Different Types of Waters and Their Benefits for the Skin

Water is undoubtedly one of the best drinks we can consume, not only does it bust thirst away but also aids in having a clear and glowing complexion! While, most of us do not consume enough water, because we are taken over by the soda fever, wouldn’t it be amazing if we would get all the goodness of H2O with some added flavor??  So next time before you skip out on drinking water, keep this list of different types of waters and their benefits for the skin handy!

Coconut Water:

Loaded with multiple proteins and vitamins, Coconut water is your knight in shining amour, if you have got problematic skin! It is an anti-inflammatory that keeps pimples and acne at bay promoting a healthier and clearer complexion! Adding to the goodness, it keeps the skin looking hydrated and supple! While consuming coconut water heals your skin inside out, it is just as good to wash your face with this awesome drink and allowing it to dry naturally, for skin that’s flawless and glowy!

Mint Water:

Mint is known to be really refreshing on the skin; just as good as it is for your throat (i.e. for a fresher breath)! Mint water when used externally has wonderful benefits for the skin, which includes its pore clearing abilities which minimizes them and keeps them from getting blocked! It is known to help soothe irritated skin, keep pimples away and helps achieve a clear complexion when used regularly!


Cucumber Water:

With summers just around the corner, cucumber water will eventually become your best friend due to its sun damage preventing abilities; also it helps if you have an acne-prone skin by minimizing the appearance of pimples! Use it regularly on your face and watch it clear up for good, it is great for dark circles too making it a good addition to your skin care regimen!


Rice Water:

Korean skin care has been getting a lot of hype lately, all thanks to the wonderful skin K-women have! They are flawless and one staple in their skincare routines is Rice Water! Rice water does wonders to your skin if used on a regular basis; it’s good for the hair too. It is one of the best ways to prevent aging of the skin, treat breakouts, and get a glowing complexion and healthier hair! Adding to the goodness, it helps shrink the size of your pores over a period of time, this is one type of water you should definitely not miss using!


Rose Water:

Almost every woman swears by this water, as it makes for an excellent skin toner, moisturizes skin when used in mixture with glycerin and is a patent ingredient for face packs!  It is one of the purest water that takes all the dullness away from the skin and also clears up any spots or blemishes that you may have. It prevents breakouts, helps calm down a puffy face, reduces dark circles and leads to shiny hair when used regularly.


Ice Water:

Definitely one of the best one in the lot, Ice water is great for prevention of clogged pores, treating acne and blemishes! When you use ice water on your face, your face looks youthful and glowing. Also, one of the best tricks to make your makeup last is to rub some ice cubes over your face for at least five minutes before your foundation, it will glide on beautifully and will help the makeup stay for longer!


So, which of the above listed waters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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