Tips To Review A Product Effectively

Hello beauties! Want some quick tips to make your product review the most amazing one without missing out any relevant details?? Then grab a cup of coffee and continue reading..

Now-a-days, not only makeup and fashion bloggers but also regular people have started their personal blogs on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram etc. where they share beauty products they use and their personal reviews about those products. Glamrada is one such platform which provides beauty enthusiasts to review the products they use on their website. So here are some really helpful tips which you need to know to produce an amazing product review which is worth reading.


Mention the Product Name with a short Brand Description : Mentioning the full name of the product including the name of the variant/shade/ flavor is a must in any product review. It helps the reader get a clear picture about the product you are talking. Also, a short brand description of a line or two is sometimes needed when a brand is not so common one.


Category : Telling your readers why is that category of products used, its benefits etc is also an important point. For example, while reviewing a hair serum, it is really important to mention a 2-3 line intro about.

  • What are hair serums,
  • What are the benefits of using hair serums,
  • Why are they used etc.


Physical appearance : Tell your readers about the physical appearance of the product which includes points like –

  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Shelf life etc.


Claims vs Personal Experience : Now comes the main part where you need to mention about

  • the usage of the product,
  • what the product claims to do

and compare it with your personal experience telling your readers whether the product actually fulfills all that it claims to do or fails at some or all of its claims.


Comparision/ Alternatives : Make comparison of the product you are reviewing with the other alternatives available in the market of some different brand or of the same brand (if available). Also, this point is completely optional and can be skipped as well. But do keep in mind that people always have the tendency to compare and buy. So this extra effort never goes in vain!


Swatches/ Demo : Swatches or a demo of how to use a product (if possible) gives a better picture about the shade, formula etc. Also by doing so, you give a clear message to your readers that this is not a fake review and you have actually used the product.



Availability : Dont forget to mention about the availability of the product online and offline and add at least one link to buy the product from a common online store.


Buy again/ Recommendation : Last but not the least, never forget to mention these three little points in your product review –

  • Will I buy the product again??
  • Will I recommend the product to my readers??
  • Star rating

Annnd voila! You are done!

* If you wanna write a short review, then a review in the format of Pros and Cons is the best. Always use simple words and be to the point which makes it easy for the reader to understand.


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