Effective Tan Removal Products

Summers are in full swing and the major skin issue we all are facing right now is tanning. Sun exposure causes skin tanning which is almost unavoidable in summers. Sunscreens are a good way to protect our skin from harmful sun rays but even after applying a good sunscreen one can get tanned to some extent.

Skin starts looking dark, dull and lifeless due to tanning but these products will help you get your original complexion back.

Market is flooded with such products which need to be chosen with care. So here are some of our suggestions. Keep scrolling!


L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask

This clay mask is an indulgent, transformative, exfoliating skin mask which will help you remove tanning permanently. It is created with Red Algae extract to refine your skin in 10 minutes. The unique formula provides a multi-sensorial, fragrant experience while the pure clays unravels the deep clogged pores on your face to reveal a polished skin.

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Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


This clay mask is a super volcanic cluster capsule that will help you to rejuvenate your skin each time you apply it on your skin. The Jeju volcanic clay is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. As the mask is applied on your skin, the dead skin is removed off from the surface and it smoothes out the skin. It provides proper nourishment to the skin and moisturizes the skin to make you feel fresh and super ready for the day.

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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-Tan Face Pack

This is a thick face pack which works as a fab de-tanning product. The face pack needs to be well diluted with water so that it gets the desired consistency to be spread evenly. The face pack, when used regularly will help to lighten the tan marks.

The name says that the product is a face pack but it also works as a scrubber when you rub your skin with the pack just 5 minutes before rinsing it. Lotus has created a wonderful product that suppresses the production of melanin with the Liquorices extract. It also has carrot extracts along with the antioxidant properties which are ideal for lightening of your skin.

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Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Sun Tan Removal Scrub

This tan removal scrub comes with Bio Papaya extracts which work as a fab de-tanner.

Biotique is one brand which makes products with herbs and natural extracts. Thus, this scrub will never harm your skin with its natural ingredients. This is a tan removal scrub made up of pure papaya fruit. The dead skin layer will be easily eradicated with the help of this scrub and will clear your skin to a wider extent.

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VLCC Clear Tan with Cucumber Extract

VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Pack has got the goodness of cucumber in it. It will make the skin clean and glow with continuous usage. This one also acts as a cleaning product for the skin, and thus, is very effective in removing pimples and acne spots too.

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Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack


This one has the goodness of milk and is suitable for all skin types. Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack is rich in lactic acid which gives quick results. The milk pack cleans the skin and removes the tan marks. This pack helps in removing the recent as well as old tan marks.

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Just Herbs Body Luster Sandal Turmeric Ubtan Face Pack

This ubtan pack is 100% natural and contains neem, turmeric, chickpea, orange peel and lentils. This is a skin lightening and polishing body pack for use to deep cleanse and nourish the facial and body skin. This face pack reduces sun tan and skin darkening. This ubtan face pack serves the multi-purpose role of removing unwanted facial hair too.

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Biotique Whitening and depigmentation Face Pack


This whitening and de-pigmentation pack from Biotique is made from juices of Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon and Papaya fruit which helps lighten your skin and reduce the marks. It also helps soften and smoothen  the skin texture giving you a flawless complexion.

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We have disclosed all our summer favorite products in this list. Let us know which one works for you in the comments below.


Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada






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