Genius Lip Balm Hacks You Must Know

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 4.49.08 PMIf lip balms have been your best friends all your life, then let me give you  lot more reasons to never ditch them! If you use those bad boys just to hydrate that pucker, you definitely need to read further to find out about all the other amazing things that tiny little stick can do, here we go!

  • Glow Baby Glow


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    That dewy look is what everyone wants to achieve but you need the right supply of products. What if, your lip balm could give you that instant highlight without having to spend oodles of money! Just swipe a non-tinted lip balm, Vaseline preferably across the high points of your face, and see yourself basking in glory! This is one of the best lip balm hacks I have come across till date!

  • Brow Tamer

    image 2 (2)Why spend money on expensive brow products, when your good ol’ lip balm can do the trick for you? Your eyebrows will be all tamed and in place all day everyday if you learn the trick! All you need is to sweep the product nicely across the brows with a spoolie brush; however, this needs to be done without any brow product underneath!


  • For that pink flush

    image 3 (2) I love creamy products for my blush, as it just adds the best glow with a slight tint to the cheeks! You just need to swipe some tinted lip balm on your cheeks and blend away. If you don’t have a tinted balm, you could mix some lipstick with Vaseline or clear balm to create a custom blush!


  • Cuticle Softener:

    image 4A good manicure session needs time, while cuticle oils can be a bit pricey! Massage a bit of lip balm/Vaseline on your fingertips everyday and make sure you use them on the cuticles too; using oils will be a thing of the past. Your cuticles will be all soft and moisturized without any stickiness! Anything to lose?


  • Smudge Eraser:

    Image 5It happens to all of us, your mascara smudges on the inner corners or your brow bone each time and fixing it is a herculean task! Lip balms are life saviors when this happens, all you need to be doing is using a bit of balm on an ear-bud/q-tip and clean the messed up areas.  The lip balm helps in straying away mascara smudges without messing up rest of your face.

  • Mixing Medium:

    Image 6It is okay if you do not want to spend money on a separate mixing medium for your pigments to show up better on the eyelids. Your lip balm will be a good fix for this, just mix equal parts pigment with equal parts balm and mix it really well, until the products are neatly blended together. This does not just make the color pop but also stays on really long. Just make sure to set the product in really well, so it does not crease.


  • Split end rescue:

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    Split ends are quite a concern of many women, and lip balms are your rescuers here rub some amount of balm between your fingertips and run them through your hair, to tame them. This helps keep split ends under control, even if it’s just for one day! You just need a teeny tiny bit, as lip balms have quite a heavy texture and you do not want to weigh your hair down!

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