Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Makeup Artist For Your D-Day

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-29 at 4.27.25 PMYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to put in the best of your efforts to make it extra special. Everything from your wedding venue to food arrangements, outfit to makeup needs to be top notch and you leave no stone unturned to do so! Your makeup game has to be strong, and for that, you need a good makeup artist, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before booking a makeup artist for your D-day. Let me talk you through what they are!

Know Your Makeup Artist

With everyone obsessing over social media these days, it is very important for your artist to maintain a social page dedicated to pieces of their artwork and their style of painting your face! You could easily choose a look that you like from their page and get in touch with them through their social media accounts telling them what you exactly want, so they are able to put together a beautiful look that will make you look like a million dollars on your wedding day. Also, it would be nice if you could request them for trail sessions one month before the big day, as it is always nice to see it personally and if you want a few things to be altered they can get it done prior!

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Keep Budget In Mind

You must never blindly book an appointment with an artist if the budget feels slightly higher than you expected. First discuss their availability and pictures of their work, post which you can ask about the budget. Never be afraid to discuss the kind of look you want, and you could also request them for a budget breakdown. However, if things do not seem to work, just move on with another artist who does not dig a hole in your wallet. Bargaining is not going to help, and it might even turn off the makeup artist too.

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Discuss Their Squad Details

Bridal makeovers are no joke; they require a team to make the bride look every bit of the stunner that she is on the most special day of her life. A makeup artist may tag along someone to do the hair while someone else to drape the outfit, so always is sure to ask about their squad and how many people she plans on bringing along. Teamwork is what it is all about!

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Get All Pre Wedding Day Routines Checked

Your artist is an expert at what she does. Go ahead and get some quick skin care tips with her; if needed cross check them with your dermatologist! If you need extensions, ask them for the best brands or if you don’t wish for any just mention them clearly! Some artists help brides to be with new hair colors, nails and even help them learn makeup!



Get All Your Queries Answered

So, your big day has arrived, make sure to send your artist a reminder message and check all last minute deets like do you need to wash your hair? Do you need me to bring anything? What time will you arrive? Make sure she arrives on time, and as soon as she does get started with your makeover so your wedding goes as scheduled and you do not run late! Feel free to offend them by asking them anything and everything you like while they are working on your pretty face!

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