:


Going to sport that LBD, why not draw attention to your legs then? If you choose the right shade of highlighter, you will be well on your way to drawing a whole lot of attention to those legs. Go for shimmery shades of gold, as shimmer reflects light making the legs appear smooth and softer than they naturally are.  For cooler skin tones, mix silver and gold for the best pigment while for warmer skin tones go for a bronzy shade.

You do not always have to be a celebrity to go all out with your highlighter. It may seem like a daunting chore to highlight your body, however, when it’s done right, you will just not be able to stop!

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