Beauty Hacks for the Beauty on a Budget

You want to look your best, but your wallet does not permit you to splurge? Here’s a quick sneak peek into interesting everyday products that will not just save you some cash but will give you mind-boggling results. Find out how you can make these products work in an unimaginable way; here is a low down of beauty hacks for the beauty on a budget!


Exfoliation at home:

An exfoliator which is all natural will scrape all the dead skin away and will leave the skin looking and feeling hydrated. Rubbing something really coarse on your skin is the main objective of a scrubber, and what better than sugar or coffee grounds? Just mix them with olive oil or coconut oil to create your own scrubbing concoction; it works just as well as high-end products and that too, without spending a fortune!


Foundation gone wrong:

It happens with everyone, you do not get the right shade for your skin, because the lighting at the counters is different from what you have at home, so if you got a shade tad darker for your skin, just mix it with your moisturizer to lighten it up to match your skin color perfectly.


Fake fillers:

Your lips get center stage when they are bigger and fuller, however, you do not have to necessarily go for lip fillers or enhancers to make them look the way you want them to. Outline your lips with a lip liner and use your regular lipstick on top, follow up with a lip gloss for that plumped out effect.


Lash game strong:

Good quality falsies require you to put in some money, but if you like to have fuller looking lashes, you do not necessarily need a pair of false lashes. Baby powder will get the job done for you. Just dust some of it while your mascara is still wet and spread it with the help of a q-tip, follow up by using more mascara until you get the desired thickness. This is one of the best yet effective ways to get your lashes fully volumized.


Smudgy Liner:

If you are someone who loves that smoked out effect, no need to invest in smudgy liners, your plain liner will work just as good. You just need to hold it close to a stove or maybe a lighter to soften it up. It will help create the perfect smoked out look, without any investment!


Teeth Whitening:

Pearly whites are oh-so-appealing, but not everyone is able to invest in expensive dental treatments, so an easy peasy way to get whiter teeth is to sprinkle some baking soda over your toothpaste every time you want your teeth to stand out. However, it is not recommended to do this every day as it can cause enamel damage!


Lasting Blow out:

You spend quite some cash to get that perfect blow out, and you want it to stay for quite some time.  An easy way to make it last is to throw your hair in a looped bun by pinning it up with bobby pins. Roll your entire hair if they tend to fall flat, enjoy having windswept wavy hair the next morning!


Drained Eyeliner:

If you have just drained out that eyeliner and want a new one, fret not if there’s an emergency because your mascara will work double duty here. You only need a fine tip eye liner brush to pick the color up from the mascara and draw a precise line across your eye lid. Layer it up until you get the desired color.

How many of these hacks have you tried in the past? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author: Cidra Khan

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