Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

No matter how much you go out and about, smelling good has to be every girl’s fantasy, despite all the sweat and dirt. When you smell good, you automatically feel fresh and less worn out. We all have that one scent we absolutely cannot do without, and we give you hacks to make your perfume last all day long, so you keep smelling like a daisy through the busy hours.


Spray & Iron:

This is a sure shot way to keep the fragrance locked in your clothes, you just have to spray the perfume on the dress you are planning to wear and iron over it. The scent will linger in the dress throughout the day. Easy Peasy, No?


Layer Up:

Layering is a no-no when it comes to makeup, however, with your fragrance you are surely allowed to go overboard. Layer up your perfume with a co-coordinating body lotion, this ensures that the fragrance stays on all through the day.

Perfume on Your Hair Brush:


It is advised not to use perfume on your hair directly, as the alcohol content in the perfume can damage your hair. Instead, you could spray your favorite perfume on your hair brush and let it sit for 30 seconds before you brush through your tresses. This helps to add a light dash of scent to your hair. Additionally, your brush will smell awesome.


Spray on Pulse Points:

An oily skin type tends to hold the perfume for longer. So, if you have dry skin, just rub some Vaseline on your pulse points such as wrists, sides of the neck, inside the elbows, below the midriff, on the knees and ankles and behind the knees. Spray perfume on these warm areas, as they help diffuse the scent across the body, while spritizing it on your knees and ankles will help the fragrance rise.


Scent in the air:

If you want to be lightly scented yet feeling fresh, spray your perfume in the air ahead of you and walk through it, this is a great trick when you want to smell good, but do not want the scent to be overpowering.

Say No To Citrusy Scents:

When you are choosing a perfume for yourself, something that smells great and stays put, definitely keep away from citrusy perfumes as they tend to smell amazing but do not stay put for long hours.


Do not rub:

When applying the perfume on your wrists, we always tend to rub our wrists together, this is a big no if you want the scent to last all day long, as the molecules in the perfume tend to break down when you do this hence decreasing the staying power of the fragrance.


Store It Right:

If you wish that your perfume lasts on you, you should keep it in the right places. The bottles are meant to be stored away from heat and direct sunlight- as this can cause an impact on the quality of the perfume! Keep them stored in cold and dry places.

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