Mistakes To Avoid While Applying A Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipsticks are the new in-thing in the makeup world, for obvious reasons, being smudge-proof, long lasting and super opaque! Almost every brand from drugstore to high-end has their own line of liquid lippies, which perform superbly well. Just like winged liner and contouring, that look really pleasing to the eye, but are actually really difficult to get right, which is just the case with liquid lipsticks! Liquid lipsticks call for attention when worn, however, they look pretty ugly when done poorly, and it isn’t that hard to put them on, you just need to get the knack of it! So, talking you through mistakes to avoid while applying a liquid lipstick, to help you get your lipstick game on point next time!

Layering up is not cool:

Liquid lipsticks being opaque in nature need just one swipe to show up on that pout, so you do not need layers for the color to pop especially because of the drying nature of the lipstick. Building up layers of liquid lipstick is just not an appealing sight and will end up making your lips super dry and cakey!

Exfoliation is key:

A well-exfoliated skin makes a good base for makeup, similar is the case for your lips; especially if you are planning on using a liquid lipstick! One of the reasons you must not forget to exfoliate that pucker is because liquid lipsticks are matte and can accentuate the flakiness of the lips, which is just not what you want! So scrub that flake away for a smooth base for the lipstick to glide on!

Lip Balm is a must:

Again, a step just that one must not miss out on, lip balm is a must post exfoliation as it ensures that the lips are soft, and do not get chapped. Just like a moisturizer works post scrubbing to keep dryness away, a lip balm does just that for that pout! Use any lip balm of your choice!

Lip liners work great:

Lip liners are an amazing way to get that perfectly contoured pucker, as they define those lips and give them a chiseled look. Also, they work as a barrier to prevent bleeding of lipstick, which can happen with liquid lipsticks.


Don’t smack those lips:

As tempting as it may look, smacking your lips together is going to be of no help with a liquid lipstick, especially while you have freshly applied the lipstick and it is still drying! Rubbing your lips together can actually move the lipstick, and cause streaky unappealing lines on the lips, which do not look good at all. A liquid lipstick dries pretty quickly which gives you no reason to smack them together!


No Mix & Match:

 We all love creating that customized lip color, however, with liquid lipsticks mix and match is a big no-no! Because as mentioned above, layering up lipsticks is going to be of no help here. The color won’t show up as good, and it will end up super caked up. Just stick to one lip color and that will get the job done for you!


Don’t opt for a gloss:

Glossy lips are in these days, and the oily nature of glosses do no justice to the matte liquid lipsticks as it leads them to bleed away or feather! The best way to add a good shine to the lips with a gloss is to use foundation on top of matte lipstick which gives the gloss a good base to stick to.


Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks? Are there any rules you follow while applying them? Tell us in the comments section below.

Author: Cidra Khan

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  1. Afreen Shah Alvi

    I love liquid lipsticks, they are love😍😍😍😍 and these tips are so amazing and helpful to keep in the minds before applying the liquid lipsticks 💋
    Thanks for helpful article ♥

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