Best Sunscreens for Dry Skin

The Indian weather seems to be in full swing as the sun gets hotter by the day, the humidity increases and so does the risk of tanning. Sunscreen automatically becomes our Superhero in summers, and there is no leaving home without it. Nevertheless, no matter what the weather is outside, you must always be using a sunscreen, not just for tanning but to also keep the hazardous damages like sunburns, photo-aging, wrinkles skin cancer and damage from the UVA/UVB rays at bay. So, for all  dry skinned beauties worrying about not finding the right sunscreen for your skin type, we compile a list of the best sunscreens for dry skin;


Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30:

Lakme has a promising range of skin-care products and this sunscreen from Lakme with an SPF of 30 helps keep the harmful UV rays away and maintains a healthy shield on the upper layer of the skin, which in turn keeps the skin looking hydrated all day long. It does add that instant whitening effect to the skin, it is not permanent anyhow! It is priced at INR 350.


L’Oreal UV Perfect Advanced 12H UV Protector:

An ideal sunscreen for dry skinned beauties with an SPF of 50 that acts as a defensive barrier against the environmental factors like pollution, heat etc. It keeps the skin from looking dull and maintains a radiant appeal. This is a great product to go for to prevent brown spots and aging from the sun! It is priced at INR 500.


Biotique Bio Carrot Protective Lotion:

Biotique is an all natural ayurvedic brand in India, which has been known to deliver excellent quality of products for years! This sunscreen comprises of an SPF of 40 alongside having excellent ingredients and herbs that keep the skin healthy and take care of any blemishes, spots and other skin problems one might be facing. It is priced at INR 320.


Nivea Moisturizing Sun Lotion SPF 50:

A light weight formula that gets absorbed into the skin easily and provides immediate protection against the sun! It is a waterproof formula and lasts on the skin all day long! It is priced at INR300.


Kaya Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen plus SPF 30:

Kaya sun block is a great sunscreen for dry skinned beauties with an SPF of 30, that provides your skin with enough hydration, prevents aging, tanning and the harmful effects of sun exposure. It is price at INR 890.


Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion:

A great sunscreen lotion suitable for everyone with normal to dry skin! Infused with amazing ingredients such as crabapple, ginger lily and aloe vera this sunscreen prevents the damage caused by the sun due to the SPF 30 content and promotes cell regeneration. You can use this on-the-go as well, as the bottle is easy to carry around! It is priced at INR 162.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock:

This comes in two variants SPF 30 and SPF 50, and is one of the best-rated sunblocks in the Indian market. Everyone swears by it as it takes care of sunburns, age spots and skin darkening with just a small amount. It is priced at INR 199 and is a wonderful product to settle for if you have any kind of skin i.e. normal, dry, oily or combination.

Now that you have our list, we hope that you dry skinned beauties can easily choose your pick!

Author: Sanchita Srivasatava

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