Period Problems Every Girl Will Relate To

The pain, oh the pain.

Every single month, girls experience that lovely gift from mother nature: periods. For five to seven days usually, your uterus fights back for not being pregnant, and this is what girls have to experience every month.

Getting your period always means that for a few days, nothing is going to remain the same. And the stress every woman has to go through, during those few days is just unbelievable. Here are some period struggles that we’re sure every woman can A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y  relate to. Good news! We have the solutions to them. Keep scrolling..



PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) includes a variety of physical and emotional symptoms that occur within 14 days of the start of your period. At least 85 per cent of menstruating women have at least one symptom.

They include trouble sleeping, fatigue, breast swelling and tenderness, acne, irritability and mood swings.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, give yourself time to wind down before going to bed. We suggest drinking a soothing concoction of chamomile tea and warm milk with a hint of honey just before you turn in. You can also try dabbing lavender oil under your nose at night to help you relax.


Constant tiredness

Don’t want to get out of bed? Literally just wanting to do nothing the entire time?

We feel you! We know there are days when you don’t want to be a functioning person in the society. Any time you lose blood, you lose iron; an energizing mineral. Reports show that women who ate more foods containing iron had less PMS. Try regularly noshing on iron-rich plant food such as spinach, beans, or lentils to keep your levels steady all month long. Fenugreek may also ease period related fatigue when taken in supplement or powdered form.


Acne all of a sudden gets worse

Has a pepperoni pizza appeared on your face, in the form of pimples?

When it comes to your skin, the diet that is good for [preventing] acne is the low glycemic index diet.


Drama alert

You want to just cry for no reason, or scream and yell? We understand your emotions feel unstable. Even we cry at sappy commercials during that time of the month.

Some 20 to 30 percent of women are extra sensitive to the hormonal fluctuations that happen between ovulation and bleeding.

Regularly loading up on complex carbs such as leafy greens and whole-grain foods can help keep your blood sugar and your emotions in check.



Yes it literally feels as though someone is constantly stabbing our side.

Most women experience some cramping and lower back and leg pain before their periods.

Reduce your consumption of dairy products and meat. They contain hormones called prostaglandins, which can cause cramping. Get moving! Women who exercise have milder cramping and pain. Smoking also aggravates cramps.

When cramps strike, you can also place a heating pad or hot water bottle on your stomach.


Irregular periods

Not expecting it when it comes and getting your favorite panties covered in blood?

It’s not uncommon to miss a period now and then. A bad cold or flu may throw your cycle off, as can stress and irregular sleep patterns. Other triggers include being obese or having an eating disorder, a thyroid problem or a major illness.

Maintain a healthy weight but don’t overdo it on your workouts; too much exercise can stop your period altogether.



During the first few days of bleeding, you lose water and may crave salt. During the second half of your cycle (days 14 to 28), your hormone levels start decreasing and you may crave sugar and chocolate because your brain feels it needs more fuel.

Keeping your blood sugar stable helps ensure your hormone levels are in check. Eat three small meals and two healthy snacks a day.  Eating high fibre foods such as fruit, veggies and whole grains will also stabilize your blood sugar level.



To avoid water retention, which may cause abdominal bloating, weight gain, and breast swelling and tenderness – curb or forgo caffeine and unhealthy foods that are high in fat,

It’s known that salt and alcohol can also make it worse. Steer clear of those and eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and walnuts.


Period Headaches

Those who suffer from dreaded menstrual migraines can blame one culprit for two period pains: The prostaglandin hormones that cause cramps can also attack the nerves in your head.

Studies also suggest women who took 150 daily milligrams of the herb butterbur for several months had fewer headaches overall.


Now that you have the answers to your struggles, we hope that those four to seven days of your month will become a little bearable now.

Another secret?

Sweatpants and sweatshirts are our go-to outfit for that week. Literally the comfiest outfit in the world because you are bloated and now your cramps or boobs won’t hurt more than they already do!


Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada

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