Fashion Trends To Embrace In 2018

We did our 2018 trends research and while some may have come up as a shock, and the others were pretty obvious, we have with us the list of all the staples you need to get you on your radar this year.

From the print everyone is adopting to the boot style you won’t be able to avoid, scroll down below to see what the new fashion trends of 2018 are looking like.


White leather

The white leather trend was a favorite among the street style stars at the fashion weeks this season. Be it the jackets, bags or the boots, the trend made heads turn everywhere it was seen.


Checks please

There’s one print that’s dominating fashion town right now, and that’s checks/plaids. You think of checks as being strictly winter-only? Nah! They are making a convincing case for being this spring/summer’s It print.
You may have seen the design most frequently on blazers and trousers, but the detail has notched up a bit from suit sets to asymmetrical tops and breezy skirts as well.


Tailored suits

If there’s one thing worth spending some money on, it’s a perfectly tailored suit. Don’t worry, they are here to stay!

There are literally 1001 versions of these out there, just search one which suits your body type and be a Boss Babe that you already are!


 Bum bags, or Belt bags


All thanks to Gucci, Bum bag, or a little sophisticatedly called as belt bag or also popularly known as fanny pack is the new accessory every fashionista seems to be carrying.

You’ll see style setters wearing sporty pouches crossbody through to luxe leather options.

No matter your aesthetic, there’s definitely a hip-slung bag for you!


Power Sleeves

Big, big shoulders and sleeves are literally everywhere.

They’re rendered mostly in soft blouses and shirts so that you can easily counterbalance the dramatic proportions.


Pretty Pastels

Everybody seems to be adopting the new mix n match pastel trend.

Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, you can expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades this season.


Yellow Dresses

This summer will be very sunny indeed! Bright yellow is not too bright anymore it seems.

Luxury boutiques have seen sales of yellow dresses spiking this year.


Straw Accessories

From boater hats to raffia bags, straw is trending yet again. Bamboo bags seem to be ruling the runways in all shapes and sizes this year.


Polka Dots

Gingham ruled 2017, with polka dot prints being introduced later into the year.

Although polka dots do come in other colors but black and white versions will forever remain a classic.


Red And Pink

Pink ruled all over the last year, but this season everyone’s preferring it with a little bit of rouge. This color combination is here to make you stand out and make heads turn wherever you go.


Now that you have all the info you wanted about this year’s trending styles, go fill your shopping carts!

Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada

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