Sunscreen Myths Busted!

Good skin care begins with a good SPF! Yes, you read that buddy; a good skin regimen is never complete without the presence of a good sunscreen! However, many of us tend to underestimate the importance of this skin savior and consider it less important than our lipsticks and nail paints! It is one of the most essential steps involved when it comes to having flawless skin, and there is no debate on that, whatsoever! So, here are a few skin care myths busted, that will make sure you never miss out on that sunscreen again.



A myth that needs to be busted “You do not need a sunscreen on rainy/windy days”! This has been something that most of us have believed for years and still do, however it’s not true! The good part is that the clouds sieve the sunlight, but surprisingly the UVA/UVB rays do manage to get through with ease! So, whether indoors or outdoors, rainy or sunny, the sunscreen isn’t going anywhere love!!



You do not need a sunscreen when you have an SPF infused moisturizer”- FALSE!!! You need that extra layer of sunscreen irrespective of your moisturizer comprising of an SPF, it’s never going to be sufficient, especially if you are someone who is always on their toes! Your creams may or may not be formulated to provide you with sun protection. In addition, Sunscreens are composed of physical and chemicals blocks which reflect the UVA and UVB rays, which may not be the trait your day cream possesses!


MYT H 3:

“You only need sunscreen for your face, once a day”. When your overall body is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, why keep the sunscreen only for your face? You must ensure that sunscreen is used on all areas that the sun can see, as it does not burn you discriminatingly! Even your lip balm should contain a bit of SPF, to prevent your lips for discoloring! Reapplication of sunscreen is just as necessary as applying it is! Make sure to reapply it every four to six hours to keep your skin from tanning and free of skin cancer!



“Dusky skin tones do not need sunscreens”. It is true that duskier skin tones tend to tan and not burn but, tanning is also a form of DNA damage to the skin due to the harmful radiations of the sun! So, irrespective of your skin color, you need a sunscreen in your life! Moreover, avoid products with Titanium Di-Oxide as they tend to look chalky on deeper skin tones. A transparent formula might work for you, as it melts into the skin without leaving a white cast on the face.



“Sunscreens never expire”. If your sunscreen bottle/tube is stamped with a manufacture date, then it surely comes with an expiry date! So, when your bottle says so, you must definitely pay attention! Never carry a tube for one year to the other, it is a signal that you are not using the right amount, as one tube will not last you a season!



“Applying sunscreen shall be the last step of a skin care regimen”. Sunscreen shall not be applied in the last as it takes at least thirty minutes to get absorbed into upper layers of the skin. So, start by applying a generous amount of sunscreen and then layer it up with a foundation with an SPF to double up the sun protection benefits!!

Author: Cidra Khan

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