Moisturizing Mistakes That Actually Ruin Your Skin

One of the easiest steps in a skin care routine is MOISTURIZING and we never forget to slather that cream on. However, you can actually go wrong with it when you chose the wrong formula for yourself or apply it carelessly making your skin sag and result in breakouts.  There is a right and wrong way to moisturize and it’s time you play your moisturizing cards right! Do not worry as we have you covered as we talk you through some moisturizing mistakes that actually ruin your skin!


Not Moisturizing Enough

Moisturization is a step that needs to be done pretty often; day and night for best results! You will not have a happier skin if you do not give it the required H20 and O2 i.e. moisture! Never miss out on using a good hydrating cream on your face to prevent your face from looking sagged, and older than your age! Also, if you thought that oily skin does not need to be hydrated, think again, because when your face does not get the required hydration, it tends to produce more sebum, go for a lightweight moisturizer but do not miss out on this crucial step!


Sunscreen Is A Necessity

This has been said time and again, and we cannot stress enough on the importance of a good sunscreen! Wearing a sunscreen with a broad SPF is essential to keep the skin safe from the sun and prevent the formation of any sun damage! Be it any weather, summer or winter, your skin needs that dose of SPF, so make sure to be diligent!


Using the same moisturizer

No matter how much you love your moisturizers, you cannot use the same moisturizer year long, as your skin tends to adjust to the formula and may stop reacting to it. It’s good to use a lightweight formula for the summers, and a  heavy duty one for winters. Try switching it up for great moisturization!


Forgetting to wash your hands

This is a mistake all of us tend to make, forgetting how much damage it can do to your skin! When you do not wash your hands before putting on that moisturizer, all the accumulated dirt, bacteria and oils transfer to your skin, which results in red inflamed skin and in some cases acne! So, wash those hands before you dip your fingers into that moisturizer!


Not going down on your neck

Your neck needs just as much TLC as your face! Don’t you see women who have really young looking faces, but you will be able to make out their age by having a glance at the necks? Your moisturizer needs to go down in your neck so it gets the maximum benefits just like your face does! Stop neglecting it, and make sure to go down south.


Rubbing Too Hard:

This is a common mistake we make where we tend to rub the product into the skin instead of pushing it in. To make the most out of the product you need to pat the product in, as rubbing too much may cause irritation and that’s definitely not worth it!


Always make sure that you put that moisturizer on right, as your facial skin is going to last you forever while your highlights will fade. Start early to get the maximum benefits and a younger looking skin for life!

Author: Cidra Khan

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