#BudgetBuys: Top 5 Eye Creams under Rs 500 in India

The long hours spent in front of laptops, lack of proper sleep, as well as improper diet means that the skin under our eyes, which also happens to be one of the most delicate parts of our body, also becomes the area that demands some extra TLC. Of course, topical treatments can help only so much, but while you are working towards incorporating a healthier lifestyle, do check out these affordable eye creams that can help you battle fine lines and dark circles, a little more effectively.


Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream


This little jar from the house of Vaadi Herbals is enriched with the goodness of almonds, cucumber, and rose, which help you in getting rid of your dark circles while simultaneously hydrating your skin without making it look oily, which is why you can use this easily under your concealer too. And would you believe me if I tell you that this baby is available for 68 bucks a pop! No, really! Go check it out for yourself 


Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel

I honestly love the products from Aroma Magic. They are really inexpensive and most of them seem to work out great for my skin. This product, is no exception. I particularly recommend this to those of you who are looking for something that could help with puffiness around the eyes, especially because of its gel-based texture. A word of caution though: it does contain essential oils so it might sting your eyes and make them a little watery. It retails for INR 195 here.


Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel

Although I can wax eloquent about the clothing line from Fabindia, I haven’t really tried their skincare range. But, this product, given that it contains aloe vera extracts, seems particularly helpful for those of you who are struggling with tired-looking eyes as it provides a cooling sensation that helps revitalise your eyes. It is available for INR 265 here.


O3+ Eye Circle Cream

While I vehemently despise products containing the ‘whitening and brightening tag’, the only reason that I am making an exception here is that the product is targeted at combating dark circles. It is also useful in case you are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles as it claims to lift and firm the skin around the eyes. It retails for INR 445 and can be bought here.


L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Mask-In Eye Gel


The gel-based texture of this offering from L’Oreal ensures that the product does not feel too heavy on the skin and absorbs quickly. This one is especially suitable for those of you who want something that would deeply hydrate the under eye area, as it contains grape extracts that are known for their moisturizing properties. If you want something that could help delay the signs of ageing before they appear, this would be a great option to try out. It is available for INR 499 here.


I hope you found this list helpful. In case you try out any of these products, don’t forget to leave us a review on the website. We would love to know your thoughts.

Author: Sanchita Srivasatva

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