Things you must carry in your handbag

A hand-bag is definitely every woman’s best friend, because she carries her world in there and there is no way she is going out without it! However, it is a wise to carry essentials that you might need on a daily basis rather than stuff everything in, because it is just going to increase the weight! Consider your purse as your personal tool-kit that comes to the rescue with all the things you may need. So, here is a list of things you must carry in your handbag, to make your life easier!

Tissue Packs:

No matter where you are at, a pack of tissue always comes handy, be it post a washroom visit to just to clean any mess away!  You could use it for blotting your lipstick, excess oil  or post sneezing. Tissues will always be of good help when life or you are a mess!


Sanitary Napkins:

You never know when your Aunty Flo turns up, so it’s always nice to be well-prepared in advance in case you come across an emergency! You, of course, do not want to feel like a thirteen-year-old who bleeds through her granny pants! Carry some protection along, to never deal with an embarrassing moment!



A mirror has your life sorted, don’t you think? Carrying a small mirror along with you at all times is a great thing to keep a tab on your appearance, or when you have something stuck in your teeth, a lash in your eye or anything! It comes handy when you need a quick touch up or wish to apply  lipstick quickly!


Hand Sanitizers:

I cannot stress enough on the importance of having a hand sanitizer with you. You don’t know where you end up going, what kind of bathroom you use, and if there is no access to soap, a hand sanitizer will help to keep all bacteria away! Washing with just water is doing no good, you need something that keeps germs away!

Hair Ties & Bobby Pins:

Hair ties are great to carry around especially when you are out and about and suddenly start feeling gross and sweaty, you can just use them to throw your hair up in a ponytail. Bobby pins help when your hair comes in the way and you want an instant fix for them!


Irrespective of where you are heading, a lipstick is always good to carry around to jazz up your look a little bit! If you do not carry any other makeup, it’s ok, because a lipstick will make your face appear brighter and put together! So, carry around at least two shades of lippies i.e. a nude and a dark preferably red, and you are good to go anywhere! Carrying a tinted lip balm would work well too. I personally prefer a lip and cheek stain which gets the job done without taking much space in your hand bag!



A sample sized perfume is the perfect fit for your handbag, because it gives you that instant splash of freshness when you start feeling all gross and icky throughout the day! Grab a sample of your favorite perfume or just throw in a deodorant to ensure you dont have a smellly moment ever!



A good pair of sunglasses is always going to be your friend, as it protects you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Grab a pair that suits your face shape the best and adds that oomph factor to your look!



A sunscreen of an SPF 50 is a must during all seasons, and you must never miss out on this essential product.  You must always ensure that you are slathering that sun protection while you head out and make sure to reapply it every three hours for skin that is tan free and protected!

What are the essentials you carry around in your bag?? Let us know in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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