A Look Back At Some Of The Beauty & Hair Trends Which Ruled 2017

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As we enter the first month of 2018, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the beauty trends and fads that ruled last year.

The makeup trends for 2017 were a tale of two extremes: either just a little bit of makeup applied artfully, or piles and piles of glitter and shine. From the new groomed minimalism to the perfectly imperfect lip, last year was filled with some of the most innovative, wacky, and gorgeous trends.

From the runways to the red carpet to our beauty cupboards, here are our favorite beauty- hair trends and fads of the year.


Perfectly Imperfect Lips


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Tired of smudging your lipstick and having to constantly reapply it? Not a problem – several of the autumn/winter 2017 shows saw imperfect-looking lips being painstakingly created backstage for just that effect.

You can embrace the imperfect by lightly smudging and mussing the edges of your lips with your fingertips before your lipstick has a chance to fully dry.

The Relaxed Red Lip



A red lip is always in style (and anyone who tells you otherwise is dead wrong). But the way to wear it in 2017 was with no-makeup makeup. Clean, fresh skin, fluffy brows, minimal eye makeup, and a striking red lip are a no-fail combination.

Glossed Everything



Glossy lids are still going strong, but the eyes aren’t the only part of your face that could benefit from a boost in shine, which is where face gloss (or strobing) comes in. Life became a whole lot easier by saying no to heavy contouring. The chiseled, contoured look that started with, or at least got a lot of attention thanks to, the Kardashians had been replaced with softer, strobe-like accents.

Bye-Bye, Stencils and Harsh Pencils



It was all about the natural and slightly untamed brows in 2017.

All you need is some clear brow gel and a spoolie brush, adding a little brow powder to fill any gaps need be, and you’re ready to go.


Extra Long Tresses



Everyone from Demi Lovato to Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian rocked this trend in 2017. It was a long- hair frenzy in 2017 we must say.


The Slick Side- Centre Part



Straight and Sleek was the way to go last year. Forget the bouncy blow-dry, pin-straight, high-shine hair is the new way to make an effort when it comes to your styling regime. Celebrities all over turned down the volume last season, with hair worn slick, sleek and smoothed to the scalp.


The Smudgy Eye



Forget the classic smoky – tis season is all about the smudgy eye.

It may have taken you months to perfect, but consider leaving your black cat-eye liner behind. Last year’s go-to liner look was all about black pencil liner traced along your inner waterlines. Yes, it’s basically the look you wore all throughout middle school—but this time you have the edge to actually pull it off.


Cut-Crease Eye Makeup



Just like matte lipsticks, matte eye shadows have gone away too.


Chrome Nails



Return of the statement Mani

A thing of the past, metallic nails definitely made their way back into style in 2017.


Glitter Lipstick


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It rained glitter last season! 2017 looked like a sparkly affair.

Glossy glittery lips became the trend for the bravest of girls.


Charcoal Masks




Face masks have been a beauty staple for a while now, but in 2017, charcoal masks really seemed to explode in popularity.

Keep the mask innovations coming, we say. We’ll be here to try more in 2018 because taking care of your skin is the new makeup.


We Waved Goodbye To Our Old Classic Set Of Brushes



and said hello to the new circular/oval brushes. This gorgeous design allows you to both distribute your makeup more uniformly and apply your powder makeup more easily, almost as if it was a liquid.


Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada

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