Beauty Products That You Shouldn’t Share With Anyone

“Sharing is Caring” is a well-known quote which almost everyone lives by, however, this saying does not imply to beauty products! While it may seem really nice to share your stuff and I’m sure almost all of us, at some point of time, have shared our products with someone, maybe our sister, best friend or even a colleague, it isn’t very good for your hygiene! It may be really tempting to try out that gorgeous lip color your friend just bought, but it is always nice to get your own as you may be inviting bacteria and viruses.  We list below beauty products that you shouldn’t share with anyone..



Often used for hair removal from different parts of your face, sharing tweezers is not recommended as it might cause transfer of infections from one skin surface to the othe. If you really would like to share, sanitise those tweezers each time!


Lip Balms

Something that all of us like to carry around, and probably like to share too. However, it is not very wise to share your lip balms, as it has the tendency to transfer germs and bacteria, which is one of the major causes of Herpes.  You wouldn’t even be able to make out if someone has Herpes, so please stay away from sharing your lip balms!


Jar products

I find products in a jar really unhygienic, because your fingers need to be dipped in each time which causes bacteria to enter the jar! Keep the products to yourself at such times, because you never know how much of dirt and grime has already settled into the product due to constant dipping of your fingers!



Eye Products

Two eye makeup products that shouldn’t be shared have to be Mascara and Eyeliner. One of the major reasons to avoid sharing these is that they go really close in the eye, and if someone has an infection, you might catch it and vice versa! Not fun at all!


Shaving Razors

For obvious reasons, shaving razors are a part of your personal hygiene and it is not sanitary to share them.  Also, one of the major reasons for not sharing these is that you might get knicks or cuts while shaving and it may cause bacteria to settle on the razor, which gets transferred when someone else uses it!


Makeup Brushes

Brushes should never be shared, especially when the person borrowing does not know how to clean them thoroughly! Brushes contain bacteria which can get transferred from someone else’s face to yours or the other way around, causing either pimples or severe acne issues, so stay away from sharing your beauty tools, including your beauty blender! Wash them thoroughly and keep them for use only on your face!



Nail Cutters

Nail fungus exists and now that you know, it’s time to stop sharing your nail cutters/clippers with everyone! This fungus spreads like wild fire when people use the same clippers. Just have your own clipper to be on the safer side.


A loofah helps exfoliate the body and get rid of the dead skin accumulated over it, however, when shared, it might not the best thing as the dead skin spreads between you and your dear friend! So, having your own is the best and the safest option.


While not sharing your stuff with others may seem rude; it’s okay to say NO sometimes as your personal hygiene has to be your top priority. So, what are the products that you have been sharing with people?

Author: Cidra Khan

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