Some Unique & Easy To Do Glitter Eye Makeup Looks

Sparkle, sparkle, everywhere…. We are all obsessed with sparkle aka glitter at the moment and would love to use it on almost everything, be it our home decor, our books, even in bath bombs these days; cuz it just happens to make everything look so much better! Even better is when it is used and experimented with makeup- especially on our eyes! Your eyes speak volumes and what would be a better way to make a statement if not them? So, we have listed down some unique and easy  glittery eye makeup looks that you can try for yourself!


Neutral All-Around:


Add a little glitter to your eye lids and your lower lash line with an eye shadow that matches your skin tone but with a touch of sparkle to it. A simple liner look with long segregated lashes will give you a beautiful glittery eye.


Descended Lash Line:


You will surely turn heads with this look, where you apply a pop of color to the upper lash line with the slightest winged effect and then go a bit overboard with your lower lash line by applying a glittery gold eyeshadow. The rest of the look is kept minimal, so your eyes are the centre of attention.


Olive Twinkle:


If you are blessed with blue, brown or hazel eyes, an olive eyeshadow is just going to add that touch of beauty to your eyes. Keep in mind to swipe just one shade across the lid which is pretty glittery off course and keep the lips nude. You will be amazed at how gorgeous this looks.


Raspberry Radiance:


Smokey eyes are sexy, but sometimes it’s nice to switch the colors up a bit to change  your appearance. A beautiful raspberry-ish purple is going to add that color to the lid making your look a little bold. Add it to your lids going outwards and also a bit to the lower lash line. Mascara is essential with this kind of look as you do not want your lashes to feel inferior to this bold purple shade!


Dazzle with Mauve:


While there are endless color options to carry a sparkly eye, nothing beats the subtleness yet class a mauve shade can add to your overall look. It makes the eyes pop like no body’s business and you do not necessarily need an eyeliner with this look. Just make sure to add some highlighter to your brow bone!


Glitter and Gloss:


It’s always good to experiment with your looks, especially your eyes, they are an asset, play with them to the best of your abilities! A glittery eye looks gorgeous and so does some glossy sheen for the lids. To get this daring look, apply a gloss to your upper lid while keeping the lower lash line minimal with some nude glitter. Keep in mind to have a fresh yet radiant base, with clear looking skin and no lipstick- a lip balm will get the job done for you!


Smoked Out Gold:


If you love going all out with your eye makeup, the smoked out gold look will definitely be your thing. It’s dark with hints of gold and can make you look extremely sexy and svelte! Add glitter to the inner corner of your eyes, while keeping the rest of the look matte with a black eye shadow! You are surely going to turn heads.

So, tell us your favorite ones in the comments below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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