6 Natural Deodorants To Keep You Smelling Fresh Throughout The Day

So if you like us, prefer to keep your beauty routine green, these few options listed down by us here will keep you relatively dry and smelling delightful.These organic and natural deodorants will keep your pits fresh without aluminum.


Natio Aromatherapy Aluminium Free Roll On Deodorant

Pure aromatic and essential oils combine with modern skin science to gently cleanse, tone and moisturize your underarms. 

It has lavender to soothe and heal the skin, rosemary to purify and rejuvenate and clary-sage to moisturize and balance sebum.

You can buy it here.


Seer Secrets Deodorant Cream

The deodorant cream is formulated with a unique blend of Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint essential oil infused with Real Silver Extracts & Zinc.

It provides a mild whitening & bleaching effect which helps to keep the applied area clean and dry. You can buy it here.

Indus Valley Natural Deo Stick

The Indus Valley Natural deodorant Lemongrass deodorant stick is another skin-friendly refreshing solution from the family of Indus Valley.

Its chief ingredients are certified by Halal and Bio-Natural.

It contains odor capturing formula that produces a long-lasting odor-free, refreshing impact for upto 12 hours. You can buy it here.

Burst of Happyness Natural Deodorant Cream

This deodorant cream is lovingly crafted with hand-picked clays, gorgeous butter and a carefully chosen blend of different essential oils.

The product contains no water and hence require no chemicals to preserve, emulsify or thicken it.

It is all natural, palm-free, vegan, handmade and cruelty-free and made from scratch using simple ingredients that offer extraordinary benefits.

The product has a creamy texture which is dense and grainy and leaves a powdery finish upon application. You can buy it here.


Truly’s Natural Deodorant

Truly’s keeps you smelling fresh even if you sweat a great deal over the course of a day without having to reapply.

Truly’s Natural Deodorant is coconut oil based and does not contain any chemical binders, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, or thickeners. You can buy it here.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick

This stick Deodorant from Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant makes use of ingredients such as shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil and more.

It is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates. Gluten-free. You can buy it here.


Now that you have our list to stop that antiperspirant life, we’re sure you won’t sweat while making this change.


Author: Muskan Sachdeva, Team Glamrada



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