Geek Chic: Makeup with glasses

As far as we can remember, glasses and makeup never went together. Not anymore though! Wearing the right makeup with your glasses requires only a little bit of tweaking from your usual routine . We decided to scour the internet and ask a few experts, and we’ve listed down the top tips that came our way!

Use concealer

This one is a no-brainer, but still..we will reiterate this, don’t skip concealer since glasses tend to cast a shadow underneath your eyes.

Keep It bright

Since dark shades tend to magnify dark undertones around the eyes, the lighter and more neutral the color on the lid, the better.

Tightline and use a liner

Practice your tighlining skills ladies, since this one is a must for when you wear glasses. You can go thin/ thick with your liner, depending on your frames. You can even use a colored liner, to make things interesting.


Go for a volumising one, and not something that lengthens since that will make your lashes hit your frames and leave marks. Not a pretty sight 😛


Eyebrows will frame your glasses, so use all the tools you have to ensure that they are on point. You can also use a highlighter on your brow bone to accentuate them further.


Go neutral or go bold, choose whatever floats your boat. You can wear gorgeous reds and pinks while going out and if you want to keep it subtle, go for nude or glossy lips.

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