Different ways to use Charcoal in your Beauty Regime

Before you misunderstand, charcoal here is not the same as the one used in small fires for BBQ or even ironing of clothes. That charcoal is all chemicals and highly poisonous for health. Here, charcoal is in activated and treated/purified form that is highly usable as well as beneficial for all. Activated Charcoal has the property of absorption which is magnified by treating it with heat and oxygen. It absorbs all impurities and toxins from the pores of our body. It is extremely useful in beauty regimes as well as detoxification.


Ways to use Charcoal in Beauty Regimes

There are several ways to use the Activated Charcoal to beautify yourself as well as improve yourself in all respects physical.


  1. As Teeth Whitener

Activated Charcoal, although black in colour, can be definitely used as a teeth whitener quite effectively. You can create your own Charcoal Toothpaste by buying activated charcoal tablets from the market, crushing and grinding them with water into a thick paste.  Alternatvely, activated Charcoal Teeth whitening powder can be bought and used with your regular toothpaste.


  1. As Scrub

It can be used as an exfoliator due to its texture whenever your skin demands a detoxification. It draws out excess oil from skin and cleans up your pores deeply. This also requires mixing activated charcoal powder with water to form a dense paste.




  1. As Face Mask

You can improve the texture and look of your skin by applying face mask made from activated charcoal powder and water mixture into a mask like thickness. Leaving it on for 10-15 minutes till it dries and then gently washing it away with warm water will leave your skin feeling amazing.



  1. As Detoxifying Shampoo

It is quite easy to make your own activated charcoal shampoo. All you have to do is mix a small amount of powder in your regular shampoo and just wash with it. This will reduce extra oil from the scalp and cleans it thoroughly. For those with lighter hair, do wash your hair the second time to ensure no dark stains remain.



  1. As Blackhead Banisher

Since activated charcoal has absorbent superpowers, banishing black heads would be  quite easy. Preparing your own involves charcoal powder mixed with bentonite clay, apple-cider vinegar and water. Just ensure a thick paste with little water. Using it like a peel off mask can aid in removing blackheads .



  1. As Soap

Well if you are looking for an all-out way to indulge in cleanser properties of activated charcoal, go for a simple soap. You can buy it from market easily or you can also create it yourself. Internet consists of many such recipes.



  1. As Water Filter

These days we have water bottle in the market with built-in charcoal rods that purifies the water by absorbing all impurities and toxins. You can also put some charcoal bars in the bottle yourself in case the readymade ones are unavailable for you.




No matter what you have in mind for your next beauty regime, just include a small amount of Activated Charcoal in the substance and look at even more glorifying results. Once you are satisfied, your beauty treatment will forever feel incomplete and half-hearted if its missing that magical ingredient.

Author: Mitalee Mithal

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