Nail Trends to Sport in 2018

Everyone opts for making resolutions for the new year, but it’s quite some time that the new year rang in and just like we make healthier food choices,  plan on getting super fit or just revamp to a new makeup routine, our nails need some upgradation too!  It’s high time we give our nails the makeover they need, so here are some nail trends to sport in 2018 that you need to dive into for the most stylish mani session of your life!

Matte Black:

Shiny nails are out and matte is in, just like we gave our glosses a break and switched to matte lips, similar is the case with your nails. Matte black nails add that edgy appeal to the nails while looking subtle at the same time. Paint your nails on the lieu of the top coat and watch the nail color dull down by itself!


Glitter Tips:


French manicure has been a favorite for years, and when you add a glittery twist to them, they look instantly polished and stunning! The best way to sport a glittery nail is to wear it on top of dark nail paints. You could apply it sideways, diagonally, half the nail or French style! You could also jazz things up a bit, by using rhinestones!


Marble Nails:


If your kitchen countertops inspire you, you should definitely go for marble nails. This looks stunning when done with a black base and white detailing. If you want the perfect finish, get these done at the salon for best results!


Metallic Nails:


When we say metallic the first colors that strike our heads are gold and silver, but it’s time to amp the metallic shades to another level by adding bright colors like blue, green and pink to make the nails look appealing yet fun!! They look so gorgeous and can be worn by all skin tones as it has amazing color shifts!


Statement Nails:


Stand out from the crowd by wearing statement nails which rock a cool saying on your nails, you could write your favorite word, quote, saying or even your name, and it looks amazingly cool. Let’s not leave the hash tags for that Instagram handle and flaunt your favorites  on those nails!


Outlined Nails:


While using plain colors of nail polishes may be old school, you could go for an outlined look, where you use two coats of that paint, let it dry and outline the exterior side with a dark shade of outliner pen! It gives a framed effect and to seal in the complete manicure, use a top coat!


Nude Nails:


While nude colors have always been everyone’s favorite we are not talking about proper beige toned/ pink toned nudes and instead nude colors that are actually a tad lighter or darker than the original color of your nails, they look like nothing but give your nails a very polished feel!

Accent Nails:


Accent nails have taken over the nail trend and they look super amazing which look like a nail paint that does not exist and give the feel of a midi-ring on a bare finger, the best part about these is that you do not need to do your entire nails, and one nail is just enough to bring that trendy factor out! You could use a gold or silver base, but nude works just as fine!


Which is your favorite nail trend? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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