#BudgetBuys: Top 5 Body Butters in India Under Rs 500

Winter, for us, is synonymous with snuggling in our quilt and hogging on the good ol’ gajar ka halwa, preferably while reading a good book. We also associate the season with our skin extorting some extra TLC out of us, especially when it comes to hydrating it, for the usual body lotions just don’t cut it when the temperature dips to a single digit number, which is why we decided to compile some of the most affordable body butters that are presently available in India, so as to combat the issue of dry, flaky skin that a lot of you too would be facing this time of the year.


Himalaya Mom’s Care Soothing Body Butter Rose Cream

Enriched with cocoa butter as well as Vitamin E, this offering from Himalaya Herbals is perfect for daily use as it is very comfortably priced at Rs 120 and ensures that your skin remains supple throughout the day, provided that you apply it after every couple of hours. Also, if you don’t prefer the scent of roses, this little jar of goodness is also available in a lavender version which is equally good and can be bought here.


Biotique Bio Coco Butter Tissue Firming Body Balm

This one is especially recommended for all moms-to-be as it is an au natural product that claims to relieve the itchiness as well as the stretch marks that occur during one’s pregnancy. Since the product is touted as being free of any harmful preservatives, you can safely pick this up without worrying about any possible ill-effects. It is available for Rs 180 here.


Inatur Avocado Body Butter

In case you didn’t know this already, avocado is a great source of fatty acids that provide you with a plethora of skin and hair-related benefits. While I would strongly recommend that you try and incorporate the fruit in your diet, in case that is not feasible, using products that contain avocados is the next best option. This offering from Inatur claims to both deeply moisturise as well as replenish your skin, thanks to the presence of avocado oil in it. At Rs 320, I think it is definitely worth a shot and can be bought here.


Fabindia Shea Butter Body Butter

Apart from gorgeous ethnic wear, Fabindia also houses some very interesting skincare and haircare products, their Vitamin E Depigmentation Cream is something that we swear by! But, their body butters too seem rather promising. This particular variant, for instance, is infused with the goodness of both cocoa as well as shea butter, so you can bid all your dry skin woes good bye. It also has a pleasant, vanillary fragrance, perfect for this season. It retails for Rs 450 here.

Alanna Wild Rose Body Butter

This rose-infused body butter claims to fight your acne, as well as the scars and blemishes that are its best friends while leaving you with a smooth, moisturized skin, thanks to all the essential oils in it. This one is a great pick for all those of you with a combination to dry skin which is prone to acne. And hey, it’s PETA approved too! It is available for Rs 500 here.


Which one of these body butters have you tried in the past?Tell us in the comments section below!


Author: Sanchita Srivasatava

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