5 facial kits from Biotique to try out this season

Women face a multitude of issues with their skin throughout their lifetime. While diet has a prominent role to play in the overall state of the skin, sometimes, causes that are external to the body, such as the season, weather and the environment, tend to impact the skin as well. Under these circumstances, it is very essential to take care of the skin and tend to its needs in a holistic manner. Biotique offers a unique way for women to make sure that they can do so, at the comfort of their home and at any hour of the day. The brand offers different facial kits for women, each of which are designed to offer a different skin benefit and makes use of an array of elements. Let us take a look at the top five facial kits offered by Biotique:


Diamond Facial kit with Diamond bhasma:





This facial kit is meant for skin polishing and brightening. With the goodness of diamond bhasma, this kit is an excellent get away for those, who want to become party ready or be present at an unplanned event in a short time. You can pamper and prepare your skin in no time with this kit. Buy it here.


Party glow facial kit:

Meant for an instant glow, this kit contains distinguished products with the goodness of papaya, saffron, and clove, all of which work together to give your skin a natural boost and make it ready for a celebrity like an appearance. Buy it here.


Skin tightening facial kit:

Meant to give your skin a youthful glow, this kit is packed with the goodness of walnuts, quince seeds, and saffron. Buy it here.


Gold radiance facial kit:

Enhanced with the goodness of gold bhasma, this kit helps you get a glowing skin radiance. Buy it here.


Pearl White facial kit:

Enhanced with pearl bhasma, this kit can be used to get a fairer complexion. Buy it here.


Each of these kits contain five different jars, each meant to be used as a part of the facial, including –

  • A face scrub
  • A massage gel
  • A face mask
  • A face cream, &
  • A free Swiss magic dark spot corrector


The elements used in these components may vary as per the facial kit chosen by you. These contents are to be used one after the other in this order, as per the information mentioned in a leaflet, packed inside the box. The free Swiss dark spot corrector is an, add-on that helps you get rid of stubborn acne spots on the skin. If you are looking for an economic, at – home solution to your skin woes, then these kits from Biotique can give you the perfect pampered feeling in no time. Being an all Ayurveda recipe, you can rely upon these facial kits to give you the desired results.

Have you tried any of these kits yet? Tell us in the comments section below!

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