Accessory Trends You Need To Sport in 2018

Fashion trends get newer everyday and women who love to be updated with the latest fashion trends are aware of it! 2018 is all about hats, vintage sunglasses and sneakers! Also, fanny packs have made a major comeback this year as we have seen our Bollywood Beauties Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone sport them at their airport looks recently! The trends from the 1980s and 1990s seem to keep coming back and that too with a bang! So, get set to learn about the accessory trends you need to sport in 2018.


Fanny Packs:

This accessory that was close to getting extinct have made a huge come back and we have seen many celebs wearing these as they look really chic and sophisticated. This is a great way to go hands free and Kendall Jenner calls them the perfect accessory for the summers and it’s perfect to carry around and fits in basically all the little things you might need!


Floppy Hats:

With Summers right here, floppy hats will be your favorite accessory to carry off!! Hats are one of the most practical accessories that one can have in their wardrobes, as it allows you to shield yourself in a fashionable way! These are huge and made out of breathable material and make you look like every bit of the trendsetter that you are!


Round Sunglasses:

These sunglasses are so utterly fashionable and come in a variety of frames to choose from! However, you need to find the perfect pair that suits your face before you make a buy; as they suit square shaped faces the best! Round sunglasses are more in vogue now than they have been ever before!


Clear Heels:

This trend is definitely not new, and has been around for quite some time now! However, pretty recently these clear heels have been spotted on the ramps and have become a rage amongst women all over the world; and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon!


Layered Neckpieces:

If jewelry is your thing, you are surely going to love the layered necklace trend! It is the new arm candy that we have seen everyone sporting; it looks amazing. You can wear it with anything, be it a structured suit or a slip dress!


Lace up Shoes:

From ballerinas to lace up heels, this year is all about tie up shoes! It is a trend that is adding that playful touch to every woman’s shoe collection and looks great when styled for a night out with your girlies or to add a little extra dimension for a work-friendly outfit!


High Waist Belts:

Belts have always been fashion and we do not see them going anywhere, and high waist belts are a great way to add that instant dash of style to a boring outfit, or probably something that does not fit you the way it should! It can be paired with a formal dress, a gorgeous flowy top or even you jeans and that big buckle is just going to take your look to the next level!


Patch Sling Bags:

Patches look super cute on your jeans and look just as stunning on your slings! Customized patches on sling bags are the latest trend everyone seems to be obsessing over and the more patches you have the better, they add a very colorful touch to a plain bag!

Author: Cidra Khan

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