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Hair Hacks to Tame Flyaways!

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We all love to have good hair days, where our mane is nicely sitting on the scalp, shining in all its glory. However, fly-aways can be a total game spoiler, no matter how amazing our hair is! It can happen a few hours post blow-drying or heat styling our tresses, or it could just happen naturally. To be honest, nothing can ruin your mood as bad as a frizzy head does, so what should be done about it? How is it that you can have sleek shiny hair without having to do much? We are here to help, listed below are top 5 five hair hacks to tame flyaways which work like magic. Let’s start-

1.Use a spray and your kabuki brush:
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All of us have at least one kabuki brush sitting there in our vanity, pick it out, especially if it has not been used for a long time and make to use a tight-hold spray for this hack. Once you are all set with your hairdo or hairstyle, place the brush a few inches away from the spray while spraying the product on. Then gently brush down the frizzy areas of your hair and set them nicely, so they don’t get into the way.

2. Say NO to your hairbrush:
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Let’s admit it, we still use our hair brushes to get rid of the knots in our hair, especially while it’s wet and this is one of the main reasons that your hair is getting frizzier. Just make a switch to wooden combs, which do the job just efficiently and help get rid of flyaway and knots in the hair. Use it while your hair is semi-dry by combing it from the bottom to the top. This also prevents excessive hair fall and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be trying this out.

3. T-shirts can be your best friend:

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Using hair towels for drying out your hair is old school and is a contributor to the oh-so-frizzy hair. Yes, you read that right you must stop using your towels, and try rinsing out all the excess water in your hair right after you wash it, so it can air dry on its own or you could use your old t-shirts to pat dry your hair out. Also, you could tie your hair up in a t-shirt and let it dry, the choice is yours.

4. Vaseline to the rescue:

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Flyaways are a foe to every sleek-hair lover, but do not worry when you need an instant fix, Vaseline has got your back as it will help you tame that free-spirited hair back into place. Use the tiniest amount of Vaseline or a lip balm for that matter and rub it across your hair strands. Make sure you are not using a lot of it, as it can cause your hair to look like a greasy mess or in other words like you have not shampooed in two weeks. (Just Kidding).

5. Body Lotion works too:

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When nothing works on that extremely stubborn frizz you must definitely reach out for either your face or body lotion. Now this may sound totally bizarre to you, but trust me it works wonders. Whenever you moisturize your body or face, just use the leftover product on your palm and gently go over your hair. Do not use much again, as it may make your hair look really oily, use the tiniest amount as, too much isn’t good for that mane. A lotion helps soften the hair just like they help your skin and the scent is an added bonus.

What do you do to help keep those pesky flyaways at bay? Have you tried any of the hacks mentioned above? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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