Time To Up Your Scent Game

Choosing your signature scent is no easy task, don’t think it is, and with all the amazing fragrances in the market, makes it tougher! When it comes to buying the perfect fragrance, there a few things to know and take into consideration, besides your preference of scent.

The scent of a perfume is determined by three elements: the theme of the fragrance, its notes, and its concentration.

Knowing about these three elements can help you decide on which would be the best perfume that would suit you and your personality.

From the difference between an EDT and an EDP to where to apply your perfume for the best results, here are the answers to all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Thank us later, its time you go and upp your scent game!

THEME is what creates variation among fragrances.  It is also called accord and is dependent on the base upon which the perfume is formulated, and there are four common bases used in formulating perfumes.

Citrus – created from fruits rich in citric acid, like oranges, bergamots and lemons, always light and fresh smelling.

Earth – lends an air of mystery to the wearer, formulated from minerals or from non-flowering plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey and sandalwood.

Musk – always considered sexy and alluring, and though previously made from the sacs of animals such as the civet and the Asian musk deer, they are now created synthetically.

Floral – the most common theme among perfumes; as the name suggests, they are made from the essence of flowers and are often clinging and sweet.



What you may not know about fragrance is that there are four different types of ‘perfumes’ you may choose from, each with a different concentration of scent.  There’s an eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau de cologne, and then a spray.

Eau De Toilette, These are usually a weaker blend in comparison to an eau de parfum, the concentration of these are usually between 5% and 15%. This is ideal for you if you want a great scent without it being too overpowering.  Keep in mind this will not last as long as an eau de parfum, so if you are looking for something to last all day long, continue on to eau de parfum.

Eau De Parfum also known as extrait de parfum or pure perfume, is the most common one that you will come across. The concentration of these are between 15% and 20%, which means the concentration of the scent is going to be stronger and linger for a longer period of time. Eau de toilette is considered by some to be for day wear while eau de parfum is for nightwear.

Now let’s move onto an eau de cologne, very commonly confused with eau de toilette because they share a similar concentration percentage.  Aromatically, however, an eau de cologne is weaker, with a concentration of around 3% to 8%.  This is perfect for someone looking for a hint of a scent rather than something strong and long lasting.

Finally, you have sprays, which are the weakest fragrances in their category.  The compounds are typically 1% and 3% and hence, these are the most inexpensive ones.  Sprays are refreshing and do not last nearly as long as an eau de toilette or eau de parfum.


Ever wonder what a fragrance note is? And what exactly is the difference between a base note, a top note, and a plain ol’ fragrance note?

Understanding fragrance notes doesn’t have to be complex, and we’re about to break it down for you. Understanding what the notes are in a fragrance will help you better determine which scent is right for you, which will match your personal preference and personality.

Let’s start from the basics. A perfume has three types of notes, a top note, a middle note, and a base note.

A top note is the first scent you experience when you first apply the fragrance. Top notes include and can be referred as citrusy, summery, woody, spicy, or floral.

Then, the middle notes, which are also called heart notes, are the scent results after the top note has faded a little.  This scent that you experience consists of the middle notes of the perfume.

Finally, you then have the base notes, which are the scents that reveal itself as the perfume sits on your skin and warms up to your body temperature.  It can take up to an hour or so for this to occur.

So what is the true and actual scent of the perfume?  That would be the mix of the middle notes and base notes.



Your hair, not your skin, might actually be the best place to spray perfume. Because of your scalp’s oiliness, it will actually keep scent longer than your skin will.

It does take up to an hour for that true scent of a fragrance to adjust on your body, so before making any quick decisions about scent, be patient and let some time (and your nose) do all the work.


Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada

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