Everything You Need To Know About Dry Brushing

New beauty tricks and methods have taken the beauty world by storm and everyone is obsessed with these new ways to beautify themselves! The skin on our body needs just as much attention as our facial skin, exfoliation is extremely beneficial to help the body as it helps keep dead skin away and reveal fresh skin underneath!



So what is Dry Brushing?


The method of dry brushing is rooted deep in science and history! It is basically a technique where you brush your body while it’s dry. For this technique to work efficiently, you must make sure to use a firm yet soft brush, which does not cause any irritation on the skin! It could be small or long, however, it has to reach all parts of the body easily.



Advantages of Dry Brushing:


The two major advantages of dry brushing include

  1. Exfoliates skin

    : This is one of the most noticed benefits of dry brushing every woman notices. The process of going over your skin with a firm bristled brush helps remove dead skin and loosen them, exfoliating the skin naturally!

  2. Helps with lymphatic drainage

    The lymphatic support forms a major part of the immune system; it is made up of ducts, vessels, lymph nodes and ducts which help in the transportation of lymph throughout the body!


Some other advantages are:


  1. Helps get rid of cellulite
  2. Boosts circulation
  3. Helps with digestion
  4. Keeps dead skin away
  5. Soothes the mind
  6. Helps release toxins from the body
  7. Reveals a brighter complexion


How do you dry brush your body?


It is a fairly simple method, which does not require a lot of thought process! You shall go over small areas one at a time, in circular motions upwards, i.e. feet to chest, palms to shoulders etc. It needs to be done before a shower; if you want to do it dry and followed up with a good lotion or oil. Some women prefer dry brushing after a sauna session, as their pores are open and follow up with a cold shower to close them up.


How will you find out if dry brushing is working for you?


You skin will start feeling softer and smoother from the first session itself. It has also been said that with the circulatory boost and detoxification, people have found it helps with skin issues like acne and one feels a lot more energized too. You could also test the dry brushing technique is really getting rid of the toxins from the body, by taking the cloth you have used to dry brush and storing it in a sealable bag. After a few days, take a quick whiff, it will smell and you will find that the toxins were released.  Sound icky, but definitely helps!

Author: Cidra Khan



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