Things Every Girl Must Have At Her Desk

If I had to describe a desk, I would definitely call it my “second home”, for obvious reasons that I spend most part of my day at it working, taking short naps or just chilling with the colleagues. While most people usually treat a desk- like a desk by loading it with work papers and pens, there are some who consider it to be a sophisticated extension of their bedroom, and have everything they might need. A desk is basically a back-up space, when you need to be going somewhere whether impromptu or planned, or just need some pick-me-up. So, here is a list of the things that every girl needs to have on her desk at all times.


Hand creams:

Yes, these creams are your rescue squad to give your hands some relaxation after constantly working on the computer or writing important notes. While there are not a lot of people who have dry skin, hand creams are a must have for every skin type, as not enough hydration on your hands can cause the skin to age faster making it look wrinkled and loose.


Pain Relievers:

With the constant stress to meet deadlines, hectic schedules and fewer days off work, pain relievers can help you while you are at work. These come handy when you have headaches, or you flip over some wire lying around.


Band-aids/ Sanitary napkins:

Paper can be quite dangerous and has edges that can cause you to bleed with paper cuts. Additionally, if you do not use enough hand cream, your dry hands are even more prone to cuts/knicks and you will need a band-aid. It’s always nice to have a few stored in your desk, because you never know who might end up needing them. Also, a backup of sanitary napkins is going to be your angel in disguise when your Aunty Flo appears out of the blue.


Hair ties:

We love wearing our hair in different styles, but it’s difficult to keep up with them in a formal atmosphere, especially when we are in the middle of doing some important task, and hair falls on our face. Hair ties help secure the hair in place. Have a bundle of them, because they get lost pretty easily.


Reusable Bottles:

You need water, no matter where you are. Always have your personal reusable bottle at your desk to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. These are eco-friendly and save you the trouble of buying new water bottles every day.


Scented Candles:

When the surrounding is aromatic, you are automatically in a happy place. Scented candles are instantly refreshing and can give you that pick me up. Go for a eucalyptus one for a smack of refreshment while lavender is great while you are stressed out.



When you have a desk, you need to invest in a planner, to keep up with your everyday chores. It is a great way to jot everything down, such as the emails you need to send, meetings planned and of course, coffee/dinner dates.


Photo Frames:

Your room has pictures of your loved ones studded on the walls, so why leave the desk behind? It’s always nice to have a photograph of your family and loved ones on your desk, to keep the “at home” feeling at work alive.



Those hunger pangs, I tell you! It’s a great option to load your desk drawers with your favorite snacks, probably dry fruits to keep hunger away. These help you feel full and accelerate your energy levels. Opting for snack bars/protein bars is a great option too.



How can we forget our favorite lipstick here? Always have a bright colored lipstick preferably a red or bright pink, so you always look put together. A lip balm is also a good option to have, when your lips get dry and need a dose of hydration.

Which one of the things mentioned above do you keep at your desk at all times? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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