Diamond Polishing- Everything You Need To Know About It

Exfoliation is the first thing that strikes our mind when our skin feels dull and lifeless, because it takes away all the dead skin cells and reveals a smoother complexion. However, sometimes just exfoliating with your regular scrub may not get the job done, and you need an advanced exfoliation method such as “Microdermabrasion” or “Diamond Polishing”.  So, let us get into the details about diamond polishing and how it works; let’s start

What is Diamond Polishing?

Diamond polishing can also be called Mircodermabrasion that involves exfoliating the skin by making use of a device designed with diamond crystals; which takes away the dead skin and unveils a clearer brighter complexion. This is a great treatment for people who have luster-less, patchy, dry skin and clogged pores.

One of the major reasons for your skin to get dull is constant exposure to the sun and pollution which traps the dirt within the pores not letting your skin breathe! This further leads to acne, pigmentation and sun damaged skin. With diamond polishing, the damaged layer of the skin gets removed and circulation enhances which results in the renewal of skin.  This process shall be done monthly to maintain your skin.

The Procedure for Diamond Polishing:

Diamond polishing is a procedure with no downtime, i.e. it can take anything from thirty to forty minutes to complete. If you like you could also go out for a quick bite and come back with radiant skin. The procedure involves infusion of Diamond Head, cleansing, steaming and neck/shoulder massage! If you wish to extend the longevity of the facial, make sure to keep your skin moisturized with a good lightweight moisturizer and try to include Vitamin C products in your beauty regimen for best results.

Who can get Diamond Polishing Done?

The procedure or Diamond Polishing is for everyone, men or women, girls or boys! It has been specifically designed for people with an uneven skin tone and dull skin. If you have an important event coming up or just got back from a long vacation with a tan; this treatment is for you. All the dirt and grime trapped in your skin pores and tan will easily be removed revealing beautiful skin! The downtime is zero and is recommended for people of all age groups!! If you suffer any of the skin issues below, you shall opt for diamond polishing

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Pigmented skin
  3. Dull uneven skin
  4. Acne scarring
  5. Sun damage
  6. Open enlarged pores
  7. Thickened skin


The Results?

The skin appears more bright, fresh and radiant after a good diamond polishing session. The tan reduces significantly and looks more even toned! The effect lasts for a good four weeks when combined with a good skin regimen.

The Price?

You can easily get microdermabrasion done at your dermatologist’s clinic and costs anywhere between INR 1000 to INR 5000 depending on where you get it done from.

The Benefits?

  1. It is a painless treatment
  2. Skin appears even toned and bright
  3. It is affordable
  4. The treatment can be repeated
  5. It is a really simple procedure
  6. Does not take up much time
  7. Long-lasting results
  8. Good for all skin types and colors
  9. Minimizes redness on skin
  10. It is a risk free treatment


The Drawbacks?

  1. It causes redness on the skin
  2. The skin can get pretty sensitive for the first couple of days, so sun exposure shall be minimal.
  3. It shall not be done on the same day when you have an occasion to attend.
  4. It can only reduce the surface problems on the skin, it will not grant permanent changes.
  5. Multiple sessions are required for noticeable changes and prolonged results.


Author: Cidra Khan

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