Best Ways To Choose Nail Paint For Your Skin Tone

It is just as important to choose a nail paint that suits your skin tone as it is to match the perfect shade of foundation according to your skin color. It is always wise to check if the color you are going to pick out is actually going to stand out on your nails, and not ending up making them look drab. We tell you the best ways to choose nail paints for your skin tone that will make your choices a tad easier.



A hack for lighter skin tones is to go for colors that will complement their skin color rather than making their pale skin look washed out! So, here goes a few apt pick for fairer skinned beauties;

Nudes: While nudes top the list for both lipsticks and nail paints; you should definitely be ready for some trial and error here. It is recommended by nail experts that fair skinned women should opt for more pinkish nudes than beige tones as they may look yellow!

Red: A classic red color is surely going to complement fair skin, however, when you go shopping make sure you hold the nail color against light to find out if you can see through it, if yes, it’s a sheer shade! For fairer skin colors, a blue toned red suits the best.

Pinks: Not everyone can pull off pinks like fair skinned women can, as they can rock both sheer pinks and bright fuchsias with élan! Go for cooler tones to make the most out of your skin tone.

Purple: Pastel lavender color looks stunning on fairer skin tones, however you need to find out how white it can look on your skin! You want it to be more lilac than white when you put the nail paint on.

Blue: Again, cobalt might be the color you might be eyeing on; however navy seems like an even better option for lighter skin tones especially if you have a warm undertone as it is a universally flattering color and you cannot go wrong with it!



Medium skin tones can vary from being olive to dewy glow, and it is important to choose colors depending on what undertone you have! Nevertheless, our nail paint options are flattering enough for all skin tones and super stunning on medium skin tones;

Nudes: While it is suggested that those with lighter skin tones opt for pinkish nudes, it is the contrary for medium skin tones as they have the tendency to pull off colors biased towards the beige side! It wouldn’t look as yellow and will surely make your hands stand out!

Red: Orange toned reds look gorgeous on your lips and they will surely jazz up your nails too!  If you have a similar shade to Kim K, you should definitely go for a red with hints of orange in it. Also, you could go for gold toned shades as they bring out medium complexions like no other color does.

Pinks: While peachy pink nail paints may look extremely good in your Mani, you should go for more sheer toned yet pigmented colors for a fun nail look! There are not a lot of pinks that go well with medium skin tones.

Purple: Purple nail paint is extremely versatile, but pastels won’t work for your skin tone! You should go for something more pigmented, like a wine shade or a deep grape color!

Blue: A pastel blue, something like the color of the sky is going to be a great choice for medium skinned women! You have to choose a shade that really is pigmented enough to stand out against your complexion!



Deeper skintones are beautiful and in order to make them stand out even more you must go for colors that are insanely pigmented and deliver a punch of color on your nails! While every hue looks great on dark skin, we give you a list of the perfect shades that go with your skin color;

Nudes: Beige and cream nail polishes with a jelly-like shiny formula work great with darker skin tones! It is the perfect nude that you can pull off without looking washed out!

Red: Every red looks superb on darker skin, but deep reds add beauty to the nails as they deliver a slight variation. You must go for shades similar to gemstones or probably a wine red.

Pinks: It is suggested that dark-skinned beauties stick to dark pinks than go for lighter baby pink shades as they might not flatter your skin tone enough! Neon and bright fuschias work the best for dark skin tones.

Blue: It’s time you embrace blue if you really love it! Bright cobalt shades look stunning on deeper skin colors and will definitely make your nails stand out! You could opt for a pastel blue, baby blue or a heather blue, just ensure that it does not have a lot of white in it!

Purple: Deeper skin tones can pull off both dark and pastel purples beautifully!  But, how will you narrow everything down? Opt for a universal shade that comprises of a berry tint to it to keep your nail game going strong!


Author: Cidra Khan

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